Web Site Marketing Techniques Rated

There are many ways to market your web site, both online and offline. Which ones are worth it? This article will rate several popular methods on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the absolute most effective, and 1 being worthless.

High search engine rankings - rate: 7-10, depending on which search engines you list your site in and how your site's listing is presented. When choosing search engines to list in, choose from the most popular ones, and remember it's totally possible to get a free listing in a paid search engine. I wrote an ebook explaining how to accomplish this. Forget listing your site in "free-for-all" links pages, they are never visited by targeted traffic. Carefully word the copy for your site's listing, or search engine listings are worthless. Check out my ebook for more information on search engine optimization and marketing. This method does create name-recognition, which could be valuable in future marketing efforts.

Search engine sponsor links - rate: 6-10, depending again on how your listing is presented and what search engines you are listed in. Once again opt for the most popular search engines. Some search engines have sponsor links on the right-hand side of the page instead of the top; this is a very effective placement. Some search engines have effective top-of-the-page sponsor links that are very obviously separated from the regular search results. Make sure to use targeted keywords. This method does create name-recognition, which could be valuable in future marketing efforts.

Direct mail - rate: 1-9, depending on the method used and who it is sent to. Postcards are much more effective than envelopes, because you are able to immediately catch the reader's attention. Readers are too used to seeing advertisments in the form of envelope mailings, so only use postcards. Send your direct mail to targeted consumers, not just random people. This method does create name-recognition, which could be valuable in future marketing efforts.

Television commercials - rate: 5-10, depending on where and what time the commercial is aired. If you are advertising your web site with a television commercial, be sure to include your web address in text large enough to be visible by someone sitting 20 or so feet away from the television set. Leave it on the screen long enough so viewers may write it down or type it into the address bar if they are also online. This is most effective during prime time, when most people are likely to be online. Few will actually take the time to write down your address unless they have a deep interest in your products/services. This method does create name-recognition, which could be valuable in future marketing efforts.

Printing your company name, product/service line, and web site address on coffee mugs, pens, pencils, etc. - rate: 1-5, very ineffective at marketing your products/services, but leaves a good impression with your existing customers, you never know when that extra coffee mug will come in handy.

Good business ethics, high product/service quality, excellent customer service - rate: 10, positive word-of-mouth is very effective marketing. Keep your existing customers happy, and in return they will excitedly recommend your company to others.

About The Author

Sky Maya is the author of Best SEO Tactics - an excellent guide to optimizing your web site for high search engine rankings using proper and ethical tactics. Proven techniques! Buy it today and watch your site traffic explode!

This article may be reprinted freely as long as this resource box with all active hyperlinks remain intact.


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