Who Is More Likely To Be Happy?

Here's a multiple choice question for you. Who is more likely to be happy?

(a) Someone who lays awake for an hour or so at night, replaying the day in their mind and agonising over what could have been, and what should have been.

"If only I'd said this..."

"How dare they do that..."

"Next time..."

"If only..."


(b) The person who spends five minutes before bed feeling gratitude for all the good in their lives, and focusing on the expectation of more to come tomorrow.

It's fairly obvious, isn't it? (I hope you said "b"!)

How about this one

(a) The person who drives to work shouting obscenities at any driver who does not follow their grand vision of how the trip should proceed, or

(b) The person who takes delight in the journey? enjoying the breeze through the window, and the sounds of the city, or their favourite radio station.

It looks like "b" is the winner again.

Hmm! Too easy? Lets try one more.

(a) The person who watches the news each evening, to hear the latest negativity from around the world. Wars, killings, political debates, or

(b) The person who turns off the television, and reads a book, or throws a ball to their children in the park.

If you got "b" again, CONGRATULATIONS! You're pretty good at this happiness stuff!

So what's my point?

Every moment in your life, YOU HAVE A CHOICE.

Your actions and your thoughts will either produce feelings of happiness, or they won't.

You can focus on the negative things in your life, or you can choose to focus on the positives. One will bring happiness, while the other won't.

You can worry about the future, and regret the past, or you can choose to focus on the joy that exists around you right now. Once again, one of these choices will bring happiness, and the other won't.

There's not one of us that deep down does not know the difference between happiness & sadness.

So, ask yourself:

"Are my current actions leading to happiness?"

"Are my current thoughts leading to happiness?"

If not, then change your actions. Change your thoughts. There is very little to be gained through persisting with negativity.

Do you dread going to work each morning? Then either change your job, or change the way you think about your job. Focus your attention on how you're gaining the necessary skills and experience to move on to the dream job that you just know is part of your life's purpose.

Do you hate the drive to work? Then travel a different route, or try sitting on a bus or train, listening to your favourite tunes on your MP3 player, or reading a book by your favourite author. Or use the time for personal development, listening to self-help audio tapes and CD's.

Have you flicked through all 100 channels, and still found nothing to watch. Well, there is another choice. You can turn the TV off. Talk to your partner. Cook a nice meal. Read a book. Play with your kids. Honest! There is an OFF button on the remote control.

Every moment is an opportunity to choose happiness.

It's your choice! It's your life. Choose wisely.

Lance Beggs.

Lance Beggs is the author of the "How to be Happy Now" newsletter, and the soon to be released "How to be Happy Now" book. His mission is to help others live a life of meaning, love & happiness! Subscribe to his FREE Mini Course & ezine at http://www.HowToBeHappyNow.com

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