Why Do You Need a Tacklebox?

A tacklebox or a tackle bag is a necessity to store your fishing lures, bobbers, and hooks. A tacklebox is a necessity to store your expensive lures. The more you fish the more expensive lures you will accumulate. I can't imagine over time having a tangled mess... Read More

The Fish Dont Care What You Wear

The fish don't care what you wear. Waders, vests and hats for fishermen are necessities to brave the elements. Waders are a must if you are planning any surfcasting or stream wading. And what you need to know about waders, no matter how much you spend for... Read More

A Big Fish Story

Ketchikan, located in southeast Alaska, is a good place to fish for halibut. Sally and John Balch live in Ketchikan and have a favorite spot nearby to halibut fish. It's a secret spot, so don't ask where it is.The Balches were fishing there one Sunday and having good luck landing... Read More

Four Fly Fishing Tips

Good Fly PresentationObviously, the goal when casting a fly is to present the fly to the fish in a realistic manner. You are trying to simulate nature here. If you are going for trout in a stream, for instance, this means a drag-free float of 36 inches over a precise... Read More

10 Fishing Gems

Fishing Gem #1 ? When Is Best?If you are in a boat and plan to anchor and bottom fish, get out there before the sun goes down and set up .Over many years, it has been noticed that a good bite usually starts 2 hours before sunrise. Use an alarm... Read More

What Has Happened to the Cod Stocks Off the Shores of Newfoundland?

The Newfoundland cod stocks. What has happened to cod fishing off the Grand Banks of Newfoundland? Several centuries ago, John Cabot, sailing under the English flag, found the richest fishing area the world would come to know. Cod stocks in the Grand Banks region off the coast of Newfoundland were... Read More

Do You Know How To Clean A Fish?

Now that you have caught your dream fish, do you know how to clean? Good job. You must be so proud of yourself. You have just landed the biggest fish of all. How do you clean it? You certainly don't want those ugly fish scales all over your wife's clean... Read More

Do You Know How to Fillet a Fish?

Finally you've caught the perfect fish. Now, do you know how to fillet your fish? You can't be happier. You have finally caught the perfect fish. Do you know how to fillet your fish? Once you become an expert at fish filleting, you probably will be asked to fillet everyone... Read More

Do you Know How to Take the Perfect Picture of Your Fish?

Nothing is better than to snap a photo of your big fish that you just caught. You've spent the day out on the lake and then you feel a pull at the line. You finally pull that big one in and you decide to get a great snapshot of... Read More

The Yellowfins from HELL!

Hi Lee Palm/Red Rooster crew(San Diego - California).. Keep my rail spot cool for me - won't you? Fishing Report from Nassau Bahamas (8-10-2000)(Thursday)(Air Temperature 92 degrees. Water temp. ? mid 80's degrees). Clear skies, no wind and burning hot sun. Caught two Yellowfins in the 60-pound range that almost... Read More

In The News:

Alaska Dispatch News

Iceland blasts Arctic Five for exclusion from fishing agreement
Alaska Dispatch News
In this week's Eye on the Arctic Feature Interview (mp3), Eilís Quinn speaks with Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson, Iceland's minister for foreign affairs and external trade, about the Arctic fishing moratorium and its implications for Arctic cooperation.

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Alaska Fishing Report for July 30, 2015
KTVA.com - Alaska News and Weather
Ship Creek has been good fishing for silvers during the tidal transitional times. See regulations to make sure you are in the section open to salmon fishing. Pink salmon are coming into Bird Creek in good numbers. Pink and chum are also arriving to ...
Some fishing regulations relaxed for late-run Kenai sockeyesKTUU.com
State Fish and Wildlife Columbia River fishing reportsThe Seattle Times

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Press Herald

Saltwater Fishing Report
Press Herald
Anglers cannot retain any Atlantic cod and the minimum size for haddock has been reduced to 17 inches with a three-fish per angler per day bag limit. The minimum size for halibut in federal waters is 41 inches and the taking of halibut in Maine ...

Port Huron Times Herald

St. Clair fly fishing store new adventure for family
Port Huron Times Herald
ST. CLAIR – May 13 was a monumental day for the Mules family. On that day the father-son duo, both named Anthony Mules, received keys to the building that would soon become the Riverview Fly Shop in St. Clair and the elder Anthony received a call at 11 ...

Transparency Advocate: Mauritania's Fishing Sector Still Opaque
Huffington Post
Ba Aliou Coulibaly is the national coordinator for the pro-transparency group Publish What You Pay (PWYP) in Mauritania, a largely desert country in north-western Africa that is rich in iron, copper, gold, gas and oil - and home to one of the richest ...

Oregon Fish and Wildlife Columbia River fishing reports
The Seattle Times
The fall salmon season opens Saturday August 1, from Buoy 10 upstream to the Oregon/Washington Border above McNary Dam (see Sport Fishing Regulation Updates page for retention details). An estimated 518,300 fall Chinook and 539,600 coho are ...

Fishing: It's a Catskills casting call
New York Daily News
For fly fishing fans or wannabes, it's casting call time in the Catskills. In the southern Catskills town of Livingston Manor (Route 17, exit 96) this whole weekend will be devoted to fly fishing casting competitions. This has become a major attraction ...

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Fishing Report: Key areas for Lake Michigan salmon vary with time of day
Thanks everyone for sending in the fishing photos above! Please keep them coming. Send them to sklooste@mlive.com or text them to 231-766-1121 and I'll feature them in the report. Also please feel free to send in fishing VIDEOS! If the files are too ...

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Cherry Hill Courier Post

FISHING: Sharking remains hot off South Jersey beaches
Cherry Hill Courier Post
Favorable bluewater conditions midshore and offshore are attracting plenty of pelagics to the area including mahi, wahoo, marlin and tuna. Fluke fishing seems to be pushing offshore now, though packs of keepers are still hunkering down in deep back bay ...

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Fishing report
Longview Daily News
Columbia River sturgeon: Sturgeon retention in the Columbia River below Bonneville Dam is closed for 2015 but remains an option for catch-and-release fishing. Columbia River salmonids: In general, summer Chinook catches dropped sharply while ...
Fishing report | Coastal salmon and tuna fishing a good betThe Seattle Times
Fishing Report, July 30: Chinook salmon fishing strong on lower RogueCoos Bay World

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The Old Man And His Bluegills

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Marine News Fall 2004 - Endangered and Threatened in Florida

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Breeding Crayfish

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Concentrate on Your Fishing

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The Value of Observation

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The Alaskan Experience

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Stream Trout Fishing

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The Fishing Mark of Mablethorpe on the East Coast of England

MABLETHORPE, is a beach resort on the East coast of... Read More

Fishing Alaska: The Alaskan Sampler Plate...Part I

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Four Fly Fishing Tips

Good Fly PresentationObviously, the goal when casting a fly is... Read More

Fishing Grubs, The React Lure for all Seasons

One of the most versatile of all lures, the grub... Read More

The Truth About Night Fishing

Why Night Fishing Beats Day Fishing Any Day of the... Read More

Teaching a Kid to Fish

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Hawaii Sport Fishing

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The Secret About Night Fishing Line

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The Only Fishing Experts You Should Listen Too

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Reviewing the New Berkley Vanish Transition Fluorocarbon Line

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Bass Fishing? Watch Out For the Gators!

Lakes in certain parts of the country contain more than... Read More

Something Is Buzzing And Its Not Bees

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Butterfly Jigs Create Buzz with American Fishermen

A big buzz within the fishing community that is spreading... Read More