Planned Parenthood Prevents Teen Pregnancy

Planned Parenthood is an alternative for teenagers when they do not know where else to turn. They offer education on parenting, sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted teen pregnancy precautions and offer support for individuals who want to terminate their pregnancy. Teens are provided guidance and education from trained staff members rather than receiving all their information about sex from their peers.

Many Parents Are Against Planned Parenthood

Many parents are against their children seeking out the services in Planned Parenthood facilities, feeling it promotes sex rather than abstinence. Typically parents opposed to Planned Parenthood are parents who do not educate their children on the risks of engaging in sex. They promote abstinence without discussing any other options with their children. Planned Parenthood provides education about the dangers of engaging in sex as well as options should the teen choose to engage in sexual activity.

Many Teenagers Feel Safer Talking To A Planned Parenthood Staff Member

Many teenagers feel safer talking to a Planned Parenthood staff member about sexual relationships rather than with their parents. It is surprising to hear that many teenagers have not discussed sex with their parents. When asked where they go to find their information the majority of the teenagers say their peers.

For pregnant girls who are too afraid to approach their parents, the staff at a Planned Parenthood facility offers a supportive environment for anyone who is questioning whether or not to go through with their pregnancy. Many teenage girls find the facility non judgmental and easier to discuss all their available options.

Planned Parenthood Coming To A School Near You!

Planned Parenthood has facilities throughout the country. Some schools also encourage staff members from Planned Parenthood to come to their schools to educate students about the dangers of engaging in unprotected sex. With the education the facilities provide, more teenagers are aware of all their options and therefore tend to make more informed decisions about sex. Armed with more knowledge teenagers are better equipped to make intelligent decisions about sex. Whether a teenager chooses to abstain from sex or use protection, every parent generally agrees that a decline in overall teenage pregnancies is in everyone's best interest. I encourage parents and teens to seek out the services of Planned Parenthood, as parent and child alike would benefit from the education these facilities provide. If you are a parent having a difficult time talking to your child about sex, contact the Planned Parenthood facility nearest you.

Lisa Dunning is a California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Specializing in Parent/Child Relationship issues and the author of "Good Parents Bad Parenting: How To Parent Together When Your Parenting Styles Are Worlds Apart". She provides expert advice for television and radio programs throughout the country and speaks to various parenting groups. To learn more about Lisa Dunning visit her website at

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