How To Get Rich and Die Quick!

It is funny how web site promotion can suddently plunge you into literary exploits...

I am currently at work, my bosses left for the meeting so I can relax a little and perhaps even write a short article for this ezine.

It dawned on me that as close as we are in everyday life, we really are isolated from each other by mundane tasks and repetitive procedures we are bound to engage in. Although, why should we even care about these issues as we usually think about making money and living our lives?

Naturally, we are social being and cannot escape intangible social obligations and needs, yet we also guard our privacy with zeal. Now, as write these lines, another, more important imperative pushes me to change the subject completely and address some linguistic issues. As a writer, I am purposefully write a text, I am also a petential reader, but as I imagine myself reading this article, I am really at loss as far my environment and consequently attention span... Is modern literary approach with deconstructivist attitude more in tune with human capabilities that traditional writing? It is for you and me to decide.... I call you imaginary audience, and I can become the same when I run across this article by accident and do not recognize my own writing offhand...

As I worked on (all subsidiary right are reserved) I also worked not with literary but predominantly with conceptual and color issues...

I am born and raised in Russia, studied and worked in USA.

In The News:

Kansas Humanities Council awards grants to area organizations
The Lucas Arts & Humanities Council received $3,485 for the project Digitizing Kansas Grassroots Art Environment Videos. This preservation project will transfer and digitally store 30 uncut videotapes featuring Kansas folk artists working in their home ...
Kansas Humanities Council awards seven grantsRealEstateRama (press release)

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Right to marriage ruling shows impact of humanities 'basic research' (essay)
Inside Higher Ed
Are the humanities useless? Or can they produce “inventions” like the natural sciences? If our only understanding of invention is a technological product, perhaps the humanities are useless. But if we include new insights into culture, insights that ... (blog)

Build STEM Skills, but Don't Neglect the Humanities (blog)
Who doesn't stand in awe of the advances that science and its STEM siblings (technology, engineering, and math) have created to better our world? But since the time of Aristotle, it has also been recognized that the hard sciences and the humanities ...

Lebanese Examiner

AUB gets $2M humanities grant from Mellon Foundation
Lebanese Examiner
(BEIRUT, LEBANON) — The American University of Beirut (AUB) has received a grant of $2 million from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for the establishment of a Center for Arts and Humanities. The grant is the largest Mellon Foundation commitment to ...
Morgan Receives $500000 Mellon Foundation GrantMorgan State University Newsroom

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IUPUI to host program of digital technology courses geared for humanities scholars
IUPUI Newsroom
IUPUI will host the Humanities Intensive Learning and Teaching Institute on July 27 to 31. Courses include crowdsourcing for cultural heritage projects; designing and adapting digital projects for diverse users; digital storytelling; text mining; and ...

Princeton Residents Nominated to State Council for the Humanities
A pair of Princeton residents have been appointed to the State Council for the Humanities, Gov. Chris Christie announced on Monday. Mitchell Seltzer and Michael Robertson, Ph.D. have been nominated to the council, which “develops, supports and ...

SYS-CON Media (press release)

Zublin named Interim Dean of College of Arts and Humanities
The WSU Sign Post
According to Christine Denniston, director of marketing and public relations for the college of arts and humanities, when hearing faculty and staff of the college talk about the appointments, “Everyone is very excited about having these two individuals ...
Weber State University Telitha E. Lindquist College of Arts & Humanities Names ...SYS-CON Media (press release)

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A place for humanities in the global economy
The Japan Times
LOS ANGELES – Faced with the demands of the new global economy, Japan and the United States have reached the conclusion that the humanities have little value in higher education. That's a mistake they will regret in the years ahead. The humanities ...

The New Yorker

All Possible Humanities Dissertations Considered as Single Tweets
The New Yorker
A disputatious panel at last year's professional conference revealed the surprising state of the field (it's as bad as you think). My historical period, properly understood, includes yours. What looked like a moment of failure, confusion, or ugliness ...

Ohio's largest community college receives unprecedented gift for humanities ...
Inside Higher Ed
For one, the gift from the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Foundation will go toward establishing the Mandel Humanities Center on the campus and building that program at the college. A gift of this size is unprecedented in its support of a community ...

Google News

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