The Key To A Problem-Free Life

What comes to your mind when you see someone who has a perpetual smile on her face and always looks at things on the bright side? Do you wish you could strangle that person or do you wonder how she accomplishes looking peaceful and without a care in the world. Well, I'd hope that once you get past the wanting to strangle the person, you'd ask yourself what it is that makes that person tick the way she does? I'd venture to guess that the person leads a problem-free life! Am I saying that this person doesn't face challenges and obstacles? Absolutely not! It's all about how she perceives these challenges and the thought process she applies. Have I sparked your interest?!

Well, I don't want to mislead you either? A problem-free life doesn't mean that you won't still face problems or challenges. The key to a problem-free life is entirely related to how you deal with the challenges that enter your path. It's really all about choices when it comes to handling a problem. Here are some of the steps I recommend to "tackling problems" and creating a problem-free life:

1. Decide that you are not your problems.

Make a decision to not let the situation rent space in your head.

2. Don't react, instead respond by:

Not taking on other people's problems. Yes, this includes your family and friends!

- Don't be afraid to say No. You can't fix everything in the world. Other people need to learn their own lessons. It can be hard to teach your spouse and children initially. Just stick to it!

Writing out your thoughts about the situation. Has this "problem" entered your life before? How have you handled the situation in the past? If you haven't, why not?

Knowing that living in crisis mode has become quite the norm in today's world. You might think that your life becomes boring without constantly coming to the rescue. However, believe me on this one ? there are plenty of wonderful things that will take that space?

3. Think about an immediate and long-term solution. Focus on what this situation can bring to your life versus being caught in the moment.

There could be a wonderful learning lesson in the situation. If you can detach yourself from the momentum the situation has created, the lesson will typically appear.

4. And finally ? remind yourself that you have the skills to deal with any situation! You wouldn't be dealt this situation if you couldn't handle it!

Remember ? a problem-free life is only a decision away? I hope you make that decision today! I know that you may be reading the above and saying that it all sounds good in theory. However, when the situations arise, you just can't follow through. My suggestion to you is that you start with "small problems" initially until you get more comfortable with your new approach. It does work!

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