The Simplest Asthma Solution

During the Democratic convention the Reverend Al Sharpton quoted a shocking statistic: One third of the children in Harlem suffer from asthma. This shouldn't be completely surprising since asthma cases have been consistently increasing over the years, especially in the cities, escalating recently during the rollback of some key environmental... Read More

Natural Remedies For Treating a Cold

Sometimes it can be hard to escape that shivery feeling that happens when you get too cold. A good immediate remedy for this is to wrap yourself up in a douvet and stick a hairdryer up it, (making sure the air flow is not restricted) until you feel warmed up.Colds... Read More

Wild Medicine and Tansy Cakes

It started with the Tansy cakes. I had to ask myself 'Why would anyone eat anything so utterly disgusting in taste'? Chrysanthemum Vulgare is a common perennial in the British Isles and the name Tansy is said to be derived from the Greek 'athansia', meaning 'immortal'. Reasons suggested for this... Read More

Vibrational Medicine

Vibrational medicine attempts to treat people with various forms of pure energy. The influence of alternative medical systems such as Chinese, Ayervedic or Tibetan medicine have led in part to the development of machines that can 'image energy'. Heat energy imagers are an accepted part of our technology. We readily... Read More


Friends, The study below done a few years ago should scare the socks off us all. We can do much better in this country.We all know that drugs has done much to save lives in this country, but I would bet that only ONE out of TEN knows the other... Read More

YARROW TEA (Achillea Millefolium)

An amazing tea that can help with colds and flu, and also help you see in pure colour. Yarrow has an ancient history. The generic name comes from Achilles who, according to legend, saved the lives of his warriors by healing their wounds with yarrow leaves. Crushed and rolled in... Read More

Taking Control of Your Health & Well-being

Taking Control of Your Health & Well-being by Georgianna Donadio D.C., M.Sc., Ph.D. Do you ever wonder why, in spite of all your good intentions, you just cannot seem to... Read More

Chronic Back Pain

Magnetic Advantage Newsletter FEATURED TOPIC Chronic Back Pain By Bruce Spiegler I had been to three different physicians. The car accident in 1990 had left me with terrible back pain.... Read More

Cure Arthritis? Right!

Arthritis sufferers are daily bombarded with new, better, more exciting treatments. Try Enbrel! Try Humira! Miracle drugs!Get your NSAIDS! Get your DMARDS! Pump more chemicals into your system. Side effects? What side effects? You have a choice; accept the side effects or get sicker and sicker. In order to allay... Read More

Discover The Missing Key to Improving Your Health

Do you know the top ten causes for death? You will recognize them all.Here they are?1. Heart disease2. Cancer3. Stroke4. Lower-respiratory diseases5. Injury (mostly car accidents)6. Diabetes7. Flu and pneumonia8. Alzheimer's disease9. Kidney disease10. InfectionSource: 1999-2001 mortality statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and PreventionMost of us want to... Read More

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WJAC Johnstown

Website offering cheaper alternative to hotels finds success in State College
WJAC Johnstown
STATE COLLEGE, Pa.-- Finding a hotel on a football weekend can be pretty challenging for a Penn State fan, but one website is taking a unique spin on things in an effort to connect you to affordable accommodations for the weekend. Penn State fan Lauren ...

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Moving Forward: Business sustainability workshop looks at alternative ...
Chico Enterprise-Record
The next event in the Sustainable Business Series workshops has been announced regarding “Alternative Transportation,” at 8:30 a.m. May 14 at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Big Room, 1075 E. 20th St. The event is free, but reservations through the Chico ...

Press TV

EU seeks Iran gas to reduce dependence on Russia
Press TV
File photo shows a natural gas production facility in South Pars region in Iran's southern province of Bushehr. The European Union seeks future gas imports from Iran to end dependence on Russian natural gas as prospects for a nuclear deal that would ...
EU dreams of Iranian gas to break dependence on MoscowYahoo! Maktoob News

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The Hindu

Alternative schools in remote areas lack facilities
The Hindu
Alternative schools, or Ekadhyapaka Vidyalayas, functioning in remote areas lack in basic infrastructural and instructional facilities prescribed under the Right to Education (RTE) Act. A study conducted by the District Institute of Education and ...

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Chicago Tribune

Foreclosure alternative program arrives in Illinois
Chicago Tribune
A foreclosure sign is seen in front of a bank-owned home for sale in Las Vegas. A foreclosure sign is seen in front of a bank-owned home for sale in Las Vegas. (ROBYN BECK, AFPGetty Images). By Mary Ellen Podmolik Chicago Tribune contact the reporter.

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Environmentalists shine light on alternative energy bill
Salisbury Post
Warren, a primary sponsor of the bill, said a decrease in the number of alternative energy contracts signed by power companies is a possibility when asked about the proposal. “This bill is changing existing legislation,” Warren said. “There's no ...

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Share “Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin signs bill...”
Death by nitrogen gas became an alternative method of execution in Oklahoma under a bill Gov. Mary Fallin signed Friday afternoon. Lethal injection will remain the primary method for carrying out the death penalty in the state. by Rick Green Modified ...
Oklahoma approves use of Nitrogen as alternative death penalty methodBusiness Standard
Fallin signs bill expanding execution practicesKOKI FOX 23
Why Oklahoma is using nitrogen gas as a backup to lethal injectionsVox
RT -The Verge
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HuffPost What's Working Honor Roll: These Couples Are Choosing An ...
Huffington Post
Couples have begun choosing alternatives to divorce in order to maintain family unity and keep the parental structure in tact. It's called "parenting partnerships": couples choose to stay married and together,but just remove all of the sexual and ...

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Record Bin: How Dinosaur Jr. breathed life into alternative rock on “You're ...
And for Massachusetts alternative rock band Dinosaur Jr., there was never an acquiescence of musical creation, never a time when they were interested in giving in and changing their pummeling and hard-charging rock sound to anything other than what ...

Take a look at the alternative
LaGrange Daily News
One of my investors tried a new loan at the lower rates that are wholesale at this time. Yes, he had about 10 rental houses and he went from all 30-year loans to all 15-year loans. His payments did not go up by cutting off 12 to 13 years off each loan ...

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Chronic Back Pain

Magnetic Advantage Newsletter FEATURED TOPIC... Read More

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Bring Peace and Serenity to Your Life Through Hypnosis!

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Martial Arts

Martial arts are currently studied worldwide from a variety of... Read More