Do What Works

"Can you hear me now?"

You'd be hard pressed to find someone in the US who doesn't know the company behind that question.

So why do big companies, like Verizon, hammer us with the same message over and over? Because it works. And it can work for your company too. But it takes time and repetition to get your message out and heard by your target market.

Most small business owners will try something once then give up. They expect customers to come pounding down the door to their business after just one message.

It won't happen.

How do you help your customers hear your message? Think long term. Before taking the first step to getting the word out about your product or service, determine the time frame.

Consider at least a six-month time frame for executing your actions to deliver your message. Then identify the steps you will take -- identify how, who, what and when. Spread those steps out so you are taking action at least once a week. Remember that consistency in delivering your message is key.

Place the steps on your calendar (a wall calendar that you see every day is great for this) and execute them based on your plan.

About the Author

Denise O'Berry frequently speaks to professional organizations, is the author of three booklets, and several "how-to" manuals. She writes a weekly small business column, hosts an online small business owners forum and is called upon regularly by publications such as Entrepreneur, Bank Rate Small Business, Florida Trend, Inc., various newspapers, radio and television to provide expert comments on small business issues.

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