Flowering Cherries

Flowering cherries While the briefness of their glory has to be acknowledged, cherries really are the hardy spring-flowering trees for temperate climate gardens. I can think of no others, apart from their close Prunus relatives and some of the magnolias that even come close to rivalling flowering... Read More

A Guide for Servicing Your Chainsaw

Chainsaws provide many years of service for very little upkeep. Taking the time to service your chainsaw will help ensure that your equipment will not let you down. For safety reasons, make sure you only service your chainsaw when it is fully cooled, with the spark plug disconnected. If you... Read More

Catch a Leprechaun in Your Garden

There is no mention to be found of female leprechauns in traditional Irish legend, so as to how they came to be .. your guess is as good as mine. These apparently aged, diminutive men are hard-working cobblers, turning out exquisite shoes for other sprites. If you happen across... Read More

Lifes a Beach--A Shore Theme in your Outdoor Space

Twentieth century American architect Phillip Johnson once said, "I hate vacations. If you can build buildings, why sit on the beach?" Mr. Johnson evidently didn't how to relax, but as another summer is slipping away, you can. Did you visit the beach this year? Do you wish you had? Either... Read More


Camellias Named by Linnaeus in 1735 in honour of the Jesuit priest and naturalist Georg Josef Kamel, Camellia is a genus originating mainly from China but with a range covering a large area of South East Asia. The exact number of species is not clear but it is somewhere... Read More

Kirengeshoma palmata

Kirengeshoma palmata Sometimes known as yellow waxbells, Kirengeshoma palmata is a late-flowering rhizomatous perennial up to 1.2m high with arching stems and is native to the woods and mountain lowlands of Korea and the Japanese islands of Shikoku and Kyushu. The unusual name? No, it doesn't come from an... Read More

Fuchsia procumbens

Fuchsia (named after Leonhard Fuchs, a 16th century German botanist) is a genus of over 100 species of shrubs and small trees. Although there are four New Zealand native species (colensoi, excorticata, perscandens and procumbens) and one from Tahiti, the vast bulk of the genus occurs in Central and South... Read More

Gallica Roses

Very soon stocks of new season's roses will be arriving in the garden centres, if they're not already there. Indeed, to be sure of getting the most sought after varieties it may have been necessary to put an order in some time ago. However, in their rush for... Read More

Tuberous Begonias

If you appreciate plants that have no hesitation in boldly stating their presence with huge, almost artificially perfect flowers, then tuberous begonias are for you. While some may find them rather too overstated, downright brazen even, if you like colour, and plenty of it, with subtlety an option rather than... Read More

Growing Palms

Palms Everybody recognises palm trees, they are the universal symbol for the tropics but many are hardy enough for our temperate climate gardens. Until recently New Zealand gardeners have had only a very limited range of palms to choose from. In the last five years the range has... Read More

In The News:

Isles interns learn landscaping, build character at the historic Morven Museum ...
The Star-Ledger
The carrot-pulling was greeted with applause by eight proud landscaping interns, including Schanck, from the Isles YouthBuild Institute in Trenton. They had planted a vegetable garden and worked on countless other projects during their five-week ...

Hidden Hills Landscaping and Gardening At 818 796-3348 Offers Discounts To ...
Insurance News Net
Hidden Hills Landscaping and Gardening announced today that they are offering special deals for both Hidden Hills and Calabasas local residents new to the area who call (818) 796-3348. Hidden Hills Landscaping and Gardening began as a residential ...

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Mother Earth News

Landscaping With Logs for a Whimsical Garden Design
Mother Earth News
Try unsplit log rounds as an inexpensive and eco-minded material for your next landscaping or gardening project. You can create borders and soil-retaining walls with log rounds. They last about as long as milled lumber, and they provide more ...

University's landscapers share talents with community to earn Master Gardener ...
Appalachian State University
Harkey and Miller are members of Appalachian State University's landscaping crew who are earning North Carolina Extension Master Gardener certification. Patterson teaches the Master Gardener classes. Eleven members of Appalachian's landscaping crew ...

Home Depot offers low-maintenance, affordable landscaping tips
Plant arrangement: Specimen plants draw attention to themselves because of their color, shape or size and should be separated in the landscape. Trees and large shrubs are two examples. Mass plantings enhance the appearance of plants that may not be ...

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Transform your boring garden
Himalayan Times
In order to stroll on the grass or on the walkways surrounded by your favourite flowers and to enjoy the cool summer in landscape garden with your family, it is worth transforming your bland area. There are definitely endless benefits of landscaping ...

The art of landscaping
The Durango Herald
“I think the biggest part of this job has been the grade work ... making sure everything's draining correctly,” said Brian Scarpella, front, owner of Down to Earth Gardening & Landscaping Inc. Scarpella, Braley Keefe, back left, and Bram Jenkins ...

Winners announced in first Ontario Beautification Contest
Mansfield News Journal
Poland said she and her husband do their own landscaping, and gardening is something she has loved her entire life. Her backyard deck is decorated with statues, hibiscus and more, lending an Italian flare to the surroundings. The Flanegans have worked ...

Gardening: Tips can help protect home from wildfire
The Spokesman Review
Make your landscape clean, green and lean. Clean up fallen needles and cones around structures. Pay special attention to areas where the wind piles needles, as windborne sparks will land in the same areas. Remove small evergreens planted within 30 feet ...

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Master Gardeners “Fairest” Garden a popular stop at Washington County Fair
Lillie News
Four rain gardens located near the Fairest Garden demonstrate several options for improving water quality when landscaping. One garden consists of all shrubs, another is garden perennials, and two areas contain native perennials. These gardens are a ...

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