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Do you consider yourself a storyteller? Do you consider yourself a writer? Were you always the student in school that the teacher chose to read your creative writing out loud to the rest of the class? Believe it or not these skills can land you a very good job in Washington D.C. with a regulatory agency. Perhaps you can get a job at the FTC, i.e. The Federal Trade Commission, because many of their cases are pure hokum and creative writing projects.

Here is how it works. A company, which is giving good benefits to the consumer, such as great service and good pricing accelerates in the market place providing jobs and tax base. The competitors, who are lazy, weak and have disenchanted their customers, go to the agency to complain about unfair competition. The Agency then, puts the good company on their target list and starts doing investigations. But the Agency has to try to find something that they can make stick otherwise they look bad. So they promise advancement to junior newbie regulators if they make a good case and that is exactly what they do; make or create a case, generally out of thin air. They use their creative writing skills to attack the company and make up supporting documents for their lawsuit. Then the agency files the BS in court under secret seal, while simultaneously embellishing the story and more creative writing in their press releases. Eventually the case is settled and the company, which has been defamed is free and no penalty is given out. (companies know not to ever expect an apology for government regulator lies, that is a well known fact, ask any D.C. lawyer). Meanwhile the creative writing regulators advance to the next level having done well in their first big case.

So if you have these skills of making stuff up, creative writing and story telling, well there is a good high paying job waiting for you at the Federal Trade Commission where creating stories, false declarations, embellished profiles and BS rule. Go get that fat paycheck in Washington D.C. and put your creative writing skills to work.

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