Aptitude Tests Reveal the Difference Between Your Aptitude & Ability

Aptitude tests measure your skills, abilities, values, interests and personality in order to help you determine which careers you might be best suited for and eliminate those that you are not.

Aptitude tests are some of the most important tools to anyone considering a career change.

Job satisfaction for individuals depends on several different factors. An increasing number of people now do not cite money as the most important factor in picking a career. Other factors of importance are if they like their workplace, if they enjoy the work they do, and if their work receives acknowledgment and acclaim

Types of Aptitude Tests

Free Tests Employers and the Career Aptitude Test

More and more employers are also beginning to utilize aptitude tests in order to screen applicants because they also realize that the best candidate for their opening is the person who not only has the required experience but also complementing interests and aptitudes.

Many major companies have realized the importance of assessing candidates.

Do not be surprised if you end up taking one of these tests during your job interview. The tests help the employers figure out if candidates will be able to fit into the work environment at their company and if their personality traits are in collusion with the company‚??s values and work code.

Aptitude and Ability

So, what is the difference between aptitude and ability? They sound alike, but are vastly different...

An individual may have acquired the necessary experience in order to have an ability to complete a task, but not an aptitude for it. Aptitude refers to possessing more of a natural talent for a task, even if that talent is not yet fully developed.

Why Take an Aptitude Test?

Aptitude tests are beneficial for a number of reasons...

Benefit #1

Aptitude tests can actually highlight areas of potential talent, in some cases, aptitudes the individual was not even aware of.

Benefit #2

The results of the tests will not only help you set up a career plan, but also help you in your job search. You will be able to build a better resume and ace your interviews if you can clearly identify your skills, strengths and weaknesses.

Benefit #3

They are also fantastic for assisting individuals who are considering making a career change but due to current responsibilities want to insure they are moving in the right direction before taking a risk.

Benefit #4

A career aptitude test can also assist persons who are considering either starting college or adults who are returning to college. Tuition is far too costly to play trial and error with. It's much better to go into the classroom armed with the knowledge that you possess both the interest and the aptitude to succeed in your chosen career field.

Life is far too precious to spend it in a career you thought would be a perfect fit...

... for you only to discover that there are aspects of it that make you miserable. Aptitude tests can help you eliminate the jobs you would be least suited for and discover those careers that are a perfect match for both your interests and your aptitudes.

Identifying and understanding your particular career strengths can also assist you in fine tuning the resumes you utilize in your job search. This is important because research has shown that individuals who work in careers that complement their both their interests, abilities and work values are much more likely to be successful and satisfied.

Article courtesy of Top Career Resumes, where you can get the answers you need about writing winning resumes, cover letters and more. The author, Roger Clark (BSc) has over 25 years experience in career development & recruitment at a senior level through top management positions he has held with major international companies.

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