Top Ten Reasons To Start Creativity Coaching

DEVELOP YOUR ARTISTIC CONFIDENCE I'd really like to write but I don't have enough time. Creativity coaching can give you back control over your calendar.

EXPAND YOUR HOBBY TO A PART-TIME BUSINESS: I can make crafts for others, but I'm too scared to sell them to strangers. Creativity coaching can teach you how to expand and meet your artistic expectations.

EXPLORE YOUR COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Marketing my work to new markets is difficult. Creativity coaching can teach you how to research and develop new markets.

ACHIEVE YOUR ARTISTIC GOALS: I can set goals, but I can't complete them. Creativity coaching can teach you how to formulate and complete your goals.

EXPLORE ALL ASPECTS OF YOUR CREATIVITY: I don't know if I am creative or not. Creativity coaching can help you discover the truth about your creativity.

BALANCE YOUR CREATIVITY AND THE REST OF YOUR LIFE: If I don't write regularly, I begin to feel trapped. Creativity coaching can help you discover the truth about your creativity.

DISCOVER PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS AND OTHER NETWORKING OUTLETS: Where do I find artist in my artistic discipline? Creativity coaching can help you increase your business skills.

CREATE CONCRETE PLANS FOR YOUR ARTISTIC BUSINESS: How do I write a business plan, when my art isn't even selling? Creativity coaching can help you increase your business skills.

FIND AN ARTISTIC MENTOR OR BUDDY: Where can I find an artistic mentor or buddy? Creativity coaching can help you expand your support network.

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Giant ball pit for adults and other fun paths to corporate creativity
Christian Science Monitor
More and more companies are embracing professionals' need for creativity, and one company in London has taken it to a new level: a giant ball pit for adults. Creative agency Pearlfisher opened a pop-up ball pit in Hammersmith that will be open until ...

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Pacific Standard

To Heighten Creativity, Take a Good Look at Your Selves
Pacific Standard
“A more versatile, integrated, or flexible self-view ... may offer a simple way to boost creativity,” writes a research team led by University of Chicago psychologist Sarah Gaither. Its study is published in the journal Social Psychological and ...

The Company Inspiring Creativity in Michigan
If you need any indication that Detroit is back on the rise, all you need to do is look at companies that are flocking there. Creative Many Michigan is one of those companies that has recently moved to the city from its previous headquarters in Wixom ...

Droga5 Is Creativity's 2015 Agency of the Year
Droga5 New York has drummed up plenty of noise for daring clients -- from Jay-Z to Marc Ecko to the New Museum. But what happened when it needed to shine light on what Chief Creative Officer Ted Royer described as "that lumpy box on the shelf you grab ...

Being Politically Correct Can Actually Boost Creativity
One of the critiques of PC speech is that "[p]eople should be able to freely think, throw any crazy ideas, and any constraint would actually dampen creativity," Michelle Duguid, of Washington University in St. Louis, told NPR. She and her colleagues ...

Knoxville News Sentinel

Band Scene: Hip-hop trio Plunderphonics unmask further creativity
Knoxville News Sentinel
“The initial philosophy was to present something different from how we were known individually from our previous work and to create hip-hop that featured creative, engaging lyricism over sonically spacey production,” adds Wigs. “… (The masks are) a ...


Study Says Creativity Can Flow From Political Correctness
There is a common belief that requiring the use of "politically correct" language in the workplace stifles creativity. Michelle Duguid, a professor at Washington University in St. Louis, tells NPR's Arun Rath that, intuitively, that assumption makes ...

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Custom Comics - Creativity for Commercial Consumption Shelf Life
Comic Book Resources
In both cases, the creative team is given parameters to work within, and expected to execute the story within those guidelines. Being part of a universe-spanning crossover, or finding a way for a Toughpad to show off its capabilities, are both ...

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The Province (blog)

Going Gluten Free Increases Your Creativity
The Province (blog)
Seeing gluten free naturally through the eyes of Yola Stachura (Visual Art And Creative Design), a local Vancouver Artist, and healthy foods foodie. “I was born with art in my soul,” said Yola, “I love light, the sun, that's reflected in my art and ...


Unilever, Diageo and Sony buy into Havas pledge to settle creativity vs data ...
The Drum
Unilever, Diageo and Sony are among a hatful of advertisers backing Havas' pledge to demystify the art of fusing creativity and data following an internal restructure of its creative group, as it hopes to stimulate more contextually targeted ads. The ...
Havas launches creative councilCampaignLive
Havas Creative Group launches Helia to drive global data expertisePR Newswire (press release)
Havas EHS, Havas Discovery Merge To Become HeliaMediaPost Communications

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