Simple Overview Of Computer

Computer is an electronic machine work on the instructions of human being. In other words you have to input data to get your required output. Sure it has its own intelligence which is hidden from a user, that help in accurate and speedy calculations.

It has memory to store your things which is called as data. Computer helps user to huge amount of data securely, and helps to retrieve the stored data in fraction of time. It is very efficient way of data maintaining. Also it is useful fast way of searching piece of information from mass information.

Data is nothing but arranged information, it may be text, numbers and graphics.

There are two basic categories of computer fields

1. Computer Software 2. Computer Hardware


=>Software Programming

=>Graphic Designers



=>Basic Computer Hardware



This is how the computer fields are categorized. Now start doing some exercise regarding "Research" remember we talk about this previously. Carried out this research as you wish according to your convenience. But I recommend you to do one research per day.

For example take Research - 1 on day 1 that is today. Then next day vice versa.

With this you will observe information which you can digest and understand well. So takes the things in little pieces. Best of luck

Research - 1

What is computer

computer overview

how to use computer


Research - 2

What is data


how data works

what are the types of data

Research - 3

What is computer hardware

What is computer memory

Types of computer memory


The best way to carry out this research is on Internet.

1. Type this link in internet explorer

2. Type any of the above sentence or word you are looking for in search box and press enter.

I hope you like this article. I am trying my best to provide you the simplest information.

Please feel free to comment. Your suggestions and comments are appreciated and helps me to improve the quality of the information.

Author is the owner of Computer Learning Center website where people learn computer basic and advance courses and tutorials and also know how to get bread and butter from the computer.

Mohammed Amerullah Qureshi

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