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The subconscious mind is a very powerful thing and if you have a lazy attitude about you, then you will be lazy. If you mope around, then you will achieve nothing. If on the other hand you are upbeat and cheerful, then you will generally have a good day and achieve quite a lot. If you dress smartly, people will treat you better than if you are dressed scruffily.

I found years ago that in home based business you need to put as much effort into your appearance and your attitude, if not more, as you did when working in secular employment. I had to learn to improve my telephone manner, my enthusiasm on the phone, by looking at myself in a mirror while speaking and realise why I couldn't sell anything!!

With a home based business, if you dress casually, but smart, comb your hair, brush your teeth after breakfast, you will feel professional and this will come across in your phone manner and indeed in how you write emails and letters too.

Working from home should be an exciting opportunity, it should be something you can do with pride. I have generally always worked fairly hard and conscientiously and wanted the rewards for my efforts to be granted to me.

Unfortunately it is very rare today for employers to congratulate their staff for work well done, so why not put that same effort, if not more, into your own home based business and reap the rewards that will come your way.

There is immense satisfaction in seeing people answer your ads, in having people respond to your flyers, in having people ask about your products and opportunity and respond in a positive way. Having people buy your products and improve their lives gives you a great sense that you are helping someone improve their lot in life.

In home based business your chief aims are to sell your products and teach others to duplicate your success. Out of this can come strong bonds of friendship, as your team develops, as your network grows. There is immense satisfaction in running a Home Based Business.

If you enjoyed my article then please visit my website at http://www.cthomson.plus.com and learn more about myself and the business I work from home part time as I head towards becoming fully self employed in Home Based Business again. Regards Colin Thomson.

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