Dont Let Life Happen to You

Don't Let Life Happen To You It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live. - Marcus Aurelius (121-80 AD, Roman Emperor, Philosopher) It's hard to believe that we are nearing the end of another... Read More

Divining Your Life Path Number

The Life Path is determined by the sum that is arrived at after reducing your birth date by adding digits together. This number represents the traits and talents that you were born with and the probable journey you will take during your lifetime. In a way it represents what path... Read More

Helping Happiness Along

Happiness is worth helping along.The benefits of being a happy person are huge. We live longer, live healthier, and live more lively lives.Unfortunately, all but the most highly-evolved among us have our less-than-happy moments. Fortunately, we can do simple things to recapture a happy mood if we find ourselves lacking... Read More

The ABCs Of A Great Life: J Is For Joviality

Laughter, humor, a lighthearted sense of being - all of these are an important part of a well-balanced breakfast, er, life. Without humor, there is no hope. Without laughter, no love. And with a heavy heart, we live only a life of sadness and despair. Our ability to laugh at... Read More

Getting To The Root Of Unhappiness

Many people live in clutter, emotionally eat themselves into overweight, live in debt, hate their jobs and otherwise live unhappy lives, unable and seemingly unwilling to change. Why? What do these have in common? What is the core issue? Fear, or rather an absence of love. Fear, and not hate,... Read More

Happiness and the Single Person; Changing Myth Into Reality

Does the expression "single and happy" sound like an oxymoron to you? Are you weary of others (especially other singles) reinforcing the belief that singles cannot be happy? Do you find yourself always planning for the future or putting things off until you "are married and settled? Do you often... Read More

Achievement and Happiness the 80/20 Way

If there was ever a principle that was responsible for the most happiness and achievement in the world, it would be the 80/20 Principle.The 80/20 Principle or Pareto Principle was discovered in 1897 by an Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto while he was searching for patterns of wealth and income in... Read More

How To Be Outrageously Happy

You can be as happy as you want whenever you want. Zen masters have proven this - all you have to do is just "be" with whatever you have right now. Yeah, I know. Sitting on the floor contemplating your blank space may not be what you're after. Highly successful... Read More

Design Psychology: How Our Sensory Responses to Aromas Create Happy Homes

Our sense of smell elicits strong emotional reactions and triggers powerful memories, whether we're consciously aware of it or not.Scents and FeelingsOur olfactory system sends a chemical message about the scents around us through the limbic part of our brain, which is the oldest part of our brain. In seconds,... Read More

Design Psychology: How to Create Happy Homes Using Scents

Our sense of smell elicits strong emotional reactions and trigger powerful memories, whether we're consciously aware of it or not.Scents and FeelingsOur olfactory system sends a chemical message about the scents around us through the limbic part of our brain, which is the oldest part of our brain. In seconds,... Read More

In The News:

OPINION: Happiness is cheap — and priceless
Money can't buy happiness and there is a good reason for that — it's free. Access to this abundantly available commodity is easily gained by making a conscious choice to find joy every day, regardless of the day. Joy is not contingent upon the world ...

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The spirit of connecting, when service leads to personal happiness and ...
That insight led her to bring in Shawn Achor, founder and CEO of GoodThink, to talk to Leadership Philadelphia alums about how happiness drives success. “It resonated with our operating behavior,” Dow says. “Teaching people to be happy by serving ...

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Business Insider

Google HR Boss Says This Is The Secret To Happiness
Business Insider
Happiness expert Shawn Achor, who spoke at Google's re:Work Conference last month, suggests taking a couple minutes each day to express your gratitude. For example, he recommends writing down three new things for which you're grateful, or spending ...

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Discovery News

Does Gratitude Bring Happiness?
Discovery News
When Americans sit down to their Thanksgiving feast, many will take a moment to focus on what they are grateful for. But psychologists, religious leaders and scientists have said that this practice should be more than a once-a-year tradition. In fact ...
Thanksgiving Science: Why Gratitude Is Good for YouLive Science
Gratitude shouldn't just be for Thanksgiving — it can transform your lifeVox
Thanks for Giving….GratitudePulse
Valley News
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Bangkok Post

7 days of 'happiness' in store
Bangkok Post
"The seven-day campaign is aimed only at helping and returning happiness to the people during the New Year festival, in accordance with government policy," Gen Chatchai said. "We don't focus on how far this will help their cost of living, but the ...

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Everything You Need To Know About Food And Happiness
Huffington Post
The holidays and stress usually go hand in hand, but the simple fix may lie in your pantry or even on your dinner table. Happify, a website and app dedicated to helping people build skills for happiness through science-based activities and games, put ...

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Lee Ward: Nov. 30, 2014 — Counting blessings is key to happiness
The Independent
My roommate, Mike, challenged me to list 24 things I'm thankful for, not because it's Thanksgiving, but because I was depressed and thinking about what you're thankful for is a good way to bring you out of depression. Counting your blessings really ...

We want happiness in the Arab world, not cold statistics
The United Nations Happiness Report is a new way for people across the world to view their countries. Scandinavian countries are seemingly in the best shape, taking most of the Top 10 spots, while the United Arab Emirates ranked first among Arab ...

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Five components of happiness leads to a better life
(NEWS CENTER) -- Five components of happiness is all it takes for us to enjoy each other and our lives a little more, according to Jack Burke. Burke is a licensed marriage and family therapist and joined us live on the Morning Report Thanksgiving morning.

These Simple Solutions Will Help You Lead A Happier Life
Huffington Post
When men hit their 40s, their happiness hits the skids. That's just one of the insights that Paul Dolan, a professor of behavioral science at the London School of Economics, has found in his 10 years of studying what makes us happy. In his new book, ...

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How Do You Define Happiness?

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May the Budgie of Happiness Sit on Your Head

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Define Me

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Principles of Human Misery / Happiness

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Flowers Truly Reach Your Soul

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Does Money Buy Happiness?

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Smile - A Look at False Happiness

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Things To Do To Beat The Blues

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Eleven Keys to Success and Happiness

1. Mend a quarrel Seek out a forgotten friend and... Read More

Simple Pleasures: Ingredients to Feed Your Spirit.

"When we do something we love, again and again, our... Read More

Love is All You Need

Boiled down to all of our essence, all we really... Read More

Helping Happiness Along

Happiness is worth helping along.The benefits of being a happy... Read More

Happiness - A Matter of Focus

Imagine for a moment you have been given a task.... Read More

What Does It Take To Be Happy?

What does it take to be happy? In our age... Read More

Why Laughter Is Good For You

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Creating Happiness

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Happy Talk and 3 Simple Secrets to Happiness

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Your Perfect Partner

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The Capacity for Happiness and Respectability

Humans are liable to experience a variety of afflictions, but... Read More

What NOT To Do To Feel Good About Yourself - 10 Tips

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Hanging Out

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Ten Ways to Eliminate Guilt From Your Life

1. Say "Yes" Only When You Want ToYou want to... Read More

Happiness - Work Now or Later?

Long-term success and happiness follows hand-in-hand with strength of character.As... Read More

You Need To Start To Like Yourself

If you have a very low self esteem or a... Read More

Getting Connected

"The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise... Read More