Top Ten Reasons To Start Creativity Coaching

DEVELOP YOUR ARTISTIC CONFIDENCE I'd really like to write but I don't have enough time. Creativity coaching can give you back control over your calendar.

EXPAND YOUR HOBBY TO A PART-TIME BUSINESS: I can make crafts for others, but I'm too scared to sell them to strangers. Creativity coaching can teach you how to expand and meet your artistic expectations.

EXPLORE YOUR COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Marketing my work to new markets is difficult. Creativity coaching can teach you how to research and develop new markets.

ACHIEVE YOUR ARTISTIC GOALS: I can set goals, but I can't complete them. Creativity coaching can teach you how to formulate and complete your goals.

EXPLORE ALL ASPECTS OF YOUR CREATIVITY: I don't know if I am creative or not. Creativity coaching can help you discover the truth about your creativity.

BALANCE YOUR CREATIVITY AND THE REST OF YOUR LIFE: If I don't write regularly, I begin to feel trapped. Creativity coaching can help you discover the truth about your creativity.

DISCOVER PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS AND OTHER NETWORKING OUTLETS: Where do I find artist in my artistic discipline? Creativity coaching can help you increase your business skills.

CREATE CONCRETE PLANS FOR YOUR ARTISTIC BUSINESS: How do I write a business plan, when my art isn't even selling? Creativity coaching can help you increase your business skills.

FIND AN ARTISTIC MENTOR OR BUDDY: Where can I find an artistic mentor or buddy? Creativity coaching can help you expand your support network.

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Many of us are under a ton of pressure to be creative—to think of new product ideas or original sales pitches, develop new building methods, or even design cities. The problem is we don't really have concrete methods to help us. Platitudes such as ...

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MARTIN WILLOUGHBY: David Spurk uses creativity in leading Petal Pushers
Mississippi Business Journal (blog)
In a state commissioned report titled “Realizing the Economic Opportunity of Creativity in Mississippi,” it was noted, “Mississippi's creative people, companies, and institutions, past and present, are a vital part of what defines the state. Their ...

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The Creative Gifts of ADHD
Huffington Post
In his 2004 book Creativity is Forever, Gary Davis reviewed the creativity literature from 1961 to 2003 and identified 22 reoccurring personality traits of creative people. This included 16 "positive" traits (e.g., independent, risk-taking, high energy ...

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Amputee's creative Halloween costumes: Paralympic racer Josh Sundquist turns ...
With only one leg and a great personality, paralympic ski racer Josh Sundquist has taken his disability and turned it into inspiration for some incredibly creative Halloween costumes. Video: Josh Sundquist is a Paralympic ski racer who had a leg ...

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We're not doing enough to recognize the creativity in kids diagnosed with ADHD
But Scott Barry Kaufman, a cognitive psychologist and scientific director at the Imagination Institute in the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania, says people diagnosed with ADHD and people who we consider to be creative ...

The Oregonian -

Steve Rudman led Home Forward with creativity, compassion and 'good hair ...
The Oregonian -
"For someone who was in the bowels of bureaucracy for so long, he has been so creative and persistent" said former Portland city commissioner and housing advocate Gretchen Kafoury, speaking in taped remarks. Still, some problems persist. Rudman led ...

Art Showcases Creativity of People with Mental Illness
Twin Falls Times-News
Some of the most of creative people suffer from mental health issues,” Rodman said. Patterson participated last year and decided to take part again because it's an opportunity for him to tell his story. “I'm an addict, but that doesn't define who I am ...

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Focus on Paris: Slide shows its creativity
Paris Star
Tim Andrews, a graphic designer, started Slide Communications in Paris five years ago as a creative outlet after working for larger companies. It wasn't the first move he made towards professional independence. Andrews and his wife Eva had lived in ...

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Last-minute costumes call for creativity
Battle Creek Enquirer
A range of different colored accessories at Halloween City. (Photo: Nick Garrison/For the Enquirer). 3 CONNECTTWEETLINKEDINCOMMENTEMAILMORE. Halloween weekend is upon us. Do you have a costume yet? Shawna Lane, store manager for Battle ...

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This Lost Asimov Essay Found After 55 Years Contains 7 Great Ideas For Creativity
Business Insider
A friend of the brilliant writer and biochemist Isaac Asimov has stumbled upon one of the professor's lost essays in a bundle of old files. Scientist Arthur Obermayer said he came across the forgotten work, entitled "How Do People Get New Ideas ...

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