The Power of News!

Have you even been to CNN's website? Odds are you have, and have read quite a bit of news. The reason people read the news is because news reporters and anything news related really are almost always highley credited. If you see something on the news, odds are it's not any old half baked scheme, or false bit of information. This is why news coverage is the best!

To get started, you need to create and send out press releases. Now here is the tricky part. To get these releases popular and quickley put out, you need to make them very outrageous and catchy, because that is what the average news reader wants to read. Reporters are keen on this too, and can easily tell a good, eye catching article from a poor, false article.

Gimmicks sell! Do something outrageous on your release, like offering every 5th customer the package for free! Or you could even just give away a sample or tidbit about your product for a limited time. The limited time offer is great, as it offers incentive for a customer to make the sale quickly.

Many news reporters suggest putting something radical, almost offensive titles and information in your press releases, to garner the most publicity.

For example, I remember a friend of mine built a few computers for his father's business. His father was so proud of the work he got an article put up in the paper about his son's ability to work hard and put togethor good, solid computers. Within 2 weeks, they had recieved almost 20 phone calls from subscribers to that very same paper asking him to do the same with their business or private computers. That's a conversion rate of basically 100% Now can you tell me with a straight face that all of your visitors make you money?

Chris Everson

In The News:

New York Times

7 Charged With Promoting Prostitution by Working on, an Escort Website
New York Times
The chief executive, Jeffrey Hurant, 50, and six other current or former employees appeared in Federal District Court in Brooklyn on Tuesday afternoon on charges of promoting prostitution. Although the site, founded in 1997, required visitors to accept ... raided for prostitution promotion: Site advertises $250-an-hour
DOJ shutters site alleged to promote male prostitutionThe Hill
New York office of male escort website raided, CEO and six others arrestedFox News
People Magazine -New York Daily News -CBS Local
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Travel site offers special promotion to Ashley Madison users
Hawaii News Now
If your spouse won't let you off that easy, did you think a for-profit travel site would? CheapAir must verify the applicant's email address matches the list of affected Ashley Madison users. That's easier said than done since reliable, searchable ...

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FlySafair to extend sale as 'R1' promotion crashes website
However hours with in news of the its first birthday sale going live, the bookings were only available via its mobile platform as the main website had crashed. The mobile booking option soon followed suit and both sites remain down, with the following ...

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DK on Pittsburgh Sports (subscription)

Saturday Site Stuff: Internal promotion
DK on Pittsburgh Sports (subscription)
Please join us in congratulating her on being promoted to full-time social media director for our site, just two months after she joined us in that capacity on a part-time basis. She'll continue to forge and coordinate connections for us on all kinds ...

National Post

How the Space Jam website birthed the world of online movie promotion
National Post
If you're a true child of the 90's, you'll remember Space Jam and Michael Jordan playing basketball alongside Bugs Bunny and Bill Murray fondly, taking you right back to the time of overalls, Lunchables and epic early web design. The Warner Brothers' ...

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Wikipedia bans 381 accounts for secretly promoting brands
At least 381 editors of Wikipedia's English-language site have been banned after it was discovered that they were being paid to create and edit "promotional articles". The extortion scam, announced on the site's administrator board, was uncovered after ...

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WKU Athletics

WKU Launches #WKUFanFest Promotion
WKU Athletics
Just take a selfie with a #WKUFanFest poster and post it to Twitter to be entered to win! Aug. 10, 2015. BOWLING GREEN, Ky. -- All week long, Hilltopper fans will have a chance to win WKU Football tickets, prizes and gear as part of the #WKUFanFest ...

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Gmail Sponsored Promotions Released from Beta! (Again…)
WordStream (blog)
For example, a florist could bid on (a wedding planning site) – because a bride-to-be is in the market for flowers for the big day. All of the normal targeting options of the Display Network are available for GSP. Segmentation via gender ...

From eggs to trees, USDA promotional programs controversial
They've all been part of promotional campaigns overseen by the Agriculture Department and paid for by the industries that vote to organize them. While the idea is simple — an industry-wide promotional campaign at no cost to the government — they've ...

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Chicago Daily Herald

Rivers Casino fined $2 million for mishandling promotions, breaking rules
Chicago Daily Herald
In addition, the board accused the casino of promoting a $100,000 new-member giveaway that hadn't been approved by regulators and, later, allowing someone to enter to win a $250,000 giveaway after the promotion had already been closed. At a public ...

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Google News

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