How To Get Rich and Die Quick!

It is funny how web site promotion can suddently plunge you into literary exploits...

I am currently at work, my bosses left for the meeting so I can relax a little and perhaps even write a short article for this ezine.

It dawned on me that as close as we are in everyday life, we really are isolated from each other by mundane tasks and repetitive procedures we are bound to engage in. Although, why should we even care about these issues as we usually think about making money and living our lives?

Naturally, we are social being and cannot escape intangible social obligations and needs, yet we also guard our privacy with zeal. Now, as write these lines, another, more important imperative pushes me to change the subject completely and address some linguistic issues. As a writer, I am purposefully write a text, I am also a petential reader, but as I imagine myself reading this article, I am really at loss as far my environment and consequently attention span... Is modern literary approach with deconstructivist attitude more in tune with human capabilities that traditional writing? It is for you and me to decide.... I call you imaginary audience, and I can become the same when I run across this article by accident and do not recognize my own writing offhand...

As I worked on (all subsidiary right are reserved) I also worked not with literary but predominantly with conceptual and color issues...

I am born and raised in Russia, studied and worked in USA.

In The News:

Tulsa World

Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa announces new executive director
Tulsa World
“These past six months have been a time of re-imagining, re-invigorating, re-working and rebooting the Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa,” Board of Directors President Sharon King Davis said in a press release. “It has been exciting to see progress ...

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Sneak Peak At Sonora High's Humanities Building
Sonora, CA — Sonora High School's Board got an update on the Humanities Building project with a tour and tagged along. Board members walked through the classrooms as WLC Construction, the contracted firm, Supervisor Andy ...

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In These Times

How Austerity Killed the Humanities
In These Times
In the 1980s and 1990s, debates over the humanities were a major component of American political discourse. On the one side were conservative traditionalists who believed that all American college students should read the Western Canon—the greatest ...

Obama appoints Amar to National Council on the Humanities
Yale Daily News
President Barack Obama announced on May 20 his intent to nominate Yale Law School professor Akhil Amar '80 LAW '84 to the National Council on the Humanities. The White House statement accompanying the announcement recognized Amar's service as ...

Humanities Council Awards honors local author
Spring in Missouri is a traditional time to mark the miles of lives. So it is appropriate that in the spring, the Missouri Humanities Council presents its awards for Exemplary Community Achievement, Distinguished Literary Achievement and Excellence in ...

Many CBSE schools in Bhopal give Humanities a miss
Times of India
But mulling about options for subjects for your higher secondary classes, chances are you would be trapped with either science or commerce subjects as prominent CBSE schools in the city do not offer humanities stream as an option in Class 11.

Indianapolis Star

Humanities can help veterans find healing
Indianapolis Star
In November, Ralph Peters stood before a group of area residents at the Joint Reserve Center in Lawrence to talk about war. An author and retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, Peters described the timeless connections between war and religion, politics ...

Palau Humanities Project names 'Micronesian Talents' for 2014-2015
Marianas Variety
THE Palau Humanities Project has named several individuals who have shown talent in film, the arts, environment, culture, design and dance aiming to preserve the environment, culture, traditions, health, safety, and welfare of Micronesians.

Technology edging out humanities at Ohio colleges
Columbus Dispatch
Fewer students are enrolling in humanities majors at Ohio colleges amid an upswing in the popularity of science and business programs, according to federal data. Traditionally the bedrock of a college education, humanities disciplines, including ...

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Vermont Humanities Council invites spring applications for Vermont Reads 2015
Vermont Statewide ~ The Vermont Humanities Council seeks applications from Vermont communities for summer and fall participation in Vermont Reads, VHC's statewide one-book community reading program. Internationally renowned author Salman ...

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