Will the Online Quiz Make the Old Fashioned Printed Quiz Obsolete?

Q. Can you tell me the benefits of publishing an online quiz versus a printed one?A. Well, the first benefit of publishing an online quiz that comes to mind is the fact that it's an outstanding way to drive traffic to your web site. People love quizzes and they take... Read More

You Have to Spend Money to Earn Money

It surprises me that many people fail to grasp this concept as they first set out to start their own businesses. Thanks to the power of the Internet, anyone who has a computer and an Internet connection can now START their own online businesses with little investment. However, generally speaking,... Read More

Working With Affiliate Programs

Everywhere you look you see affiliate program offers forevery product or service that you can think of. Some havefully automated systems that sell high volumes of hardproducts all over the world. In case you don't know, "hard"products are those that you can touch...unlike an ebook ordownloadable web template. Many affiliate... Read More

How to Booost Your Affiliate Commissions by almost 30%

Affiliate marketing is one tough business. Everyone online today is looking to make or save money in any way they can. In the good old days when internet marketing was in its infancy, most of the people who clicked on your affiliate links used to purchase without a... Read More

Popup Killers - Not just killing that Popup but also your Revenue!

With the increased use of popups on sites - when you enter,when you leave, while you are there - Popup killers (orstoppers) are all the rage. Companies use Popup killers as a marketing tool forfrustrated webusers - they kill the Popup, the webuser usestheir service be it as an... Read More

Affiliate Programs... Whos Really Making The Money?

There will be a million and one affiliates out there who will tell you that the affiliate program they promote is going to be the best one for you.But have you considered who is really making the money and who gains the most out of affiliate programs.Let's take a step... Read More

Affiliate Marketing What Is It And Why Use It?

Affiliate Marketing is having Affiliates do your Marketing for you. What I mean by Affiliate is someone who tells people about your product/service and you pay them for a desired response, such as a purchase.Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to get the word out about your product/service.The... Read More

How To Create A Lifetime Income With Affiliate Programs By Changing Your Focus!

"How To Create A Lifetime Income With Affiliate Programs By Changing Your Focus!" An often overlooked strategy that could maximize your affiliate earnings by Mark Meyers Most people join an affiliate program so that they will make some money by referring people to the products and services of the... Read More

Two Quick Ways to Make Your Copy of Merchants Data Feed Different From All Other Affiliates

Product data feeds are really popular among affiliates because they can help produce thousands of product pages quickly and easily. Such pages can be used to drive highly targeted search engine traffic looking specifically for those products. But there is a big problem.The problem with data feeds is the fact... Read More

Affiliate Programs

Are you having trouble creating new product offerings from scratch? Maybe you're not a natural writer or you're unsure of a topic? Or maybe you'd just like a shortcut to some reliable revenue? Not to worry, help is here. And even if you're not stuck creating your own intellectual property,... Read More

In The News:

EQT Midstream Partners Reports Q1 2014 Results
Revenues from EGC were affiliate revenues prior to the sale and are third party revenues subsequent to the sale. After normalizing for EGC, the first quarter affiliate adjusted revenue was 15% higher than the same quarter last year and third party ...

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Economic Times

Affiliate sites boost online retailers' business
Economic Times
HYDERABAD: Online portals eager to attract more buyers are being helped by a rising trend in the Indian e-commerce industry of affiliate sites directing traffic to larger portals. ... The four- year- old company expects to generate revenue of .`10 ...

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Associations Now

Seeking New Members Through Affiliate Marketing
Associations Now
A new association with big goals for membership gives affiliate marketing a try, in hopes of connecting with its target audience via groups already working at the ground level. ... (and I could only find one other example of a similar program, at the ...

Gannett Profit Slides 43%, as Operating Expenses Rise
Wall Street Journal
The higher broadcast revenue also included ad revenue growth from the broadcast of the Winter Olympics during the first quarter on Gannett's NBC affiliate stations. Chief Executive Gracia Martore told analysts on a conference call that Gannett expects ...

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Why content and commerce is easier said than done
Affiliate links have helped Refinery29′s commerce efforts double in revenue since last fall. The company expects it to be at least a $1 million business by the summer. Those are heartening numbers, not just for Refinery29 but also for any publisher ...

Time Warner Cable Reports 2014 First-Quarter Results
Business Wire (press release)
Advertising revenue increased primarily due to growth in political advertising revenue as well as non-political advertising revenue from advertising inventory sold on behalf of other video distributors. Other revenue increased primarily due to ...

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Economic Times

UPDATE 2-Hyundai Motor launches contingency plan as stronger won knocks ...
Hyundai, the world's fifth-biggest automaker when combined with affiliate Kia Motors Corp, has seen overseas earnings shrink when converted into a won hovering near a six-year high against the U.S. dollar. Price competitiveness has also suffered, as a ...
Hyundai Motor first-quarter profit misses estimates, hurt by slow US salesChicago Tribune
Hyundai Motor Q1 profit unchanged; misses estimatesEconomic Times
Hyundai Motor first-quarter profit unchanged; misses estimatesReuters UK
Wall Street Journal -NDTV
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Altisource Announces Record Results
Wall Street Journal
The quarter over quarter growth in service revenue and net income was primarily driven by the higher number of loans that were boarded on REALServicing in 2013 and the inclusion of a full quarter of Equator, LLC operations. .... activities ...

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Economic Times

Affiliate sites aid traffic for ecommerce industry in India
Economic Times
The four- year- old company expects to generate revenue of Rs 10 crore this fiscal. Experts said the pay- per- purchase model adopted by affiliate sites works well for e-commerce portals who offer them commissions ranging from 2per centto 10per centof ...

GB Group PLC Trading Update, Proposed Acquisition and Placing
Wall Street Journal
The total consideration comprises an initial cash payment of GBP14.3 million followed by an additional amount of up to GBP6.2 million which is payable in two tranches in 12 and 24 months from the acquisition date, subject to DecTech achieving revenue ...

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