Two Poems on the Traditions of Peru [in English and Spanish]

Atahualpa's Game

Sometimes, it's not wise
To share your wisdom
---as did, Atahualpa
(The Inca King) in the
Game of chess; thereafter,
He was condemned to death.

6/6/05 #713

Note: Atahualpa, was the most famous of the Inca Kings, in the 16th century of Peru, I do relieve, and was held for ransom by the Spaniards. And legend has it, because of a chess game, he was killed, while Catalina Wanka was on her way bringing Gold for his freedom, of which she stopped abruptly, and hid, once finding out, the king was murdered by the Spaniards.

El Juego de Atahualpa

A veces, no es sabio
Compartir su sabidura
---como hizo, Atahualpa
( El Rey inca) en el
Juego de ajedrez; a partir de entonces,
l fue condenado a muerte.

6/6/05 *713


Ica, Witches

Do not go to Ica, dear friend
There you may find witches-
In toast and bread?

Perhaps lose your head,
Perhaps find them in bed
Perhaps, find yourself dead.

6/6/05 #714 [Ica, is in Northern Peru]

Note: there are stories, that even my wife agrees with, that she has heard that witches haunt this area of Peru; a city in the South part of Peru.

brujas de Ica

No vaya a Ica, querido amigo
All usted puede encontrar brujas-
En tostada y pan ?
Quizs pierda su cabeza,
Quizs los encuentre en la cama
Quizs, se encuentre muerto.

6/6/05 *714

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