How To Get Rich and Die Quick!

It is funny how web site promotion can suddently plunge you into literary exploits...

I am currently at work, my bosses left for the meeting so I can relax a little and perhaps even write a short article for this ezine.

It dawned on me that as close as we are in everyday life, we really are isolated from each other by mundane tasks and repetitive procedures we are bound to engage in. Although, why should we even care about these issues as we usually think about making money and living our lives?

Naturally, we are social being and cannot escape intangible social obligations and needs, yet we also guard our privacy with zeal. Now, as write these lines, another, more important imperative pushes me to change the subject completely and address some linguistic issues. As a writer, I am purposefully write a text, I am also a petential reader, but as I imagine myself reading this article, I am really at loss as far my environment and consequently attention span... Is modern literary approach with deconstructivist attitude more in tune with human capabilities that traditional writing? It is for you and me to decide.... I call you imaginary audience, and I can become the same when I run across this article by accident and do not recognize my own writing offhand...

As I worked on (all subsidiary right are reserved) I also worked not with literary but predominantly with conceptual and color issues...

I am born and raised in Russia, studied and worked in USA.

In The News:

CU Columbia Spectator

New joint Art Humanities and Music Humanities section to be offered next spring
CU Columbia Spectator
Starting next semester, students will be able to take Art Humanities and Music Humanities simultaneously, which instructors hope will allow for more holistic engagement with the material. The two classes will meet four times a week, twice for each ...

Mississippi State Newsroom

Institute for the Humanities celebrates a decade of service at MSU
Mississippi State Newsroom
STARKVILLE, Miss.—Mississippi State's Institute for the Humanities celebrates its 10th anniversary Oct. 15 and 16 with a special symposium. Part of the university's College of Arts and Sciences, the institute primarily serves the departments of ...

Japanese Universities Are Shuttering Social Sciences and Humanities Departments
But, as Alex Dean reports for The Guardian, that is changing in Japan as over 50 universities reduce or eliminate their humanities and social sciences departments entirely. The change comes after Hakuban Shimomura, Japan's education minister, urged ...

ChicagoNow (blog)

Horror of the Humanities 3: Antiviral Q&A with Brandon Cronenberg
ChicagoNow (blog)
Director Brandon Cronenberg will be making an appearance on Thursday, October 29th in Chicago at DePaul's Humanities Center for their third annual Halloween event. This event takes a deeper look at the horrors within everyday life and the connection ...

Huffington Post

To Data or Not To Data: Capturing the Humanities in Motion
Huffington Post
When the Humanities Indicators project began, its goal was to provide systematic and coordinated, reliable and usable data on the health of the humanities similar to the measurements advanced by the Science and Engineering Indicators. Because this data ...

New data on what humanities majors earn
Inside Higher Ed
The American Academy of Arts & Sciences -- an advocate for the humanities and general education -- is today releasing a series of studies on the employability and earnings of those who majored in the humanities. The studies don't contest that those who ...

encore Online

RAISING THE CURTAIN: Artsplosion! opens the new CFCC Humanities and Fine Arts ...
encore Online
Another door to the performing arts has opened for Wilmingtonians. The Cape Fear Community College Humanities & Fine Arts Center, also known as the Cape Fear Stage, celebrated the beginning of its inaugural season at the opening night gala with Liza ...
CFCC Center to raise curtain at Artsplosion! with air-powered

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EMAC and the School of Arts and Humanities host Digital Frontiers 2015
University of Texas at Dallas (press release)
The Emerging Media and Communication program of the School of Arts, Technology and Emerging Communication and the School of Arts and Humanities teamed up to host the 2015 Digital Frontiers Conference at UT Dallas. Local co-chairs Dr. Kim Knight ...

Native Humanities Forum is Thursday
Daily Ardmoreite
Four native musicians will share their perspective of “Natives and Music” during Lowak Sho'li “Carry the Fire” Native Humanities Forum at 6 p.m., Thursday in the Chickasaw Nation Arts & Humanities building. The forum is an opportunity for dialogue ...


Wyoming influenced the way America invests in humanities
In the last five decades, the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) has made roughly 63,000 grants totaling $5.3 billion, reflecting the significance that our nation's leaders continue to place on the advancement of fundamental knowledge in the ...

Google News

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