Speaking Spanish To Increase Mind Power

Our "mind power" is largely in the way we use our words, and limited by our vocabulary. Words, and the concepts they express, are different in each language, and there are differing common expressions. That's why when you learn a new language, you learn new ways to think.

Most Americans see money as something created, not as a static quantity to be divided up. This is no coincidence. English is one of the few languages that speaks of "making" money. In other languages, the verb used is "to gain," "take," or "get." The words used affect how people think about money. Personally, I think "making money" is a very healthy perspective.

Hablas Espaol?

Did you know that in Spanish, you're not thirsty, cold or afraid? You have to say "I have thirst (yo tengo sed)", "I have coldness (yo tengo frio)," or "I have fear (yo tengo miedo)." Could this change the way a person experiences things?

Definitely. Therapists are now telling people to stop saying or thinking things like "I am afraid." That way of expressing it creates too much identification with the feeling. It's healthier to say "I feel fear." You're not afraid, you're a human; fear, like all feelings, is just a temporary visitor.

In Spanish you "take" a decision (tomar un decision). Is it possible that "taking" a decision could be less stressful than "making" one? It might subconsciously limit you, too, since you generally "take" from what's available, while to "make" leaves your options wide open.

Other Advantages Of Learning A Language

You gain words when you learn a language, but also the ability to understand things better. Who can speak more precisely about snow; someone with three words for it (snow, sleet, powder), or an eskimo with 22 words for it? Which is more efficient, the German word "zeitgeist," meaning "the taste and outlook of a period or generation," or the nine words I just used to say the same thing?

According to the research, most people experience a general improvement in memory from studying a language. Research has also demonstrated that you can halt age-related decline in mental function by learning a new language. Tuck that little tip away for later in life, or better yet, why not start learning a new language today?

Steve Gillman has been studying brainpower enhancement, creative problem solving, and related topics for years. You can visit his website, and subscribe to his free Mind Power Course, at: http://www.IncreaseBrainPower.com/mind-powe r.html

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