Are You Putting Off Productivity?

I recently took a good look at what was keeping me from accomplishing what I needed to do. After all, I had my goals. I had them written down. I read my affirmations daily. And still, I was not achieving what I wanted to do. Leaving town was a major... Read More

Protect Your PC from Viruses, Worms & Trojans

Each of the items in the checklist below is part of a broad and easy to implement security policy. Install all windows critical updates for your operating system from the Microsoft Update site - it's free! All that's required to keep your Microsoft operating system up to date is an... Read More

Windows Task Manager in English

You use Ctrl+Alt+Del to see what's running on your PC, to close crashed programs and processes, and to check performance. You probably avoid a few processes whose names mean nothing to you, but they're essential to Windows. svchost.exe sure likes to appear all the time and multiple times at that.... Read More

How To Search Your PC With Google Desktop

In this era of Internet, most people are frequent users of computers. Many of us use computers through out the day, accumulating morasses of information in various formats, which include email, digital photo, word document, spreadsheet, presentation file, ebook, article, other downloaded files, music, visited web pages, and many others.... Read More

A Peek Into the Near Future of Electronics Technology

How long do you think DVDs have around? 20 years? 10 years? Actually, they have only been around for about seven years, but it seems like they have been around much longer. Many of us can hardly remember life before DVDs. That can be attributed to how rapidly we can... Read More

Toshiba Wins Hollywood Support for the HD DVD format

What led them to this choice, as all four studios stated separately, is better performance for the price and copyright protection.The other standard in competition, the Blu-ray disc, unconditionally backed by Sony Pictures Entertainment, is also counting on support from Metro Goldwyn Mayer and Twentieth Century Fox (the latter has... Read More

The Many Benefits of Owning a DVR

Has This Ever Happened To You? OK.. it's Friday night, the kids are asleep, and a movie you've been waiting for is on Pay-Per-View for the first time. You buy the movie, grab a bag of popcorn, get all comfy on the couch, and ten minutes into the movie "RINGGGG"... Read More

Buying a Home Theater Receiver

Buying a receiver is one of the most important decisions you're going to have to make when building your home theater. The receiver has a number of functions including; connecting and switching audio sources; connecting and switching video sources; decoding surround sound formats; amplifying an audio signal and sending it... Read More

Passwords and the Human Factor

Passwords have a strange dual nature. The stronger and safer the password the more likely it will be undermined by human weakness.It is widely known that passwords are the most common means of access control. It is also common knowledge that passwords are the easiest way to compromise a system.... Read More

Looking For an MP3 Player?

If you don't have an mp3 player, and even if you do, you should check out all the new stuff that's going on. I'm hoping this article will give you some idea of what kind of mp3 player you want and some tips on what to look for in an... Read More

In The News:

Wall Street Journal (blog)

BitTorrent Releases Sync, Its First Consumer Product
Wall Street Journal (blog)
... just like other competing “personal cloud” services. But where Sync differs is that it never makes its users upload files to a remote server. Instead, Sync uses BitTorrent's peer-to-peer file-sharing technology to move files directly between ...

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Top Tech News

Attack Of The Clone? Pebble Time Steel Vs. Apple Watch
Tech Times
Pebble launched the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for its newest smartwatch, the Pebble Time, last week. The campaign quickly broke crowdfunding records as it raised over $1 million in just 49 minutes. At the time of writing, the campaign has ...
Pebble Debuts High-End Pebble Time SteelTop Tech News
Pebble Time most funded Kickstarter everUSA TODAY
Biggest wearable crowdfunding success stories of all timeWareable

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Top Tech News

PERSONAL TECH Mobile World Congress: New Phones, Ways To Connect
Top Tech News
High-end smartphones from Samsung and HTC have gotten much of the attention at this week's wireless show in Barcelona, Spain, but cheaper options are coming from Microsoft, Lenovo and others too. Meanwhile, Google and Facebook are working on ...
In Chase of Apple, Smartphone Makers Shift StrategiesNew York Times
Hurdles for Samsung's Homegrown Exynos ChipsWall Street Journal (blog)
Samsung Pay is a lot like Apple Pay, but is it as secure?Mashable
The Australian -Tech Times -Digital News Asia
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Wall Street Journal (blog)

Aether Cone Is Now a Portable, Multi-Room Speaker System
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Aether reimagined the speaker last year with the Cone, a voice-activated, music-streaming device that can guess which song to play based on mood or time of day. Now, Aether says the Cone has added multi-room portability to its list of firsts. The ...

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Wall Street Journal (blog)

HTC One M9 First Look: A Focus on Fixes
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Lets play a little game. Look at the photo above. Can you spot the differences between HTC's new One M9 smartphone on the left and last year's One M8 on the right? Notice anything? No? That's the point: HTC changed so very little in the hardware ...
HTC One M9 First Impressions Are In: Here's The VerdictTech Times
HTC One M9: Five things you need to (Tech)

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Tech Times

Sony Project Morpheus VR Headset Eyes 2016 Launch: GDC 2015:
Tech Times
Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) took the wraps off its VR headset prototype Morpheus, a device SCE has been working on for just about a year, as Tech Times reported. In fact, the initial announcement was one year ago this month. Since then Sony has ...
Sony Targets 'Morpheus' VR Headset for First Half of 2016Wall Street Journal (blog)
Red Hat's 'cloud' practice; AT&T, Cisco link cars; Uber's buy; AT&T's mobile ...WRAL Tech Wire

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MWC: Move over Apple and Google, says Volvo
But the tech giant has been mysteriously quiet about its progress as of late. The rumour mill has been going into overdrive over Apple, which, Bloomberg revealed, will be bringing its car to the public by 2020, according to, "people familiar with the ...

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Tech Times

Google Reportedly Developing iOS Support For Android Wear
Tech Times
There are technical constraints, API constraints so we are trying really hard," Jeff Chang, senior product manager for Android Wear, said in an interview last year. Reports note that if Google does create Android Wear app support for iOS, it's likely ...
Google Seeks More Ad Revenue in Android App StoreTop Tech News

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Tech Times

AVG Privacy Glasses Remove Fear Of Facial Recognition
Tech Times
The new glasses are decidedly low-tech compared to other eyewear that we might see from tech companies. Google, rather famously, took its Google Glass augmented reality headset off the market last month; however other companies have been releasing ...

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Tech Times

Mark Zuckerberg Says Telecoms Shouldn't Fear Facebook -- Here's Why
Tech Times
Mark Zuckerberg took to the stage at MWC 2015, speaking in length about and its efforts to connect the rest of the world to the Internet. One of Zuckerberg's main points was that telecom providers shouldn't fear Facebook, even though ...
Tech Five: Google's mobile network experimentUSA TODAY

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