The Nos Feratu

The Caduceus has the pine cone representing the Pineal Gland which it looks like. Clearly the Edwin Smith Codex alone should be enough to tell us that the Egyptians knew a great deal about the human anatomy. But like the Rhind Papyrus which was copied from earlier treatises in 1650 BCE this knowledge including Chaos Science existed long before that. I am going to speculate about the genetic knowledge and blood rituals in a most scientific manner and try to convey how the genetic knowledge written about by Sir Laurence Gardner in his books like Genesis of the Grail Kings also can explain why his forwarder to that book says Count Dracula is one of their lofty Sarkeny Rend Rosicrucians. I will try to encapsulate a whole book I have written called The Nos Feratu.

Hollywood imagery actually makes it a more palatable act when they show Dracula sucking on the neck of his victims. In point of fact the hormones in the female menstruum are only so good and even if that female is of Royal (San Graal) blood they still need the iridium and rhodium that is in the human brain. But Hollywood does get the Mesmeric and soul binding or grabbing aspect rather well. The reason Dracula commands the animals is a lesson you can learn in Eastern Mysticism as you identify and reach out with your 'aspect' and 'allies' to the animal in yourself and in other animals. I know many who can do it and some can do what Crocodile Dundee does with the Water Buffalo in that movie. The Celestine Prophecy gives insight to these stages of enlightenment in our genes as well. The harmonic voice that Dracula used to Mesmerize his ladies is just a small part of the potential use of chanting in healing.

The Pyramid technology was known to many long before Pythagoras went to study the Great Pyramid. He 'invented' the musical octaves as he developed his 'Singing of the Spheres'. Clearly it was known before the Great Pyramid was built. The Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) wavebands of megalithic structures like Stonehenge are measurably the same as the Great Pyramid's Kings Chamber though not as strong. But some people chose to claim this knowledge as if it were their secret so we must listen to learn. Gardner's Sarkeny Rend Rosicrucians (including HRH Nicholas de Vere) are a very adept and worrisome lot of secret skullduggers, to be sure; even if they are just pretenders to this knowledge. Jung and the other students of Freud have gone far in breaking alchemic symbolic codes and it is clear the Sarkeny Rend people who included Count Dracul had been aware of this over a millennium before. They are connected to the Priory of Sion who started the Knights Templar and Teuton. Today it has been refined in psycho-linguistics and the brainwashing of people.

The helical structure of the double helix representation of the human gene which you see in the caduceus was attuned to by shamans and sorcerers who augmented their studies with the many Devoted Ones you read about in the Bible. These are actually people who end up being sacrificed after the sexual and other ritual acts and harvesting is complete. There was a never-ending supply of Devoted Ones in Biblical times as the wars and other 'chosen one' ideologies guaranteed perpetual strife. Count Dracul himself was a useful minion of the Catholic military Orders. He put his Moslem enemy on stakes by the thousands. He also is rumored to have salted the wells and they blamed Jews or Khazars for this.

I am certain that there is a way to transfer information in genes. The Director of the Human Genome Project recently said we have a history book in our genes. The blood a Nos Feratu gives to his close disciples is how the quick transfer of knowledge occurs even in the movie. Nero was wrong to call Christians by the term 'cannibal' but The Last Supper and communion are part of why he did. When Van Helsing puts the wafer on Mina's (Wynona Ryder) forehead at the point where she is trying to seduce him I think this is the wafer you see in the communion ritual. It represents the body of Christ.

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