Why Go To Church - Want To Know 13 Reasons?

It's not necessary to go to church in order to get saved and therefore go to heaven, but going to church still has very important benefits that can help improve your life and keep it in order.

Below are 13 reasons why we should attend church services on a regular basis.

1. Because it is an act of obedience to God and it honors the Lord's Day. Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy (Ex. 20:8).

2. Because we need to belong to a community of faith that includes our brothers and sisters in Christ who are trying to live out the gospel just like we are.

3. Because we will benefit from being taught and led in worship by others, rather than always depnding on ourselves to read and study the bible.

4. Because we need regular reminders of our standing in Christ, help in acknowledging and confessing our sins, and teaching about God's truth.

5. Because we need help in praying, tithing and fasting.

6. Because we need help to face the issues of life and faith as presented through the teachings of the Bible.

7. Because we need to hear how believers in the past struggled, grew and lived out their faith from different perspectives.

8. Because we need to hear about the experiences of other contemporary believers.

9. Because we need to hear reminders of God's love.

10. Because we need an alternative to the constant messages of a culture that ignores God.

11. Because we need to experience artistic and creative expressions of the faith, such as music, praying, fasting and tithing.

12. Because believers need help to reflect on the past week and see it as a small part of the journey of life.

13. Because we need a conscious break from work, family problems, and self interests in order to concentrate on the Lord.

In brief summary, the strategies and shcemes of the devil are well thought out and proven to work better than the marketing strategies of rich corporations like microsoft.

Therefore, we need other people we can count on to help us make it threw tough times when they arise.

Our chances of finding people we can count on in church are far better than finding someone we can count on anywhere else in the world.

Plus, going up against these strategies with out proper guidance will lead to unnecessary mistakes being made on our part.

In conclusion, going to church while also doing our own personal bible study at home on a regular basis helps us to get confirmation of God's message and what He wants us to do with our lives.

David Hopkins is a "Christian Article Writer" who specializes in helping people remember to glorify God in everything that they do, so they don't miss out on any of His wonderful blessings.

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