Chinese Rhetoric Over Taiwan, Back At You

It appears we are getting a little bit of Sun Tzu sword rattling as they set their sights on Taiwan. This is somewhat bothersome, as they have publicly stated that they would use nuclear weapons on the United States if we tried to interfere. Well, it seems that as if this is an International Terrorist threat by a nation state's General and therefore, it must be recanted by him and we must ask China to remove him from power. If they fail to do so, we must act decisively and attack China now using everything in our arsenal including large Mega tonnage Nuclear Weapons. After this is done, we can then prove to the world that Nuclear Weapons are evil and must not ever be used again. This will be proof positive of the devastating power of Nuclear Weapons.

We must not allow the super power positioning of a Dynasty Driven Communistic Long Term Strategy and thought process under Sun Tzu embedded mindset to dictate the future of this Planet and the human race. I propose the complete annihilation of China if we see any attempt to act on these threats based on the Carl von Clauswitz advice. We must act now.

Repeating the strategies of the Cold War again is not worthy of the human race and the risk of such a catastrophic outcome as Nuclear War. If we are going to have a war with China, let's have it now, win it and get it over with rather than allowing escalation in the future which will lead to WWIII, causing WWIV to be fought with sticks and stones. China is capable of making good on such threats and therefore we must eliminate the risk, the general who made that comment and the entire 1.2 Billion people and their country immediately. We cannot allow such threats to continue and still have peace and free trade in the world. Furthermore we must impound all Chinese investments in the United States until that General is removed, stop all incoming ships with trade, renege on any and all bonds they have invested and Nuke N. Korea as an example of our position and proof that we will act accordingly, defend our nation and before sitting down to any negotiations.

We cannot and must not allow further positioning of the Communist Chinese advancements as it is obvious by these threats that China intends to eventually either have a war with us once its military build up is complete or force us into submission once we fund their economic future status at the World Leader. It is time to come to terms with these issues, not deny them. We have been threaten by a man in a cave and we took action, now we are being threatened by a General who is a leader of the World's second largest military power? The Chinese are will not simultaneously prepare and prevent war unless we fold, so before the stakes get too high, we must act and win decisively and rip the heart from those who plot against us. Don't be the paper tiger (fool) they are taking us for. If our leadership fails to act, they do so at the detriment and possible end of our civilization. Carl von Clauswitz predicted it, before we were even founded. Sun Tzu laid out the basic game plan of how the Chinese can achieve it. We better pay attention.

Hitler took one country and the world sought appeasement. It worked before, will we allow it to happen again? History is repeating itself you silly humans; wake up? The programming in this life experience simulation Matrix can be altered if you have the minds to face it head on. This is no time for weakness; we must put up, or give up. If China takes Taiwan, Japan and South Korea and the Philippines are next, why would they stop? Don't kid yourself.

They are using some pretty strong language therefore we must do the same and not hesitate for one second, if they attempt to force their will over the Free World. We need a Nuclear Weapons test on Chinese Soil, this month. It is not often you have such early warnings of your enemy's intentions. We need war plans to take out all military assets and large cities in China and retain their Industrial Capacity and in-country American Assets of our corporations, while changing out their leadership. These plans and our missiles must be pointed at Mainland China and we need to plan to win. If that means total annihilation of Mainland China and the death of 1.3 Billion people, so be it. We cannot be weak at heart; the world has too many people in it anyway. Don't Tread on US.

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