How To Get Rich and Die Quick!

It is funny how web site promotion can suddently plunge you into literary exploits...

I am currently at work, my bosses left for the meeting so I can relax a little and perhaps even write a short article for this ezine.

It dawned on me that as close as we are in everyday life, we really are isolated from each other by mundane tasks and repetitive procedures we are bound to engage in. Although, why should we even care about these issues as we usually think about making money and living our lives?

Naturally, we are social being and cannot escape intangible social obligations and needs, yet we also guard our privacy with zeal. Now, as write these lines, another, more important imperative pushes me to change the subject completely and address some linguistic issues. As a writer, I am purposefully write a text, I am also a petential reader, but as I imagine myself reading this article, I am really at loss as far my environment and consequently attention span... Is modern literary approach with deconstructivist attitude more in tune with human capabilities that traditional writing? It is for you and me to decide.... I call you imaginary audience, and I can become the same when I run across this article by accident and do not recognize my own writing offhand...

As I worked on (all subsidiary right are reserved) I also worked not with literary but predominantly with conceptual and color issues...

I am born and raised in Russia, studied and worked in USA.

In The News:

UI takes part in humanities research
UI The Daily Iowan
Through innovation and creativity, one new University of Iowa program is hoping to influence decision-making in Iowa as well as the rest of the Midwest. Humanities Without Walls is a large-scale project that 15 universities throughout the Midwest are ...

Stillwater News Press

Kick off the holiday season at the Stillwater Arts and Humanities Council ...
Stillwater News Press
Jude Tolar has illustrated many books including “Artful Stories” which she also wrote. The book details art from the dawn of time to the present – cultural experiences that improved the world. Tolar said the Arts and Humanities Council provides ...

Vanderbilt University News

THATCamp to offer inspiration, resources on digital humanities
Vanderbilt University News
The Humanities and Technology Camp (THATCamp), described as a collaborative “unconference” that focuses on promoting and developing skills related to digital humanities in an informal manner, is scheduled for Oct. 24 and 25 at the Curb Center for Art, ...

Positive reports for humanities earnings, art school job prospects
Inside Higher Ed
Two reports on outcomes for humanities majors could serve to reinforce two disparate beliefs about the field: one where they are seen as a viable path to a successful career, and another where they are seen as a track to a low income and few job prospects.

Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription)

To Save the Humanities, Change the Narrative
Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription)
The story is a fitting allegory for the current state of the humanities. Humanists encounter a constant stream of articles proclaiming a "crisis in the humanities." They are rooted in the alleged high unemployment rate and low pay of humanities ...

USC News

Collaboration sparks conversation on humanities 2.0
USC News
The Digital Humanities Program was announced earlier this year, when the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation awarded USC a $1.9 million grant supporting four postdoctoral researchers and 10 Ph.D. students for two-year fellowships each. USC will support ...

The Brown and White

Humanities classes experience steady decline in enrollment across the country
The Brown and White
Both the number of students in individual classes and the number of declared majors in the humanities and social sciences have declined in recent years at Lehigh, particularly since the economic downturn, which is consistent with the national trend ...

Arizona State University

ASU Project Humanities receives commendation from Dalai Lama
Arizona State University
Arizona State University's Project Humanities received high praise from the Dalai Lama, who recently lauded the award-winning initiative for its Humanity 101 community outreach with a letter of recommendation and words of encouragement to continue its ...

and more »

'That is Enough' — It is time for us to focus on humanities
The Independent Florida Alligator
While I wholeheartedly endorse the selection of Dr. Fuchs as UF's next president, as a member of Innovation Gainesville's local technology community and America's broader technology industry, I would like to ask everyone to unretire the great humanities.

Champlain professor explores life of Amelia Earhart at Vermont Humanities ...
Newport ~ Champlain College professor Nancy Nahra will delve behind the legend of aviator Amelia Earhart in a talk at Goodrich Memorial Library in Newport on November 5 at 7:00 pm. Her talk, “Amelia,” is part of the Vermont Humanities Council's First ...

Google News


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