3 Steps To Turning OK eBook Sales Into Unbelieveable Results!

Have you noticed that 90% of "How To" information about creatingand marketing your own information-based products online is basic beginner stuff? Yet, every week we hear from those looking for help taking theirbusiness to the next level. It's true, the vast majority of dreamers never earn a cent because... Read More

Making Money With Information Products

I actually know a few people who are making millions a year through home-based operations (and a few others who have been able to subsidize their incomes from low risk business ideas). In most cases, all it took was some good market research and the... Read More

How To Protect Your eBooks From Piracy And Copyright Infringement!

eBooks, or electronic books, mean big business for all aspiring writers. Not only can eBooks be sold in their own right as standalone products, but eBooks are fast becoming the weapon of choice for marketing gurus!Many business owners and webmasters pay writers to write eBooks for them. Writers spend hours,... Read More

20 Ways To Increase Website Traffic and eBook Sales

Here's a fast, easy list for you. Use it as checklist to see what you need to do to increase traffic. Or use it as a review list if you have already been working on improving your website traffic. It will help you find ways that you might have known... Read More

How to Reduce Credit Card Refunds from Digital Thieves

Can you encounter the number of times where a Credit Card Sale was generated, only to receive a "Refund Notification" from your contracted e-commerce processor on behalf the "customer"? Welcome to the electronic world of "cyber-shoplifting". Unscrupulous surfers, disguised as potential "customers", systematically opt to ordering goods (using credit cards)... Read More

Ask and Ye Shall Create

How do you decide to create a new speech? A new report? A net product? Most of us have an idea, then start to work on it. It's only when we are well into the creation phase that we determine whether or not it will sell. By then, it's... Read More

7 Secrets to Explode your eBook Sales! Part 1

Secret #1: How to write an incredible eBook!Copyright 2004 Bluedolphin Crow - All Rights Reserved.Aho!I shouldn't be telling you this:One of the biggest problems that most eBook writers and sellers face is generating eBook sales. It seems like the Internet is full of "ideas" - however, these "ideas" don't seem... Read More

7 Secrets to Explode your eBook Sales! Part 2

Secret #2: Creating your Marketing Timeline for Success!Copyright 2004 Bluedolphin CrowAho!You can increase your sales and free time by creating your own marketing timeline. Marketing timelines are essential for all Internet businesses. They provide not only organization but a truly well defined goal sheet as well.To understand your timeline is... Read More

7 Secrets to Explode your eBook Sales! Part 3

Secret #3: Creating an avalanche of sales with Freeware/Shareware sites:Copyright 2004 Bluedolphin Crow - All Rights Reserved.Aho!Freeware/shareware sites provide a unique opportunity to market your eBooks. This type of marketing method allows the buyer to try your eBook on their computer before paying for it. You simply password protect part... Read More

7 Secrets to Explode your eBook Sales! Part 4

Secret #4: Creating passionate articles will explode your eBook sales!Copyright 2004 Bluedolphin Crow - All Rights Reserved.Aho,All the experts finally agreed on something. Writing articles about your eBook can be one of the most successful ways of eMarketing.However, one of the biggest problems on online is learning how to write... Read More

In The News:

Timaru Herald

Mountainview High School introduces ebooks into library
Timaru Herald
However, the librarian Julie James assured these would not replace the print editions of the books. James said she had been thinking about introducing ebooks to the library for a couple of years and it became a reality this week. She said the library ...

and more »

Good E-Reader (blog)

Japanese Readers Spend the Most Money on e-Books
Good E-Reader (blog)
Digital Books may have hit the proverbial glass ceiling in North America but across the world they are starting to really catch on. This is most evident in Japan, where readers are spending the most amount of money on e-Books. According to a new ...
Japanese readers spend the most on electronic booksBusiness Insider

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Daily Mail

Braille smartwatch lets blind people read text messages and e-books
Daily Mail
The gadget could enable them to read text messages as well as whole e-books from their wrists using haptic technology, which provides information in real-time through touch. It has a built-in vibration motor to alert wearers to incoming messages, which ...
Braille Smartwatch Helps Blind People Communicate, Navigate, Read EbooksMedgadget.com (blog)
Braille Smartwatch Dot Allows The Blind To Read Texts And E-BooksTech Times
Dot, The First Braille Smartwatch, Reads E-books And Teaches BrailleiTech Post
The Tech Bulletin -Engadget
all 69 news articles »

Publishers Weekly

The 'Girl on the Train' Tops E-book Sales in First Quarter
Publishers Weekly
Paula Hawkins's blockbuster debut, The Girl on the Train, led e-book sales for the first quarter of the year, from January to March. The book, released January 13, landed one spot above E.L. James's Fifty Shades of Grey, and Chris Kyle's memoir ...

Simon Collinson: Surveying small publishing's data on ebooks
The Bookseller
A timely inquiry today, something for small publishers to consider. As my colleague Philip Jones wrote here at The FutureBook last week, the ebook market "that once was booming is now maturing. Volume e-book figures, supplied by Penguin Random House, ...

Omaha World-Herald

At local libraries, e-book collections are growing, but print is still king
Omaha World-Herald
At all three library systems, and at libraries across the country, e-book collections started with rapid growth that has begun to slow. According to the Library Journal's survey, the median number of e-books at U.S. libraries has grown 1,200 percent ...

and more »

Daily Sabah

Survey: E-book piracy is minimal in digital world
Daily Sabah
In Turkey, over 300 publishers offer e-books to readers. A local literature magazine, Sabitfikir reported in an earlier article that the total number of e-books has surpassed 14,000 and the e-book is expected to have a 5 percent market share in the ...

Green Bay Press Gazette

New e-books recount early state history
Green Bay Press Gazette
DE PERE – Barbara Smits and Herman Bender have turned to the newest technology to tell the oldest stories about Northeast Wisconsin's geologic formation and early settlements. Their De Pere business, Old Northwest Frontier Tours, this summer launched ...

More than half of PRCC classes will use e-Books
This is a news release from Pearl River Community College. Students enrolling at Pearl River Community College this fall will have fewer expensive, heavy textbooks to carry to class. Approximately 60 percent of academic classes will be using eBooks.


Save thousands, download 448 free museum-quality eBooks
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, headquartered in New York City, has some of the most incredible free online resources for art lovers available on the Internet. Now it's increased the number of free art and art history books available online for no charge.

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