Kids Clutter: Organizing at Every Age

Our children are probably the biggest clutter creators we have in our homes -- even more so than the dreaded paper flow. It starts out innocently, when we find out we are expecting; then the purchasing frenzy swings into high gear and does not let up until, well, let's just... Read More

Organizing Tips to Help You Conquer the Laundry Monster

Laundry. You sort, you wash, you fold, you blink ? and the pile of dirty clothes has grown all over again. Laundry is a fact of life, but approaching the task in an organized way can make it more manageable. Preparation is Half the Battle If you have a... Read More

Memorabilia -- Use It or Lose It!

What do you do with those special items that have been passed down to you? Put them in the hall closet and hope the door will shut? Probably not a good choice for several reasons. First, you are unnecessarily creating clutter; second, if the item is very old and unstable,... Read More

Four Easy Steps to An Organized Closet

The National Association of Professional Organizers has dedicated January to clean out those closets, but don't wait for January -- now is the time. Exciting this task is not, but by devoting a couple of afternoons this month you can reduce unnecessary search time and you may even find some... Read More

The Organized Move: Unpacking with a Plan

(This is the third in a series of three articles on "The Organized Move") The moving truck is pulling in the driveway of your new home and soon you will be surrounded by all your stuff. You have dreamed about the additional have agonized over paint and furniture choices...and... Read More

3-Step Clean Sweep Program to Organize

3-Step Clean Sweep Program 1 - Purge2 - Simplify3 - Organize Getting Started Springtime is when many folks give their homes and offices a good cleaning. For every thing there is a season, and this is the season to get rid of the winter cobwebs. The... Read More

Getting Organized For The New Year - Part 1

The following procedures will insure an organized and well run office. 1. Have a daily To Do sheet. This is made up at the end of the day. You might have items left over from the previous day, put those items first and work from there. If you make deposits... Read More

Getting Organized For The New Year - Part 2

In part 1, we discussed a system you could use to organize your office. In this article we will discuss what material is needed to implement that system. You will need the following items for your office system. Calendar/Daily Planner; Accordion File (1-31); Manila Files with the Months of... Read More

The Five Ways To Ease The Process Of Eliminating Clutter

I recently had a conversation with a friend about clutter. She shared that at times there was so much clutter around her home that she simply concluded her home was in a stage that she referred to as CHAOS or Can't Have Anyone Over Soon. We talked further and what... Read More

Organizing Your Day

One of the hardest things for most individuals working from home is to stay focused. One of the best ways to stay focused is organization. In addition, being organized will help your time management skills. The two are very much intertwined. Planning out your day is very important. What... Read More

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Tips for spring cleaning and organizing
A key to organizing your house is finding a system that work for your family -- this means communicating about what does or doesn't work, and knowing that you may need to compromise. If you're worried about getting your partner or children involved ...

The Detroit News

Solutions: Home organizing can offer confidence boost
The Detroit News
Organizing our homes is like managing our waistlines; it's easier to add to what you have than subtract. With the arrival of spring, comes the incentive for many of us to trim both categories. It helps that getting your house in order burns more ...

Greek Reporter

Bonhams Organizing Greek Art Sale on April 28
Greek Reporter
bongreek-2 Privately owned British auction house Bonhams is organizing a Greek Art sale in London on April 28, featuring the works of various 19th century Greek artists. Nicholaos Gysis' (1842-1901) “Little girl,” a painting estimated at 50,000-70,000 ...

Professors to hold organizing meeting Saturday at UNCG
Greensboro News & Record
The event also will have sessions on faculty organizing and coalition building. Representatives from national AAUP, Scholars for North Carolina's Future, UNCG Student Power and Faculty Forward, an advocate for adjunct professors and full-time lecturers ...

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Plainview Daily Herald

Medication management tools for organizing and remembering
Plainview Daily Herald
Getting organized and being reminded are the two keys to staying on top of a medication schedule. To help your mom achieve this, there are a wide variety of affordable pillboxes, medication organizers, vibrating watches, beeping pill bottles and even ...

Manufacturing Business Technology

Businesses, organizers at odds over plan to remake union voting rules
Minnesota Public Radio News
New federal rules set to take effect next month could make union organizing easier, but business groups suing to block the regulations warn they'll give organized labor the upper hand. Proposals by the National Labor Relations Board would delay most ...
NLRB “Quickie Election” Rule Accelerates the Union Organizing ProcessJD Supra (press release)
A New Day for Franchisor LiabilityBlue MauMau

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Organizing India's Informal Workers
Organizing is exactly what Ram and the other vendors did. After their homes and businesses were bulldozed, they sat in protest in front of the government building for 13 days, and thanks to NASVI they met with a prominent lawyer who offered to take ...

MyFox Houston

Hispanic activists organizing In support of tougher immigration laws
MyFox Houston
Pedro Rivera is 53 years old, Hispanic, and a retired military man. He's also part of a growing number of Hispanic Texans pushing for stronger immigration enforcement, including the passage of SB 185, which would stop cities from implementing policies ...

Augusta Free Press

Virginia Organizing marks fifth anniversary of Obamacare
Augusta Free Press
“Thanks to the ACA, I finally have affordable health care insurance and no longer have to worry about having my health insurance dropped because of a pre-existing condition,” said another Virginia Organizing Chapter leader, Mary Kablach. “I still work ...
Happy 5th birthday Obamacare, now what?Fortune

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IJ Review

Conservative Latinos Are Organizing in Support of Tougher Immigration Laws
IJ Review
An increasing number of conservative, Latino voters are calling for tougher immigration laws, especially in states like Texas, which shares the U.S.'s largest border with Mexico. Fox 26 in Houston reported on the growing trend by interviewing men like ...

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Digging out of Paper Clutter - part 2

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Clutter Crisis?

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Common Clutter Culprits- How to Bust Through Clutter

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The word "compartmentalize" means to separate into distinct parts. I... Read More

Ending The Morning Madness

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Words That Inspire - SIMPLIFY

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Have an Ugly Day

"Do something every day that you don't want to-do; this... Read More

Organizing Tips to Help You Conquer the Laundry Monster

Laundry. You sort, you wash, you fold, you blink ?... Read More

10 Simple Ways to Clear Clutter from Your Home and Office

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Ten Signs That Your Life Is Cluttered

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