Commit It To Paper

Commit it to paper - You have the idea so therefore you have within you the ability to make it a reality. Admittedly it may not always be obvious, but rest assured deep down you're capable.

The catch is that often we don't lay the correct foundation so that we have a plan as to what it will take to make the idea a reality. First off we must understand that things often don't just happen. Rather they are the result of following out carefully planned steps.

Say you wanted to take a trip. Most likely you'd take the time to chart your course wouldn't you? You'd at least take the time to know where you were headed! This is the same idea behind achieving our goals, yet you'd be amazed by how many folks simply go day in and day out without having a basic plan of where they're headed.

The main thing to know is that your goals should be committed to paper. This is the same as having a map. Each time you begin to feel as though you're drifting away from what you want you may simply refer back to your goals.

Sounds pretty simple doesn't it? Well that my friend is because it is!

Even so there still are so many people that go along without a charted course. I won't lie to you here it's going to take commitment. It takes the understanding that all things are changing. Life is about change! The better we become at adapting to life's changes the better prepared we will be... Your friend in success, Josh Hinds

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