What is Your Security Awareness IQ?

Are you aware of the need for security?

Your awareness of the need for security, is the best place to begin a discussion on physical property security. What is security awareness? Our definition is multi-faceted, and includes the ability to identify known and unknown threats, being aware of the technologies, products and services that can defuse those threats, knowing how to operate the products and systems you have, and most importantly the awareness that these systems must be used, and must be used all of the time. This security awareness may be more important to the security of your home and business than any of the security hardware or systems you install. Why is this? Any lock or security system, will not do you any good unless, You use it!

An old adage states that "locks only keep honest people honest", and is possibly very true. If the "bad guys" really want to get in, all we can really hope for is to slow them down. If you, with our help, choose and have installed the correct hardware and/or systems, we CAN slow them down - or at least discourage them from threatening your loved ones and your property.

We've all heard the stories, usually from older relatives, about never having to lock our doors or cars, because the town was so safe, and they knew everyone. Well it is sad to say, but those days are gone. When people choose not to secure their property, they are not doing only themselves a disservice, they are also hurting their community. If any one of us makes it easier for the "bad guys" to prosper, they will multiply, our communities become less safe, our property values decline, and our quality of life suffers.

Yes that's right, if a lock is not locked, it's only a decoration. You need to be aware of using your locks every time you leave as the "bad guys" don't advertise what day they are coming!

In medieval times security was easy; the property owner built a castle, dug a moat, and erected a drawbridge. Today these measures are not practical, or even desired. In today's society, if you lived in a castle, and made all of your decisions based on safety and security, you would at the very least be labeled as paranoid. It is important that you balance the level of security you install, and how it operates, with your unique situation. You and any other persons need to fully understand how your systems operate - does it require you to lock it manually or will it fortify your property automatically. If you have too much security, you will not use it; too little security, and it will not do the job.

Back to our medieval castle. The property owner recognizing that he might have to increase the level of security at a moments notice, made provisions to place his archers along the walls. We don't have any archers, but we can be sure that systems and plans are in place. Thus, we can increase the level of security and protection if the threat level increases.

You can combine this security awareness with properly chosen and installed hardware and/or security systems. And with the general security tips provided at this site. Then you can take this information and apply it to your particular situation. With a little initiative and the use of this new security awareness you will be on the way to creating "Peace of Mind" for your family, business and community.

Please visit http://www.SecureYourStuff.com for links to manufacturers sites and crime prevention sites, many of which have additional security tips.

Jim Newell a Security Professional and Consultant for over 35 years, operates a wed site who's mission is to bring you information about security systems , security devices and security hardware. To help you to make informed and educated decisions about securing your personal property, your home and your business property. Visit http://www.secureYourStuff.com for more info.

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