Forum Signatures to Build Back Links - Helping Your Search Rankings

Building Backlinks! There are several ways to build backlinks. We have discussed Directory Submissions, Article Submission, & Press Releases. The next simple easy and free way to get a back link as well as free traffic is the Forum Signature Tags.

Forums that do get indexed in the search engines create individual pages per thread. Your hyper linked signature tag is now a back link.

If you are a member of any forums throughout the Internet, fantastic. They are usually very informative and helpful. If you are not a member in any forum, find one that interests you and join.

Most Forums allow a user to add a signature tag line to their posts. Usually in the member's area of most forums, you can edit, add and create a forum signature.

When creating your signature tag it is best to use your real name. Also use a hyper linked URL and briefly describe your service or product. An example of a good signature tag would be:

The Authors Name

"Your Product line description in less than 10 words"

Your signature tag can also be an Alt text hyperlink to create a keyword target backlink.

For Example:

The Authors Name
" Your Product line description in less than 10 words"

This entire phrase would be a hyperlink.

Your Product line description in less than 10 words

Each post that you make in a forum is now a back link to your site. Remember though not to spam and that your behavior in a forum can be extremely profitable or detrimental based on your attitude.

When posting in a forum, remember that you are in a public arena. If you are helpful, courteous, friendly, kind and post intelligently you will get traffic from people clicking on your signature tag besides the backlink. If the above does not describe you, then maybe you should avoid the benefits of a hyper linked signature tag ?

Forums allow individuals to build trust and familiarity that is normally not present through the Internet. As trust grows, people will click on your signature tag and will purchase your product or service.

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