7 Awesome Leadership Power Generators!

7 Awe-Inspiring Leadership Power-Generating Strategies!

Here's a really simple way you can use your personal infrastructure to increase your leadership power, create new innovative solutions and nurture your growth opportunities.

Failing to invest in your power-producing abilities will definitely prevent you from realizing success on the job and rob your future career efforts of enjoyment.

This article will show you 7 self-empowering ways to transform your ordinary power-deficits into:

=> Power-packed acts

=> Powered-up impacts

=> Power-generating results

Employing these time-tested strategies will boost your influence, improve your effectiveness and energize your leadership talents.

Empowering Strategy-1 - Envision Your Significance!

Every person has the potential to make a difference in this world. Look at how your life interacts with others and offers them opportunities to discover, contribute or create

=> meanings,

=> impacts,

=> solutions.

See yourself taking positive actions, making meaningful contributions and shaping creative solutions. To succeed, be someone who searches for and empowers meanings, impacts or solutions to enrich our work, lives and situations.

Empowering Strategy-2 - Model Success!

The first rule of investment is: "Invest in yourself first!"

History is the stories of leaders, role models and movers and shakers. Why try to re-invent the wheel, when there are thousands of successes already available to you?

Stop reading this article and run to your bookshelf or library and find the life story of the person you consider to be the greatest leader of all time.

Still here? - don't come back until you have that book in your possession.

OK, now start reading, studying and applying the principles that that person used to reach their pinnacle of success.

Empowering Strategy-3 - Be Eager to Learn New Things!

Well, let's see - there are many ways to acquire new knowledge, uncover hidden truths and find wisdom:

    => books, magazines, articles and papers, training courses and programs, discussion groups, media outlets, stories and plays, dreams and meditations, fasting ad prayers. Diaries and journals

    => Mind-maps or doodling

    => Audio or video-taping

    Empowering Strategy-5 - Harmonize Your Mind!

    Meeting with people who wish to share their ideas, objectives and visions with you in a spirit of perfect cooperation and harmony increases your success to Warp-speed factor-10!

    You probably already have seen how other legendary leaders have used this Master Mind concept to great benefit - just look at the role played and power exerted by the alliances your leader participated in.

    Your Master Mind may include people you usually do not associate with - like other professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders - almost certainly, your everyday colleagues, friends or family members will not want to join your group.

    Empowering Strategy-6 - Energize Your Faith!

    Faith is simply a matter of adding something of substance to your hopes and then using the eyes of your mind to see evidence of those things even though they are not yet there.

    What do you hope for? To energize your faith, you must first put some substance into your hope.

    Let's say you are hoping for a better job. What substantial efforts are you investing into that hope?

    => Have you re-written or prettied-up your CV/Resume?

    => Are you consulting with Search counselors or experts?

    => Do you know which jobs or industries you want to work in?

    Empowering Strategy-7 - Be Willing to Serve!

    Greed, selfishness and closed-mindedness block the flow of power every time - these negative attitudes compel us to pull back from connecting with and enjoying sources of power.

    Power is a two-way exchange, we give it away and take advantage of it. Jesus observed that the "greatest among you [human beings] shall be servant of all."

    History's greatest and most beloved leaders have all been servants to their cultures, nations and to our world.

    You can learn more about this subject by reading our 'blog': Leadership skills training & development for creating energy!
    Leadership skills training & development for creating energy!

    We boost our own power when we serve the needs of others, so by giving away the power of our time, abilities and gifts, we increase our own power-supply.

    May the Lord God always bless those who make the effort to bless others first and foremost - that's my prayer for you.

    Copyright 2004, Mustard Seed Investments Inc.,
    All rights reserved.

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