What Not To Include In Your Resume

Do you have a difficult time determining what does not go in your job resume? The rule of thumb is to only put enough information about your qualifications in your resume in order to get the employer interested enough to contact you about an interview.

If the information doesn't highlight your qualifications, keep it out. Many people make the mistake of putting the word "Resume" on their resume. This isn't necessary, since the employer will only have to look at your resume to know what it is.

Personal Information

Any personal information should be left out also. For example:

  • Age
  • Race
  • Sex
  • Political Affiliation
  • Names and ages of children
  • Spouse's occupation
  • Any other personal information that is not relevant to your job qualifications
  • Salary History

    Never put your salary requirement or salary history on your job resume. The salary for the job you're seeking should be used as a negotiation tool. Salary discussions usually take place during the end of the job interview.

    High School Education

    If you have higher education, you don't have to include the high school you attended on your resume. Most employers assume you graduated from high school. If you just graduated from high school or you do not have higher education, then include the high school you graduated from.

    Work History

    If you have had several jobs during the course of 10 or more years, you don't have to include every job you ever held on your resume. It is best to go back no more than 10 to 15 years. Include the jobs that best demonstrate your skills and qualifications for the job you are seeking now. If you held jobs 20 or more years ago that enhance your qualifications, you can include those jobs on your resume as well.

    Remember, the employer is looking at your past performance in your previous jobs as an indicator of your future performance with their company. When writing your past work history, focus on your achievements. That's what the employer wants to see in your resume. Try to avoid including past jobs that are not useful in communicating your skills and achievements.


    Do not include references on your resume. Add a line at the bottom of the resume stating, "References Available Upon Request". Bring your references with you to the job interview. You will also want to contact the people you are using as references so they know that they may be hearing from potential employers.

    To summarize, include only information that will communicate your skills, achievements and qualifications for the job you're seeking in your resume. Leave out personal information that is not necessary for the employer to know.

    The more focused your resume is, the more interested the employer will be in it and he/she will contact you for a job interview.

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