Advertising For The Long Haul and Not the Short Term Gains

New Age Media Concepts issues its first article of many that will focus on the advertising and marketing industry. "If a young man tells his date she's intelligent, looks lovely, and is a great conversationalist, he's saying... Read More

Why Most Advertisements Stink!

Question: What do you think the most important part of any ad is? Your company name? Your telephone number? Your offer? Look at your own advertising. What stands out? What is in the largest print? If it's your company name or logo hold out your wrist so I can whack... Read More

Wheres Me Pot of Gold and Lucky Charms?

We already know this from our history books. If you want to make money today, you must first look back in time to the first time in history that a large portion of our country all tried to get rich at the same time in the same place. The first... Read More

Juice - Scam of the Decade or Opportunity of the Century

If you are an ardent web surfer and MLMer like I am, then I am sure you would have seen the sales pitch "Give away free broadband and earn 27 GBP each time". Depending on which side of the fence you are, this product is either God's gift to freebies... Read More

What?s the Score?

You may be aware that in a basketball game the assistant coaches keep an almost unending list of personal statistics for each player. Rebounds, assists, points, minutes played, etc. Why is that? Because they know that these individual statistics all add up to the bottom line. The final score.... Read More

How To Write More Powerful Brochures, Leaflets, And Catalogues

Probably the most interesting thing about brochures and leaflets is that they're seldom read in what we've come to know as the right order - as you would read a book. Rather in the same way that many people read magazines in dentists' waiting rooms, they will flick through brochures... Read More

Localized Advertising ? Door-to-Door Ad Distribution on the Fly!

Have you ever had to distribute door-hanger advertisements for your business? Have you ever employed door-to-door sales techniques to increase your brand awareness? Have you ever had to walk mile-after-mile repeating the sales pitch, over and over? Have you ever had to stand outside of an arena event and pass... Read More

Understanding Internet Banner Advertising

Banner advertising is an effective way of getting your advertising message seen on the Internet. Banner ads should not be your only online form of advertising, but they are an essential part of your online advertising mix.This article assumes that the reader knows what a banner ad looks like, but... Read More

In Advertising Bigger isn?t Always Better

If you have been following the recent advertising news you will notice that more and more major advertisers are looking to smaller ad agencies to handle their campaigns.Is it because they feel bad? Is it because they are cheaper? Or is it because they see the level of creative talent... Read More

Marketing Lessons I Learned in Chicago this Week...

I was in the fine city of Chicago this week to speak at a marketing conference. And I learned some interesting things: 1 - Traffic in Chicago is much worse than the allegedly bad traffic in Atlanta where I live. We left the hotel downtown at 3 p.m. and were... Read More

In The News:

The Truth in Advertising Act: Can the Government Really Regulate ...
I was there, on the first Thursday in April, to sit in on a congressional briefing titled "Truth in Advertising: The FTC's Role in Protecting Consumers from Photoshopped Ads." It was timed to help drum up interest in newly introduced H.R. 4341, aka the ...
Join Our Family: Stop Advertising That Hurts Our Kids; FTC Act on

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News From the Advertising Industry
New York Times
Internet advertising revenue in the United States reached a record $42.8 billion last year, up 17 percent from $36.6 billion in 2012, according to a report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau, New York, and PricewaterhouseCoopers U.S. The full-year ...

Sponsored post: Advertising can be so much more than a clickthrough
Building an advertising-based business from scratch is hard. When we first decided that a platform should have non-traditional advertising, people thought we were crazy (they still do!). We could have plastered our pages with annoying, intrusive ...

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5 Rules of Native Advertising Every Content Strategist Should Know
Advertisers, marketers and public relations experts strive to get a message across as clearly, cleverly and effectively as possible. Recently, a new adjective is making its way into that list -- natively. Native advertising takes an advertising message ...

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Washington Post (blog)

Don't buy the hype: The Internet hasn't killed TV advertising
Washington Post (blog)
For the first time, advertisers spent more on online ads than broadcast television in the U.S., according to a new report prepared by PricewaterhouseCoopers for the Interactive Advertising Bureau. Online advertising as a whole brought in a record ...
Digital advertising hits $43B, passing broadcast TV for the first time everVentureBeat
2013 Internet Ad Revenues Soar To $42.8 Billion, Hitting Landmark High ...IAB
Internet advertising revenue surpasses broadcasting TV for the first timePBS NewsHour
CNET -Wall Street Journal (blog) -Warc
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Accounts and People of Note in the Advertising Industry
New York Times
Farzad Jamal joined Vdopia, Fremont, Calif., in a new post, vice president for Europe, based in the London office of the company, which specializes in mobile video advertising. Mr. Jamal had been commercial director for Europe, the Middle East and ...

As Internet advertising booms, watch out for mobile
In 2013, for the first time, marketers spent more to advertise on the Internet than they did on broadcast TV, according to a new report by the Interactive Advertising Bureau. The tally: $42.8 billion on the web, $40.1 billion on TV. By comparison ...
Internet advertising revenue rises to an all-time high of $42.8 billion in 2013allvoices
Interactive Online Advertising Scored $42.8 Billion Revenue In 2013Tubefilter
Today's Burning Question: Key Takeaway from the New IAB Internet Advertising ...ADOTAS
BizReport -The Drum
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Advertising after 'Mad Men': How the show compares to real life
ARLINGTON, Va. -- AMC's critically-acclaimed "Mad Men" depicts the drama of working at a 1960s New York City advertising agency -- a place where cigarette smoke and office bars are plentiful, while women and minorities in leadership roles were not.

How Big Advertisers Are Using Next-Gen Messaging Apps Snapchat, Kik, Tango ...
"What in the world is WhatsApp?" Reuters echoed the question many in the U.S. were asking when Facebook acquired the mobile messaging app in February for a stratospheric $19 billion. WhatsApp was more familiar to the rest of the world, where it had ...

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Advertising company files complaint against Toadlick Music Festival, hopes to ...
The Birmingham News -
The complaint, which says the company that runs the venue has not paid for its advertising, was filed by advertising company Walker360. Attorneys for the advertising company hope to prevent Toadlick from doing business until it pays Walker360 by ...

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What Does the Back of Your Business Card Say?

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Cable TV Advertising; Mobile Detailing Customers

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