How To Get Rich and Die Quick!

It is funny how web site promotion can suddently plunge you into literary exploits...

I am currently at work, my bosses left for the meeting so I can relax a little and perhaps even write a short article for this ezine.

It dawned on me that as close as we are in everyday life, we really are isolated from each other by mundane tasks and repetitive procedures we are bound to engage in. Although, why should we even care about these issues as we usually think about making money and living our lives?

Naturally, we are social being and cannot escape intangible social obligations and needs, yet we also guard our privacy with zeal. Now, as write these lines, another, more important imperative pushes me to change the subject completely and address some linguistic issues. As a writer, I am purposefully write a text, I am also a petential reader, but as I imagine myself reading this article, I am really at loss as far my environment and consequently attention span... Is modern literary approach with deconstructivist attitude more in tune with human capabilities that traditional writing? It is for you and me to decide.... I call you imaginary audience, and I can become the same when I run across this article by accident and do not recognize my own writing offhand...

As I worked on (all subsidiary right are reserved) I also worked not with literary but predominantly with conceptual and color issues...

I am born and raised in Russia, studied and worked in USA.

In The News:

Johns Hopkins adds new interdisciplinary major: Medicine, science, and ...
The Hub at Johns Hopkins
Johns Hopkins University's Krieger School of Arts and Sciences has launched the medicine, science, and humanities major for students who want to examine medical and scientific issues through the lens of humanities studies. The new interdisciplinary ...

Belleville News Democrat

Former Edwardsville school to become Mannie Jackson Center for the Humanities
Belleville News Democrat
Work has started on the Mannie Jackson Center for the Humanities inside the historic Lincoln School in Edwardsville. See a gallery of photographs at DERIK HOLTMANN — News-Democrat ...

UMaine Center Hosts Public Humanities Day
Different series of events went on throughout the day including a group discussion of Edith Cobb's “The Ecology of Imagination in Childhood,” and a performance by the Bangor Children's Choir. Director of UMaine Humanities Center, Liam Riordan says it ...

A Premonition of the Digital Humanities, Fifty Years Ago?
In 1964, the great science fiction writer Stanisław Lem published his philosophical magnum opus Summa Technologiae. But it wasn't translated into English (from Polish) until two years ago. Lem's book is an exhilarating take on the future of humanity ...

Op-Ed: The humanities can help us rekindle notions of the common good
The CT Mirror
Once the bedrock of a vibrant, democratic society, it has been overtaken by partisan bickering, a virulent and relentless news cycle, economic uncertainty and demographic upheaval. It now seems relegated to being a quaint notion of generations past.

The Nation.

Bonfire of the Humanities
The Nation.
David Armitage and Jo Guldi, in their History Manifesto, concur: in the face of today's “bonfire of the humanities,” and a disastrous loss of interest in a topic in which the culture used to invest heavily (and in classes that students used to attend ...

Data show steady growth in humanities and liberal arts education at community ...
Inside Higher Ed
From 1987 to 2013, the average annual growth rate for liberal arts or liberal studies degrees at community colleges was 4.3 percent, according to data being released today as part of the Humanities Indicator Project of the American Academy of Arts ...
Community Colleges Buck the Trend of Shrinking HumanitiesChronicle of Higher Education (subscription) (blog)

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The world needs the humanities, and UMaine is responding
Bangor Daily News
These circumstances call for a renewed commitment to the arts and humanities as an essential component of a meaningful education alongside practical and technical skills. As the recent U.S. Congress-commissioned “Heart of the Matter” report indicated, ...

and more »

$2 million endowment ensures ongoing success in humanities
Kyle Whyte, a leading researcher and authority in the ethical and political issues surrounding climate policy and indigenous peoples, has been named as the inaugural Timnick Chair in the Humanities in the College of Arts and Letters at Michigan State ...

Wausau Daily Herald

ARTi Gras receives humanities grant
Wausau Daily Herald
The new arts and culture festival ARTi Gras has received a $2,000 grant from the Wisconsin Humanities Council for the 2015 festival taking place Feb. 11 to 15 in Wisconsin Rapids. The grant will support presentations by four nationally and ...

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How To Get Rich and Die Quick!

It is funny how web site promotion can suddently plunge... Read More

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