7 Step Plan To Get Going With Networking

Whether you're an introvert or an extrovert, feel like you have the gift of gab or just don't know how to make small talk, networking know-how is very important for your business success. There is a notion in business that I believe most of us subscribe to that says "all... Read More

Powerful Networking: Focus on Building Connections, Not Closing Sales

You can find numerous references in the business literature about the importance of a company's mission. These sources emphasize that the mission is not to make a profit; that a profit is the outcome of and reward for fulfilling the mission. In the same sense, the mission of networking is... Read More

Communication Is A 2-Way Street (The Networking Factor)

The Personal Touch 1There is a simple art to networking and the good news is, should you choose to put forth a conscience effort to improve the way you communicate, networking can and will become second nature to you, it is really just that simple. A personal touch big or... Read More

Networking - How To Do It

Networking is probably the oldest, easiest, most effective and least expensive way to get more business. It doesn't necessarily involve selling your product or service but it does mean selling yourself. However, that doesn't involve a lot of talking - it does involve a lot of listening.Networking is about making... Read More

8 Ways To Develop Confidence In New Situations

Do you enjoy one-on-one networking, however, the thought of walking into room full of people you don't know horrifies you? You're not alone. Yes, even a social butterfly, President of the Social Committee in High School and avid networker knows how you feel. Here are some of my tricks. And... Read More

You Can?t Spell Networking Without Serendipity

"Fear not to entertain strangers for by so doing some have entertained angels unaware."This quotation is from the book of Hebrews, which means it probably has nothing to do with networking.Or does it?Networking is the process of sharing knowledge, helping others, and developing mutually beneficial relationships. Serendipity is the lucky... Read More

What I Do Is Not Who I Am... The Networking Factor

Ah, the personal touch that continues to make a big difference for the better in our lives and the lives of those who have an opportunity to experience a personal touch from us.If networking and effective communication are centered on other people, can we effectively network or communicate without the... Read More

Giving the Gift of Your Name (The Networking Factor)

Although, this is about giving the gift of your name to others, it certainly runs a close second in importance to "Whats' in a name?"What is giving the gift of your name? Giving the gift of your name is when you see someone you haven't seen in a while and... Read More

Which Networking Events Should You Attend?

How does one determine which are the best events to attend based on one's best customer?Customers are not a dime a dozen, especially in today's economy. So it is best to follow the rules mentioned before on how to define your best customer before attending an event. The customer definition... Read More

Follow-Up with Your Contacts

What happens when you meet a potential client at an event and you do not follow up?So now the event is over and you have collected a number of business cards, taken notes on the best prospects, divided the cards into Y(es), N(o), and M(aybe), now what? It is time... Read More

In The News:

With help of Launch League initiative, networking events taking off in Akron
Crain's Cleveland Business
To create more networking events than Akron-area entrepreneurs can possibly attend, according to Petroski, who runs the OSC Tech Lab, a coworking space in downtown Akron. Several networking and educational events started by the OSC Tech Lab are ...

3 Networking Tips for Your Summer Weekends
Huffington Post
During a summer weekend, many of us look forward to family activities, going to a beach, eating good food, or maybe just catching up on Mad Men (don't spoil the finale for me!) But while you are enjoying your leisure time you can also be networking.

The Guardian

How social networking sites threaten the security of adopted children
The Guardian
“The reason adopted children take to Facebook is usually because they get a diluted version of what happened to them,” says Helen Oakwater, author of Bubble Wrapped Children: How Social Networking is Tranforming the Face of 21st Century Adoption.

Wall Street Journal

HP to Sell 51% of Chinese Data-Networking Unit to Tsinghua Holdings
Wall Street Journal
H-P announced Thursday that Tsinghua Holdings, which is affiliated with the prestigious Tsinghua University, will buy 51% of a newly created entity housing the U.S. company's H3C Technologies Co. networking operation together with its China-based ...
HP to Report Q2 Amid Sale of China Networking StakeRe/code
Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) Stock Up After Announcing China Data Networking ...TheStreet.com
HP sells half of Chinese networking business H3C for $2.3 billionTelecoms.com
eWeek -China Economic Review -Seeking Alpha
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Yahoo! Maktoob News

3 Essential Questions to Ask for Your Networking Plan
Yahoo! Maktoob News
As a time-strapped businessperson, how do you figure out which networking events to attend and which you should let go by the wayside? A networking strategy can help you decide which events are worth your time. Here are three easy—and ...

and more »

Career Coach: Now that you've graduated: Networking 101
Three weeks ago, this column's headline read, "Congratulations, graduate. Now what?" The discussion was all about being proactive in your career and in your job search. Inherent in being proactive is networking, and much was made of it in the article.

Sydney Morning Herald

Networking Guide: Married at second sight
Sydney Morning Herald
Buoyed by the launch of the "social experiment" reality show Married at First Sight, Nine has commissioned a second season which will air in 2016. More than 1.13 million viewers across the five capitals tuned into the first episode of the attention ...

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Yibada (English Edition)

Networking skills
Business Standard
Hewlett-Packard (HP) has found a way to extract harmony from an awkward situation in China. Selling a controlling 51 per cent stake in its Chinese data-networking business, H3C, to a state-owned company looks like a partial retreat from an unwelcoming ...
Tsinghua Holdings to Buy 51 Percent of HP's Chinese Data-Networking UnitYibada (English Edition)
HP (NYSE: HPQ) Set to Sell Data-Networking Business for $2.3 BillionFinancialbuzz.com
HP sells Chinese unit to Tsinghua armTaipei Times
CCTV -GuruFocus.com (registration) -Economic Times
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Huffington Post

"Let's Stay in Touch"- 4 Post Conference Networking Tips
Huffington Post
Industry conferences are chock full of great material. Session speakers, expo vendors, networking with others and knowledge sharing are what make conferences one of the best resources for businesses and why so many companies spend exuberant ...

and more »

Business 2 Community

Networking Is Still King
Business 2 Community
thumbs up for networking We're a pretty adaptive species. Just 32 years ago, our primary mode of communication was still the landline telephone. Now, we're barely making phone calls. Texting during work meetings is a norm. K-12 school systems that once ...

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You Can?t Spell Networking Without Serendipity

"Fear not to entertain strangers for by so doing some... Read More

It Pays to be Friendly

Most small business people do not take advantage of human... Read More

Flying High, Flying Far

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How to Make the Most of Those First 30 Seconds

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34 Power Affirmations for Networking with the Affluent

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Time to Hire a Professional Networker?

It used to be that people said that there was... Read More

Networking Know-how

Successful networking requires the understanding from the get-go that it... Read More

Ask for What YOU Want and Gain More Business

Why ask others for help and what do you gain... Read More

Alliances: More Than A One Way Relationship

What is the biggest advantage of forming an alliance?Everyone has... Read More

Youve Got Personality, Use It!

For the self employed professional, nothing is more important than... Read More

Networking: Breaking into the Buzz

Breaking into conversational groups is one of the things people... Read More

Acknowledging Referrals! What?s in It For You?

I grew up in a household where saying thank you... Read More

How Speakers, Exhibitors, Consultants, and Meeting Planners Partner-Generate More Money and Value

? "Make Every Moment Count" is the title of a... Read More

Two-Step Your Communication

Ever use someone else to get your message out?For example,... Read More

Joining Industry Specific Organizations Has Many Benefits

Recently, while providing an up-and-coming Virtual Assistant (VA) and small... Read More

Sharpen Your Business Networking Skill To Grow Your Small Business

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How to Turn Water into Lemonade by Giving a Flavored Answer to a Fruitless Question

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Unforgettable First Impressions Part 4: Become a Social Gift Giver

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Building Bridges - The Importance of Being Connected Where You Live

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How To Make Your Next Networking Event A Success

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Talk Isnt Cheap

The most successful organizations have good communication skills. Survey after... Read More

Why Bother With Social Networking Sites Like LinkedIn?

Q: I think I understand the value of networking as... Read More

Franchisees Should Learn From Each Other

If you own a franchise you should be in contact... Read More

Are You Really Listening: The Importance of Strong Communication Skills

Let's face it, when most people think of IT professionals,... Read More

How to Avoid Falling Asleep Behind the Conversational Wheel

Think about the last time you feel asleep behind the... Read More