Getting Started Selling Your Crafts

Until recently crafts were usually sold locally or, at best, regionally. Now you literally have the whole world at your fingertips! Some of you may choose a gradual progression from selling to friends, to selling at fairs and shows, to retail selling ? and so on. Others may... Read More

Craft Crocheting from Your Home

Crocheting is not only a craft but an art. Once you master the basic stitches you will be well on your way to creating masterpieces you will be pride to share with your family and friends. Anyone can learn to crochet as long as they put their mind... Read More

Sell Hobby Items by Mail

You can, if you are ambitious, start a Mail Order Business selling collectables to hobbiest by mail. To begin, you must first find a hobby that appeals to YOU. Next, you must spend several weeks researching that hobby. You must learn what collectors want and how much they are willing... Read More

Money Making Hobby - Do You Have One?

Everyone has a hobby. We love all kinds of music, sports, movies, books... We have pets, we grow flowers, we build houses, buy cars... Some of us even love our jobs (boy, those are the lucky ones)...Dale Carnegie said:"Today is life - the only life you are sure of. Make... Read More

Floral Arranging as a Hobby

Flower arranging has become increasingly popular as a hobby, for people of all ages and backgrounds.Have you ever put flowers in a vase and they just don't sit right? By learning a few basic principles you will be able to create attractive floral designs for your own home.Flowers add the... Read More

Turn An Arts And Crafts Hobby Into A Business

Are you searching for a quick way to make an extra income?Why not turn that Cooking Interest, Comic Book Collecting, or Your Retro Clothing Collection Into A Home Based Business Venture!Most people enjoy hobbies they have pursued with great enthusiasm for years. Even though they may find their leisure activities... Read More

Picture Frame Crafts For Your Kids Party

One of the most popular party favors is a framed picture of the party guest taken at your kids party. He or she could be showing off a silly hat or party costume, performing an outrageous party game stunt, or wearing a face full of frosting and ice cream.Having party... Read More

Scary Halloween Crafts

Looking for some great Halloween crafts for your Halloween party, haunted house, or just for trick-or-treaters?A fun craft is something that can keep you occupied for hours on end especially if you enjoy it. Here are some ideas that will hopefully set you on your way in preparation for your... Read More

Scrapbooking Teen Memories

By the time your teen is in high school, you probably aren't taking as many pictures of them as you used to. I have to keep reminding myself that I only have a couple of years left and no time to waste trying to capture fleeing teenage memories.You might be... Read More

Jar Lid and Jar Candle Decoration

Supplies Needed:Most items can be found around the house or in a craft store.Jar Candle with lid ? with removable plastic bottomCraft GluePaintScissorsDecorating Candle Jars and Lids is a fun and easy project for all ages. You can use many different craft items to embellish your jar and lid. If... Read More

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Orange County Breeze

Da' Hawaii Seniors Club March business meeting also showcased hobbies and ...
Orange County Breeze
After the business meeting, Club members were invited to visit the Hobbies and Crafts displays in the adjoining room. According to Karen Richards and Jean Kitajima, Co-Chairs of the Hobbies and Crafts Show, there were 18 total displays with 11 members ...

Daily Mail

Arts and Crafts Help Elderly Avoid Dementia: Mayo Study
Those who said they had engaged in arts, crafts like sculpting or woodworking, or social activities like Bible study or travel during midlife were about half as likely to develop mild cognitive impairment as those who did not, the authors report in the ...
Arts and crafts enthusiasts are 75% less likely to suffer memory lossDaily Mail
What Arts, Crafts and Computer Use Might Do for Your MinddailyRx
Which hobbies help an aging brain?KTVQ Billings News

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Hobby Lobby is officially coming to Palestine
Palestine Herald Press
Hobby Lobby will place an ad in the local classifieds telling everyone when and where to apply. While the company will not be the only “craft” store in town, Manskey said it will most likely be the biggest and most comprehensive for Palestine. It will ...

Nuneaton News

Nuneaton craft event to bolster funds for good cause
Nuneaton News
Mrs Crook added: "Jo and I realised that although our respective businesses offered different creative techniques many of our regular customers also had other related hobbies and actually enjoyed experimenting with a variety of crafts." Tickets to the ...

Women of the Wild retreat set at Decorah
Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier
DECORAH -- Women of the Wild, an outdoor retreat for adult women sponsored by Camptastic, is planned for Friday through Sunday at Camp Tahigwa. The weekend includes exploring outdoor hobbies, crafts and skills. Sessions include camp activities like ...

Chillicothe Gazette

DAR members display handicrafts and collections
Chillicothe Gazette
CHILLICOTHE – Members of the Nathaniel Massie Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, displayed their handicrafts and collections at the April 1 meeting at Brown's Chapel. Hobbies and crafts included miniatures, cross-stitch, rug hooking, ...

Hard up Britons are reviving the 'make do' spirit of the post war period
And it is the younger generation who want to learn useful craft skills. As many as 80 per cent of under-25s told researchers they would like the chance to learn to knit, brew beer or grow vegetables. The Royal Voluntary Service survey marks the launch ...

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Best memory advice? Exercise, stimulating hobbies
... Clinic published this month in Neurology found that adults who engaged in activities such as arts and crafts, book clubs and travel were half as likely to develop mild cognitive impairment in their 80s as those who did not pursue brain-stimulating ...

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ATTEND OUR LARGEST SALE YET -- During RiverChase's Community Indoor ...
... Community Indoor Garage Sale on April 25 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at RiverChase (990 Horan Dr. Fenton, MO). Participants will be selling anything from toys to clothes to arts and crafts. The Community Indoor Garage Sale is free and open to the ...

BBC News

Young people 'want to learn crafts'
BBC News
A new report suggests it's because teenagers have been forced to live without much cash for so many years. The study by the Royal Voluntary Service found that 18 to 24-year-olds would welcome the chance to learn how to crochet, brew beer or make ...
Youngsters want 'old fashioned skills'

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