Unique Cake Decorating With Flowers

Flowers as a Cake Decoration, unique and easy to place on every one of your cake creations.

Flowers, both real and artificial are relatively simple to use. Read through this article to get some great tips and ideas on using real and/or artificial flowers on your cakes.

Section 1: Artificial Flowers
Section 2: Real Flowers
Section 3: Sugar Glazing Flowers

1. Artificial Flowers

Step 1: Cut the stems from the flowers, approximately 1 ˝ inches from the base of the flowers and leaves.

Step 2: Cut a piece of floral wire at least 4 inch. (If you buy the pre-cut ones, typically they are 6 inches which is fine.)

Step 3: Use floral tape to secure the flower to the new stem.

Step 4: After you have done this to all of the flowers and leaves, place them all together and use floral tape to secure them in any order you would like. (Tip: Do not place floral tape all the way down the stems. Only place enough to secure the flowers, making sure that the individual wires do not come out of the tape.

Step 5: Bend the stems carefully using the flower head between your thumb and index finger. Once you have each flower where you want it, cut the excess stems off of the flowers holding onto the floral tape and not the flowers.

2. Real Flowers

Real flowers can be place directly on the cake you have prepared or you can follow the instructions above to add movable stems to them.

Tips for purchasing real flowers:

Tip 1: Make sure you are using an edible flower unless your cake is for show.

Here is a website that has a complete list of edible flowers: http://homecooking.about.com/library/weekly/blflowers.htm.

Tip 2: Make sure that the flowers do not have pesticides on them. You can do this by picking them out of your own yard or just ask the florist that you are purchasing them from. Typically florists have sets of flowers that have never been treated for pesticides.

Tip 3: Make sure you freeze your flowers and apply them to the cake directly before serving or showing it. If you are adding stems, add them as soon as you get the flowers, place them in baggies or an airtight container and freeze them until you are ready to put them on the cake.

3. Sugar Glazing Flowers

Step 1: Fill one bowl with a gently beaten egg white and put some regular sugar in a second bowl.

Step 2: Cut the stems on the flowers or fruits leaving only enough to hold onto with your thumb and forefinger. (Tip: Make sure you are using an edible flower for this.)

Step 3: Coat the fruits or flowers you are sugaring using a pastry brush lightly with the egg white. Make sure you get all parts of the flower or fruit.

Step 4: Using a spoon, sprinkle sugar all over the flowers or fruits. Make sure you cover all parts of the flowers or fruits.

Step 5: Place on a paper towel to dry. This typically, takes a few hours. After they are dry add them to your cake.

You can be as creative as you like with flowers on cakes, they make for a beautiful and unique decoration!

Paula Wilkinson is the author of Cake Decorating Secrets. Cake Decorating Secrets presents and answers numerous problems and issues in everyday cake decorating, as well as provides unique advice and tips. You can visit her website at http://www.cakedecorating101.com

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