Top Ten Reasons To Start Creativity Coaching

DEVELOP YOUR ARTISTIC CONFIDENCE I'd really like to write but I don't have enough time. Creativity coaching can give you back control over your calendar.

EXPAND YOUR HOBBY TO A PART-TIME BUSINESS: I can make crafts for others, but I'm too scared to sell them to strangers. Creativity coaching can teach you how to expand and meet your artistic expectations.

EXPLORE YOUR COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Marketing my work to new markets is difficult. Creativity coaching can teach you how to research and develop new markets.

ACHIEVE YOUR ARTISTIC GOALS: I can set goals, but I can't complete them. Creativity coaching can teach you how to formulate and complete your goals.

EXPLORE ALL ASPECTS OF YOUR CREATIVITY: I don't know if I am creative or not. Creativity coaching can help you discover the truth about your creativity.

BALANCE YOUR CREATIVITY AND THE REST OF YOUR LIFE: If I don't write regularly, I begin to feel trapped. Creativity coaching can help you discover the truth about your creativity.

DISCOVER PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS AND OTHER NETWORKING OUTLETS: Where do I find artist in my artistic discipline? Creativity coaching can help you increase your business skills.

CREATE CONCRETE PLANS FOR YOUR ARTISTIC BUSINESS: How do I write a business plan, when my art isn't even selling? Creativity coaching can help you increase your business skills.

FIND AN ARTISTIC MENTOR OR BUDDY: Where can I find an artistic mentor or buddy? Creativity coaching can help you expand your support network.

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Creativity Trumps Perfection at the Masters
New York Times
He settles for being perfectly creative. “I think the way Bubba plays golf is fantastic,” said Arron Oberholser, a Golf Channel analyst. “And I think it is great for people to see that all over the world, that you don't need to have a perfect golf ...

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Mark Zuckerberg: "Creative Labs is basically unbundling the big blue app"
MENLO PARK, Calif., April 16 (UPI) -- Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sees new initiative Creative Labs as a way to create new apps, detaching existing functionalities than can become stand-alone apps. Zuckerberg in an interview with The New York Times' ...

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Major League Soccer

Sophomore jump? Dillon Powers' creativity, vision at heart of Colorado Rapids ...
Major League Soccer
But anyone who has watched Colorado knows that Powers' dynamic ability to deliver a slicing through ball, along with a newfound creativity, have helped the 23-year-old attacking midfielder take the next step in his game – particularly offensively – and ...

Mobile art spurs Creativity Center rebirth
Bloomington Pantagraph
Actor/artist Kevin Reese and an estimated 100 local students are working this week on his 134th installation: a giant mobile and smaller ones that will be sold to raise money for renovations to the Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts' Creativity ...

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The Independent

Sweden wants to use games to promote democracy and creativity
Sweden is making attempts to promote democracy and creativity through a project called Democreativity, which curates ideas for "the most unlikely [video] game ever." According to the website's description, the project crowd-sources ideas from the ...
Sweden wants to promote democracy and creativity through...The Verge
Soon, videogame with no winner or loser?Times of India
Got Brilliant Video Game Idea? Reply to Sweden's Call on DemocreativityInternational Business Times AU
The Independent
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An environmental approach to creativity
Art students at Lakeshore Catholic High School and Port Colborne High School have been hard at work preparing for Community Artists Niagara's (CAN) 5th annual Green Arts Show on April 26 and 27 at The Wilson Archives next to the library. Students have ...

Cool Places: Madison Design opens its space for creativity
Cincinnati Business Courier (blog)
Madison Design has been housed in its current location for about 15 years, co-owner and creative director Jonathan Albers said. Its founders were looking for a building more conducive to their business for about four years, but in 2011 they decided ...

Lost in my creative maze
“In order to be open to creativity, one must have the capacity for constructive use of solitude. One must overcome the fear of being alone.” ~Rollo May. The No. 1 Habit of Highly Creative People / Of all the ...


Leisure-Time Creative Endeavors Make for Better Employees
Pacific Standard
“Creative activities are likely to provide valuable experiences of mastery and control,” writes a research team led by San Francisco State University psychologist Kevin Eschleman, “but may also provide employees experiences of discovery that uniquely ...
Creativity leads to better performanceThe British Psychological Society
How Your After-Work Activities Help You At WorkHuffington Post
Creative Activities Outside Of Work Can Improve Job PerformanceRedOrbit
Medical Daily
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KQED (blog)

Creativity and the Brain: What We Can Learn From Jazz Musicians
KQED (blog)
But research of jazz musicians' brain activity as they improvise is helping shed light on the neuroscience behind creativity, and it turns out creating that magic is not as serendipitous a process as we might think. “I started looking at jazz musicians ...

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