Theres Gold in that Silence

Can you recall a time where you utilized silence to make a point? If you can consciously recall, you probably know your silence made more than just a point; it made an exclamation point ... and without a single word preceding it. Now that's powerful.Silence is a widely-known, but rarely... Read More

7 Destructive Habits of Incompetent People

WARNING! If you want to have a fantastic life, never engage yourself in these 7 deadly habits that incompetent people do. NUMBER 1 - They Think, Say, & Do Negative Things. Yup. They see problems in every opportunity. They complain that the sun is too hot. They cursed the... Read More

Our Worst Enemy

Who do you consider as your worst enemy? The criminals roamingthe dark streets? Your boss who's killing you mentally andemotionally with stress and harsh words? The people in office who are engaging in graft and corruption, instead of helpingthose in need? We have many implications of who our enemies are;... Read More

Do You Dither in Your Job Search?

I looked up the definition of "to dither" before writing this article. It is to be agitated and in a nervous state. My definition, however, as it relates to a job seeker is that some people will spend many minutes and hours, seeking a way out of looking for a... Read More

Burn-Out ...Whats Next?

If you feel the heat of burn-out, it is possible to stop the fire before it stops you. Burn-out burns out confidence trust hope Burn-out can burn up your job your marriage your friendships There is a simple strategy for helping yourself prevent burn-out, especially if you are... Read More

Expectations Can Get In Our Way

There are times when we truly look forward to something just as there are times when we totally dread something. What is the difference between anticipation with joy and anticipation with anxiety? Where and how does that expectation actually take place? If we think about it, the expectations take place... Read More

What The Buddha Says About Coaches

There is a Buddhist saying that goes like this: "If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill it." This means to kill any concept of the Buddha as something apart from oneself. To kill the Buddha is to BE the Buddha. Any concept we can have of the... Read More

The Great Marketing Reframe

From grimaces to stomach knots, talking about marketing seems to take on the sound of Charlie Brown's teacher, with so many syllables of "wah WAaah, wah WAah, wah." What does this mean? For starters, I find it terrifying ironic that, when it boils down to it, truly - marketing and... Read More

Tips for Writing Great Coaching E-Books

Never understimate the power of a well-written word. Tens of thousands of readers of coaching ebooks have had their lives changed for the better by a well written ebook. It's a remarkable medium that you can tap into to coach others day or night, in the city or country, all... Read More

The Power of Online Memberships

Have you ever noticed geese flying overhead, whether that be south for the winter, or back home in the spring? In Canada where I live, this is a regular sight and a sure sign of the seasons passing. From time to time, it's easy to notice that there is... Read More

In The News:

Jon Gruden on Raiders rumors: 'I'm not thinking about coaching'
"I'm just trying to hang onto my job to be honest with you guys. It's four weeks into the season. Some of these teams haven't even played three games yet," Gruden said. "So I'm not even thinking about coaching. I'm thinking about heading to Washington ...
Gruden: 'I'm not thinking of coaching'San Jose Mercury News
Raiders' coaching search to include GrudenSFBay
Jon Gruden: 'I'm not even thinking about coaching' -RantSports -Lyndy's Sports Annuals
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The Journal News /

Greeley coach conflicted about Yorktown matchup
The Journal News /
To reduce the conflicts and commit fully to his new community, Sullivan left his post as Greeley's JV coach and accepted the job as the freshman coach at Yorktown in 2000. Two weeks before the season started, Yorktown changed its mind and hired someone ...

and more »

Bleacher Report

At Quarter-Mark of Season, Who Are Top NFL Coaching Candidates for Next ...
Bleacher Report
The season has barely started, and we're already ready to kick-start the NFL coaching carousel. With the Oakland Raiders' firing of former head coach Dennis Allen, it's already assured that we'll see at least one new head coach next season. It's likely ...

SB Nation

NFL franchises with the least coaching patience
SB Nation
Dennis Allen is the first coaching domino to fall in 2014, and his dismissal was not particularly gentle. Allen was only given 36 games to turn things around in Oakland, but that's not so bad when you consider the shortest coaching hooks* of all time ...

U-T San Diego

Fisher receives Wooden coaching award
U-T San Diego
The San Diego State coach was named the 2014-15 recipient of the John R. Wooden Legends of Coaching Award on Wednesday at the preseason tipoff luncheon in Los Angeles. It is a small, exclusive club of the biggest names in college basketball, and the ...
Aztec Basketball Coach to Receive Wooden's Coaching AwardTimes of San Diego
Wooden Award's Legends of Coaching honor to go to Steve FisherLos Angeles Times
SDSU coach Fisher to receive John R. Wooden AwardSan Diego 6
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The Age

The likely candidates for coaching jobs at Adelaide and Gold Coast
The Age
Understood to have presented a case to Mark Ricciuto and the Crows' coaching panel, and was advised by Alastair Clarkson through the process. Was little-known until Clarkson trusted him with Hawthorn for five weeks while the senior coach battled an ...

and more »


Why would Jon Gruden possibly want to coach the Oakland Raiders?
Keep in mind these particular Gruden stories weren't based on rumors or innuendo, just blind (but tasty) speculation that owner Mark Davis would want to reunite with Gruden, the last coach to bring the Raiders to glory. (Yes, Bill Callahan coached the ...
Report: Tony Sparano won't be Raiders interim
Raiders might have to place call to Jon Gruden about coaching openingYahoo Sports (blog)
In Brief: Raiders Make Another Coaching ChangeValley News
Washington Post (blog) -Bleacher Report
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Rising Apple

Mets coaching changes will not be limited to hitting coach: report
Rising Apple
According to Adam Rubin of ESPN New York, the Mets' coaching changes will include more than just the hitting coach(es) positions, though Rubin stressed that “major” changes are not expected. It's been widely reported that hitting coach Lamar Johnson, ...

The Big Lead

Reviewing The Post-2010 College Football Coaching Hires
The Big Lead
Michigan and Florida could be looking for coaches at the same time this off-season! But, lest we forget, they were four years ago, along with Miami and some other notable schools. After three-plus seasons, the jury has decided on most of these hires ...

Walker steps down as Braves hitting coach
Atlanta Journal Constitution
On Monday, Walker told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “As far as being worried about my job and worried about my future, that's so far down my list right now. I know most big-league coaches, at the end of the year you're worried about the ...

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