A Different Place...

I wish we had met 20 years ago... A different place, a different time when I actually had a chance for you to be mine...

Although we cannot change what brought us together today, I don't know why it is so hard for me to think about walking away...

From you and from us... despite the obstacles that stand in the way of our chance to become something more than just yesterday -

I believe in love at first site as silly as it sounds... I never actually realized that that until you came around...

With your unmistakable smile, quick wit and flattery like the devilish look in your eyes whenever you see me...

I know it's real and I know I'm not alone in feeling so strongly that you'll never be gone...

Entirely from my life no matter what it takes for you and me to be together I think we'll always make...

Up a reason to see each other, an excuse to escape to be together anywhere any time - we will do

What we feel we need to be with one another Regardless of how short our time is together...

The quality in moments between you and me is something most people only dream they will see...

Once in this lifetime... No matter how late when love like ours arrives It has to be FATE...

I thought I had lived before I met you but the truth is I honestly had no clue...

About what love means or how it's supposed to be... I settled for less, for men who were not good to me.

I thank God for you even if we have to secretly date for another 20 years... I know it will be worth the wait...

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Unthinkable: What's the use of poetry?
Irish Times
About 55,000 students will do the Leaving Cert next month. For many, it'll be the last time they set eyes on poetry. Do you blame them? Education is often presented as a zero-sum game, so that more time spent reading Wordsworth means less time for Stem ...

Revisiting the Great Migration through paintings and poetry
PBS NewsHour
The Great Migration of 6 million African-Americans from the rural South to the urban North was a shift that reshaped America forever. Artist Jacob Lawrence captured that story in an epic work of art known as the Migration Series. Now all 60 of Lawrence ...

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The Idaho Statesman

Middleton High slugger is a dual-threat talent — softball and poetry
The Idaho Statesman
“Famous Poets of the Heartland” selected a poem Creekmore wrote as a freshman titled, “Somehow He Survived” about a soldier in the military. And last week, another book, “Flight of Angels,” selected the Middleton senior as one of 50 poets to publish ...


William Faulkner Makes Us Wonder: What's So Great About Poetry, Anyhow?
Poetry is the secret story, the story behind the story — or, as Wordsworth puts it, what is "felt in the blood and felt along the heart." Poetry is language broken down, chiseled, and refined, made to say what is unsayable through any other means. And ...
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So. Pines student takes 3rd in national poetry contest
Harvard-bound Casey Ryan Goggin from Pinecrest High School was the third-place finalist in the national Poetry Out Loud competition on April 29. This is the third time that Goggin, who turns 18 in May, represented North Carolina at the national ...

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Chicago Reader

Poetry in the age of hip-hop
Chicago Reader
Coval and his coeditors Quraysh Ali Lansana and Nate Marshall organized the poets chronologically by their birth year, beginning with University of New Haven professor Randall Horton, who was born in 1961, and ending with Onam Lansana, who was born ...


Indiana's Emma Libersky Among Finalists For National Poetry Out Loud ...
Libersky, a senior at Plymouth High School in Plymouth, Indiana qualified for the national championships by winning an unprecedented third consecutive Indiana State Poetry Out Loud championship. It was her first appearance among the competition's ...
Anchorage senior wins national Poetry Out Loud competitionKtoo
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San Francisco Examiner

Tenderloin students make waves with poetry
San Francisco Examiner
The 24 students are celebrating their new volume of poetry, “Paths Ahead,” with a reading and reception on Wednesday. The 2015 edition is the third poetry book by students at the school, which provides tuition-free education to low-income youngsters in ...

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Hip-Hop Poetry Open Mic at OSF's Black Swan in Ashland
Mail Tribune
Ashland poet T-Poe Vernado will host a hip-hop poetry open mic from 7 to 9 p.m. Monday, May 4, at the Black Swan Theatre on the Oregon Shakespeare Festival campus, 15 S. Pioneer St., Ashland. The OSF open mic is open to anyone who wishes to share ...

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When Poetry Went Viral In Medieval India
Jayadeva is the only poet in Sanskrit literature to evolve a completely new poetic form on his own. And what a form it is! Listener's delight and translators despair. Frost once said that poetry is what gets lost in translation. And by this measure the ...

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