Horizon Elite Treadmills

Horizon Elite treadmills, a series of high quality fitness products, are manufactured by Horizon Fitness of DeForest Wisconsin. Horizon Elite treadmills are extremely durable, high-end performers created with the committed athlete in mind.

If you're considering Horizon Elite for your exercise regimen you have five treadmill choices, all of which offer the feather light easy fold-away lift system unique to Horizon Elite treadmills.

The Horizon Elite 1.1T, with its 1.75 hp motor, gives you a maximum running speed of 10mph, and a 10 percent maximum incline. The most basic of the Horizon Elite treadmills, the 1.1T features include a smartboard console that displays heart rate, elevation, time, calories, laps, distance and speed.

The next most advanced of the Horizon Elite treadmills is the Elite 2.1T. Additional features in this model include a book holder, a water holder and bottle, a stereo and emergency stop button.

The Horizon Elite 3.1T offers a considerably more advanced workout, with six preprogrammed and manual workouts that include a golf course program and one designed specifically with weight loss in mind.

The Horizon Elite 4.1 treadmill, one of the most advanced of the Horizon elite treadmills, provides 8 different workout programs, manual and preprogrammed, including a rolling and a race regimen. Its belt is orthopedically designed for comfort, with a top-level speed of 12 mph and an incline of up to 12%.

The top of the line of the Horizon Elite treadmills, the Horizon 5.1T provides ten different workout programs, and a 60 inch long running track. The most durable of the Horizon Elite treadmills series, it can accommodate runners up to 350 pounds.

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