Elliot Spitzer Sued By Feds

It appears the Feds are suing Elliot Spitzer over his lawsuits in the Mortgage Industry. The New York State Attorney General, Elliot Spitzer is getting sued by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC). The NY AG's abuses of power has been noticed by the Federal Government as the lawsuit against the mortgage industry by Spitzer appeared to be a power play to extort more money from the deep pocket companies. Elliot Spitzer still doesn't get it and NASA is shamed to have telescope of the same name. The Spitzer Telescope is bringing back incredible pictures of our galaxy and beyond. Some say Elliot Spitzer's lawsuits are out of this world?

Spitzer called the Federal Government's lawsuit 'shameful' since it undermines his investigative tactics and challenges his Method of Operindi. Elliot Spitzer was anticipating a lawsuit over this, but assumed it would come from the Clearing House Association, an industry association. This is a serious issue for our country as the housing bubble is slowly running its natural course; Elliot Spitzer's lawsuit jeapordizes our country's financial stability and housing markets. Likewise his ridiculous attacks on the Mutual Fund Industry have weakened markets and placed doubt and mistrust in investors. Elliot Spitzer has been called a Terrorist by many, this author included (opinion).

The OCC and others believe Spitzer's witch-hunting and willy nilly selective prosecution is total abuse of power. Elliot Spitzer has stated he wanted to drive a stake thru the heart of one target in one of his investigation attacks. I guess he never was one hanging. Also in play is the Democratic Party does not want him upstaging Hillary Clinton or bringing up Whitewater, in case he gets too big for his britches and decides to run for President instead NY State governor.

Since Elliot Spitzer is attacking America and American Capitalism, he is a favorite to receive campaign contributions from the French, Germans and Chinese. Also he would easily get help from groups such as Move On Dot.orgy, as did JFK'erry or even star in a Michael Moore movie. Elliot Spitzer seems to be able to hide his catastrophic failures in the media. His last big defeat in the Sears case made page 13 of the LA Times. Of course the LA Times knows who their Westside Liberal advertisers and readers are as the newspaper created them in a previous scheme when the Chandlers sold out.

Abuse of power in this nation must stop and Elliot Spitzer seems to be the one causing the biggest abuses in my opinion, think on it.

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