How to Reduce Credit Card Refunds from Digital Thieves

Can you encounter the number of times where a
Credit Card Sale was generated, only to receive
a "Refund Notification" from your contracted
e-commerce processor on behalf the "customer"?

Welcome to the electronic world of "cyber-shoplifting".

Unscrupulous surfers, disguised as potential
"customers", systematically opt to ordering goods
(using credit cards) in electronic form of delivery,
only to request a refund minutes or days later after
receiving the product.

The "cyber thieves" consent the well-known
"loophole" of specific e-commerce processors
who deploy a "no questions asked" refund policy.

Some... might concur to the predicament that a
"liberal refund policy" boosts sales, but it is
statistically verified that these claims are
unthinkingly based gross sales figures,
where refunds are *not* accumulated to
extract the "net profit" (minus refunds).

In numerous cases, the cyber thieves
(or else called freebie hunters) automate
their thievery, by using pre-made templates
to ask for a refund, in order to save time
and reap as many digital products as possible,
for gratis.

A portion of cyber thieves, download a
digital product, whether ebook or software,
only to illegally sell it online at eBay or
sell it in "warez sites".

Optimistically, these unprincipled pinches are
either prosecuted to the fullest extend of the
law, for infringement of copyrights, or face
imprisonment along with heavy fines.

So if you want to avoid getting targeted
by cyber thieves (and losing thousands),
the wisest approach is to conduct business
with an e-commerce processor who will protect
you against dodgy "freebie hunters"
for a genuine payment processor).

After all, it is *your duty* to forming your
own "refunds policy", not your processor's.

George Papazoglou is the author behind
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