How to Choose the Right Smoke for the Right BBQ Dish

BBQ smoke is one of the easiest ways to add a nice touch of flavor to a grilled dish. You'll be amazed at how many different flavors there are! Knowing which smoke is the best match for different BBQ flavors can be a challenge though. Here's a handy guide to help.

There are dozens of different types of wood to use over a BBQ. Each has their own flavor, and some are milder while others are pretty strong. Just like wine, there are some guidelines about which type to use with different meats.

Mesquite is one of the most commonly used wood for BBQ smoking. It has a strong flavor and can be used with all types of meats. One word of warning ? make sure to use mesquite that has been well cured. Green mesquite burns sap which tastes awful.

Hickory is another of the classic BBQ flavors and many sauces are advertised with this included. Hickory is a strong flavor and works well with all types of meat, although it does tend to taste better on red meat.

Black Walnut:
This is a less common BBQ flavor. Most fruit and nut woods are mild, but this one also has a strong flavor. It tastes best with grilled beef or pork recipes.

Apple is the other fruitwood that has a very strong flavor. It's great when used on the BBQ with anything except seafood.

Pecan and Oak:
These nut trees both produce wood that has a nice mild flavor when used on the BBQ. Their flavor complements all types of recipes, including seafood.

Cherry And Sassafras:
These are both milder flavors. If you plan to BBQ any beef, chicken, or pork, you might consider either one of these flavors. Sassafras tends to be more difficult to find, but is a nice unusual flavor.

Orange and Mulberry:
These two fruitwoods are also mild, but both of these work very well with seafood on the BBQ. You can also use them for chicken or pork, but they are not strong enough to flavor beef.

Sugar Maple:
This wood has a sweet smoke, of course, and a mild flavor. It's a favorite among those who enjoy pork or chicken on the BBQ.

Alder or Cedar:
These two woods have mild flavors and are perfect for seafood. Native Americans from the Pacific Northwest have been using them for centuries to cook their catch, and it's easy to taste why.

Using smoke to flavor a BBQ dish is really easy, but knowing which to use can be a challenge. If you really want to experiment, buy a variety pack and see which you like best.

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