The Power of News!

Have you even been to CNN's website? Odds are you have, and have read quite a bit of news. The reason people read the news is because news reporters and anything news related really are almost always highley credited. If you see something on the news, odds are it's not any old half baked scheme, or false bit of information. This is why news coverage is the best!

To get started, you need to create and send out press releases. Now here is the tricky part. To get these releases popular and quickley put out, you need to make them very outrageous and catchy, because that is what the average news reader wants to read. Reporters are keen on this too, and can easily tell a good, eye catching article from a poor, false article.

Gimmicks sell! Do something outrageous on your release, like offering every 5th customer the package for free! Or you could even just give away a sample or tidbit about your product for a limited time. The limited time offer is great, as it offers incentive for a customer to make the sale quickly.

Many news reporters suggest putting something radical, almost offensive titles and information in your press releases, to garner the most publicity.

For example, I remember a friend of mine built a few computers for his father's business. His father was so proud of the work he got an article put up in the paper about his son's ability to work hard and put togethor good, solid computers. Within 2 weeks, they had recieved almost 20 phone calls from subscribers to that very same paper asking him to do the same with their business or private computers. That's a conversion rate of basically 100% Now can you tell me with a straight face that all of your visitors make you money?

Chris Everson

In The News:

Huffington Post

Exclusive Interview with Taylor Reaume, Marketing Coach and Small Business ...
Huffington Post
Reaume and his company help businesses and individuals understand online marketing plan components so they can develop a comprehensive, integrated website marketing strategy that builds a strong online presence. Small business website promotion ...

and more »

Tech Times

Jony Ive's Promotion As Apple's Chief Design Officer Triggers Speculations
Tech Times
In fact, many experienced analysts and followers of Apple see the so-called promotion as the end of an era for Apple. The suggestion is that the new title will allow Ive to travel more, spend a little more time with family and oversee a transition into ...

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The Mary Sue

We Will No Longer Be Promoting HBO's Game of Thrones
The Mary Sue
To find out more about support options available for survivors of sexual abuse, visit the official website for RAINN, the nation's largest anti-sexual violence organization. Spoilers to follow for the Season 5 episode “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken,” as ...

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Valley morning Star

HEDC to promote VIA; selects new board officers
Valley morning Star
HEDC also will include VIA properties for lease or sale on its property database, and will design, construct and maintain a new webpage devoted to the promotion of Harlingen Aerotropolis at VIA on the HEDC website, and in a section in HEDC's annual ...


eBay announce “Promoted Listings” feature
eBay have announced that from late June a new Promoted Listings feature will enable sellers to increase the velocity of sales through greater exposure on the site. Jordan Sweetnam, Vice President, eBay Seller Experience, wanted to let Tamebay readers ...

and more »


When Stephen Fry met Jony Ive: the self-confessed tech geek talks to Apple's ...
Jony Ive promoted to new role of chief design officer; Ive will spend more time on design and travelling; Ive lieutenants promoted to key new roles; British-born Richard Howarth becomes Apple's head of industrial design ...
Jony Ive Promoted To Chief Design Officer At AppleInformationWeek
Apple's Jony Ive Gets a PromotionPC Magazine
Sir Jony Ive, chief Apple doodler, promoted – into job he already hasThe Register
PC Pro -TechCrunch
all 443 news articles »

Miami County Republic

Promotion sends eighth-graders on to high school
Miami County Republic
Paola Middle School eighth-graders proudly walked across the gym floor in their black caps and gowns May 19 to receive their promotion certificate and officially begin their journey into high school. The promotion ceremony featured a vocal performance ...

and more »

Times Record

Fort Smith National Historic Site Visitor Numbers Up
Times Record
A new car counting machine at the Fort Smith National Historic Site led to a dramatic increase in number of site visits counted in April over the same month last year. The Fort Smith Advertising & Promotion Commission heard from its executive director ...

Miami Herald

Airbnb capitalizes on Cuban traditions to grow
Miami Herald
“We were really surprised by the quick uptake, especially since we hadn't done much promotion in Cuba,” said Kay Kuehne, regional director for Airbnb in Latin America. ... Cuba has become Airbnb's most searched site in Latin America, Kuehne said.

DFAT's high flyers reap promotion bonanza
The Canberra Times
Senior public servants at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade have enjoyed a promotions bonanza with the elite agency boosting the ranks of its senior executive service by about 10 per cent in recent weeks. But the public service workplace ...

Google News

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