At War With The Internet

When it comes to sales of technology products over the Internet, there are now two factors that potential buyers must consider as possibly 'too good to be true'. In the past, there was only price to worry about. If the price was too low, buyer beware. But now a second factor has emerged, in the form of a new kind of company for web surfers to consider as possibly also 'too good to be true'. For if this company is 'good', then a new revolution on the web is about to occur. Because if this company is 'true', then the cleansing of the internet of corruption and lies has finally begun in earnest, with one company willing to police itself.

Enter, a website where its founder posts his experiences with internet fraud and his motives for fighting back against a corrupt web right on their home page. A trip to this companies 'about us' page serves to quickly establish their position as the anti-fraud internet company, numbering abusive tactics used by hoaxsters and detailing their humble beginnings from an LA area backyard garage to a B2B powerhouse that now offers almost 100,000 computer related items from a network of 23 distribution centers nationwide.

This may someday be 'made for the movies' stuff if it's true. Move over Microsoft, Apple, and HP ? here's what could (hopefully) be the beginning of another rags to riches story with an 'honest' plot twist! An honest reseller bashes Internet scammers, preferring to do business the hard way ? the honest way. Are we dreaming? Could this be real? Could the days when 'The Customer is King' be making a comeback in of all places, the web? expects to earn a significant portion of the home and SMB computing technology markets web-based sales over the next few years.

"Top-tier technology resellers like CDW and CompUSA will not bother us as we will not impact them. They have decent reputations, loyal customers, and higher prices. It's the second-tier, priced-based 90% of their smaller competitors that we are fighting," says the founder of, David Johnston, "Those guys have corrupted the Internet and seriously hurt honest companies like ours. Every-time some scam web company rips off a customer, somewhere else a real person at a real company gets hurt too. By using honesty as a weapon, we intend bring the web consumer something they are starving for by making the web a better place to shop ? it's a dirty job that no other company was willing to be the first to start doing."

According to David, Internet technology consumers have no idea of the great extent that fraud permeates the web. He says that if every web consumer knew what he knew about the extent of internet fraud, they'd pick one or two honest, technology web sales companies to do business with and lay low for awhile, because he says he's got some serious mud to start slinging as his company gears up for an upcoming advertising and marketing blitz. "There's a massive pack of internet companies pretending to be real when they are not. Most other legitimate web companies have been acting rather sheepish. I intend to kill wolves by exposing them as what they really are to the Internet public."

David is a man on a mission, passionate and articulate in his vision of his companies place on the web and their future. He leaves no doubt about this as he summarizes his company's identity.

" is transforming the web purchasing experience by providing web shoppers with a trusted, reliable source of technology products along with prices far below those of most traditionally recognized web retailers. With a staff of top-notch industry professionals at its core, offering prompt and full service to each and every customer, The Company encourages phone calls from any customer with questions or comments before, during, and after a purchase. does not outsource, does not spam, and does not sell or share its customer's personal information. The company operates as a safe-haven for the price conscious customer leery of unbelievable prices from no-name websites, restoring confidence in buying over the web. This is business done right." Bravo, David. Honestly, it's about time!

Derek Kadonaga has worked in the retail technology industry for over 10 years, first as an executive with CompUSA. In the past several years he has applied his industry knowledge to helping technology start-ups.

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