Dont Let Life Happen to You

Don't Let Life Happen To You It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live. - Marcus Aurelius (121-80 AD, Roman Emperor, Philosopher) It's hard to believe that we are nearing the end of another... Read More

Divining Your Life Path Number

The Life Path is determined by the sum that is arrived at after reducing your birth date by adding digits together. This number represents the traits and talents that you were born with and the probable journey you will take during your lifetime. In a way it represents what path... Read More

Helping Happiness Along

Happiness is worth helping along.The benefits of being a happy person are huge. We live longer, live healthier, and live more lively lives.Unfortunately, all but the most highly-evolved among us have our less-than-happy moments. Fortunately, we can do simple things to recapture a happy mood if we find ourselves lacking... Read More

The ABCs Of A Great Life: J Is For Joviality

Laughter, humor, a lighthearted sense of being - all of these are an important part of a well-balanced breakfast, er, life. Without humor, there is no hope. Without laughter, no love. And with a heavy heart, we live only a life of sadness and despair. Our ability to laugh at... Read More

Getting To The Root Of Unhappiness

Many people live in clutter, emotionally eat themselves into overweight, live in debt, hate their jobs and otherwise live unhappy lives, unable and seemingly unwilling to change. Why? What do these have in common? What is the core issue? Fear, or rather an absence of love. Fear, and not hate,... Read More

Happiness and the Single Person; Changing Myth Into Reality

Does the expression "single and happy" sound like an oxymoron to you? Are you weary of others (especially other singles) reinforcing the belief that singles cannot be happy? Do you find yourself always planning for the future or putting things off until you "are married and settled? Do you often... Read More

Achievement and Happiness the 80/20 Way

If there was ever a principle that was responsible for the most happiness and achievement in the world, it would be the 80/20 Principle.The 80/20 Principle or Pareto Principle was discovered in 1897 by an Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto while he was searching for patterns of wealth and income in... Read More

How To Be Outrageously Happy

You can be as happy as you want whenever you want. Zen masters have proven this - all you have to do is just "be" with whatever you have right now. Yeah, I know. Sitting on the floor contemplating your blank space may not be what you're after. Highly successful... Read More

Design Psychology: How Our Sensory Responses to Aromas Create Happy Homes

Our sense of smell elicits strong emotional reactions and triggers powerful memories, whether we're consciously aware of it or not.Scents and FeelingsOur olfactory system sends a chemical message about the scents around us through the limbic part of our brain, which is the oldest part of our brain. In seconds,... Read More

Design Psychology: How to Create Happy Homes Using Scents

Our sense of smell elicits strong emotional reactions and trigger powerful memories, whether we're consciously aware of it or not.Scents and FeelingsOur olfactory system sends a chemical message about the scents around us through the limbic part of our brain, which is the oldest part of our brain. In seconds,... Read More

In The News:

Daily Mail

Lindsay Lohan posts inspirational messages of 'serenity and happiness' on holiday
Daily Mail
Her latest post was a seflie of herself on a boat, with the caption: 'A day of serenity and happiness, love the stillness.' A selfie earlier in the week was captioned, 'vacation time!' And she also shared a picture of herself sitting in a hammock in ...

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Finding Happiness During the Holidays: a Guide for Older Adults
U.S. News & World Report (blog)
“Happiness is not ready made. It comes from our actions.” This quote from the Dalai Lama holds particular meaning for me during the holidays. While the holiday season is a time of celebration, family reunions and childlike wonder, many of us are not ...


The Happiest Companies to Work For, According to CareerBliss Reviews
While workplace happiness partially depends on you, some companies have the right mix of culture and benefits to make them superior places to work. A recent survey ranks the best places to work in the US.

and more »

Share “17 ideas to minimize holiday food coma,...”
Parties, visits, dinners, travels — oi. It's time to double down on our wellness goals through Jan. 13. The #healthy65 challenge began Nov. 10 with a simple idea: Do one healthy thing of your choosing per day for 65 days. The healthy thing can be ...

Cutting the Cord: Happiness is a cut cord, survey says
Most pay-TV customers who cut the cord are happy that they parted ways with their cable company. That's the finding of a new survey of cord cutters from management consulting firm cg42. Nearly eight out of 10 cord cutters (77%) have no intention of ...

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Happiness at work isn't all about cash, new study reveals
Worryingly, one in five had never had a “thank-you” from their boss, over half didn't feel appreciated and over a third said they were not happy in their job. An AAT spokesman said: “The results show much of our working happiness depends on factors ...
British workers want friends not money, according to new studyThe Independent

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Business Wire (press release)

Heinz® Ketchup to Launch Campaign Asking Fans to Share Their Happiness
Business Wire (press release)
“Heinz has been bringing enjoyment and happiness to mealtimes for generations, and we want to continue that tradition with this campaign,” said Joe Giallanella, Brand Manager for Heinz Ketchup. This contest will be part of a broader campaign that ...

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Six simple ways to be happier
Want to be happier? I have good news and bad news. First, the bad news: Research shows that approximately 33-50% of your level of happiness is hereditary. Your genes dictate your “happiness set point.” Now, the good news. According to psychologist ...

Cyn Santana: I Hope Erica Finds Happiness With Whomever -- Male, Female ...
Madame Noire
As for Cyn, when we asked what she thinks about Erica's engagement she hit us with a loud whisper in the vain of “I don't care,” insisting that she hopes Erica finds happiness with whomever, be it male, female, dog, or cat. Think she's genuine? Watch ...

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The Pursuit of Happiness Is Folly
Huffington Post
Look at the derivation of the word. It comes from the Norse happ which means luck or chance. Happening shares its root with happy. Happiness, the state of being happy is impossible to maintain because when we truly analyze the times when we felt happy, ...

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No Happiness Without Patience

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The Year Of Happiness

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