Are You Putting Off Productivity?

I recently took a good look at what was keeping me from accomplishing what I needed to do. After all, I had my goals. I had them written down. I read my affirmations daily. And still, I was not achieving what I wanted to do. Leaving town was a major... Read More

Protect Your PC from Viruses, Worms & Trojans

Each of the items in the checklist below is part of a broad and easy to implement security policy. Install all windows critical updates for your operating system from the Microsoft Update site - it's free! All that's required to keep your Microsoft operating system up to date is an... Read More

Windows Task Manager in English

You use Ctrl+Alt+Del to see what's running on your PC, to close crashed programs and processes, and to check performance. You probably avoid a few processes whose names mean nothing to you, but they're essential to Windows. svchost.exe sure likes to appear all the time and multiple times at that.... Read More

How To Search Your PC With Google Desktop

In this era of Internet, most people are frequent users of computers. Many of us use computers through out the day, accumulating morasses of information in various formats, which include email, digital photo, word document, spreadsheet, presentation file, ebook, article, other downloaded files, music, visited web pages, and many others.... Read More

A Peek Into the Near Future of Electronics Technology

How long do you think DVDs have around? 20 years? 10 years? Actually, they have only been around for about seven years, but it seems like they have been around much longer. Many of us can hardly remember life before DVDs. That can be attributed to how rapidly we can... Read More

Toshiba Wins Hollywood Support for the HD DVD format

What led them to this choice, as all four studios stated separately, is better performance for the price and copyright protection.The other standard in competition, the Blu-ray disc, unconditionally backed by Sony Pictures Entertainment, is also counting on support from Metro Goldwyn Mayer and Twentieth Century Fox (the latter has... Read More

The Many Benefits of Owning a DVR

Has This Ever Happened To You? OK.. it's Friday night, the kids are asleep, and a movie you've been waiting for is on Pay-Per-View for the first time. You buy the movie, grab a bag of popcorn, get all comfy on the couch, and ten minutes into the movie "RINGGGG"... Read More

Buying a Home Theater Receiver

Buying a receiver is one of the most important decisions you're going to have to make when building your home theater. The receiver has a number of functions including; connecting and switching audio sources; connecting and switching video sources; decoding surround sound formats; amplifying an audio signal and sending it... Read More

Passwords and the Human Factor

Passwords have a strange dual nature. The stronger and safer the password the more likely it will be undermined by human weakness.It is widely known that passwords are the most common means of access control. It is also common knowledge that passwords are the easiest way to compromise a system.... Read More

Looking For an MP3 Player?

If you don't have an mp3 player, and even if you do, you should check out all the new stuff that's going on. I'm hoping this article will give you some idea of what kind of mp3 player you want and some tips on what to look for in an... Read More

In The News:

Tech Times

IBM Watson Analytics could make the spreadsheet obsolete
Tech Times
By Quinten Plummer, Tech Times | September 16, 3:50 PM. Share( )Tweet( ). Watson. IBM offers Watson's analytical services to businesses large and small. The supercomputer will use natural language dialogue to help users collect, crunch and carry out ...
IBM unleashes supercomputer Watson on the webOttawa Citizen

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A RadioShack Retrospective: How America Fell for Personal Tech
RadioShack is on the ropes. The technology retailer faces a dwindling market share and the possibility of bankruptcy. But the story of the company over the last 50 years shows how Americans fell in love with personal electronics. Advertisement ...

and more »

CIO Today

PERSONAL TECH Options Abound for Selling Used Mobile Phones
CIO Today
Apple's latest iPhones begin shipping this month, which is bound to inspire many fans of the popular smartphone to ditch their current models in favor of the bigger, sleeker iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. It's a ritual familiar by now to most smartphone users.

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Tech Times

Roku achieves milestone: 10 million streaming-media boxes sold
Tech Times
Roku achieves milestone: 10 million streaming-media boxes sold. By Menchie Mendoza, Tech Times | September 16, 8:20 AM. Share( )Tweet( ). Roku is celebrating a milestone with some giveaways and bragging rights shown in an infographic. The company ...

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Tech Times

Whopper! SanDisk launches 512GB SD card. And it's pricey
Tech Times
“As an industry leader, SanDisk continues to push the boundaries of technology to provide customers with the innovative, reliable, high-performance solutions they have come to expect from us,” said SanDisk's vice president for marketing, Dinesh Bahal.

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Wall Street Journal (blog)

$50 Misfit Flash Fitness Tracker Even Tells the Time
Wall Street Journal (blog)
If you're looking for a cheap way to get into fitness trackers, Misfit has a new wearable device for you: the $50 Flash. The Bluetooth-connected plastic wearable syncs with your phone to track how many calories you've burned in a day, how many steps ...

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Tech Times

Phones 4U goes into administration after EE backs out
Tech Times
By Nicole Arce, Tech Times | September 15, 10:45 PM. Share( )Tweet( ). Phones 4U. Two weeks after Vodafone backed out of its long-standing partnership with Phones 4U, EE follows suit, leaving the phone retailer crippled and falling into administration.

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Tech Times

Samsung NX1 perfectly blends DSLR, compact camera features
Tech Times
Samsung NX1 perfectly blends DSLR, compact camera features. By Dianne Depra, Tech Times | September 16, 9:27 AM. Share( )Tweet( ). Samsung NX1. Think of the NX1 Smart Camera as a compact DSLR, packing in all the punches without the weight to ...

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Top Tech News

Microsoft To Buy Minecraft Maker for $2.5 Billion
Top Tech News
One of Mojang's founders, Markus Persson -- known as "Notch" -- said in a post on his personal blog on Monday that he would be leaving the company "as soon as this deal is finalized." Noting that he had decided to step away from Minecraft development ...
The many faces of the Microsoft Minecraft
Microsoft scoops up Minecraft maker Mojang to boost Xbox fortunesRegina Leader-Post

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Top Tech News

Apple Watch Plays on iOS Innovations
Top Tech News
It's not called the iWatch, as everyone had expected it would be, but it's an Apple watch all the same. In fact, it's called the Apple Watch and the tech giant is billing it as its most personal device ever -- chock full of “revolutionary” technologies ...
Review and Video: With New iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, It's What's Inside That CountsNew York Times
DN Editorial: Keep a close
iOS 8 review: Some overdue updates, but well worth the waitEngadget
Fox News -Yahoo Tech -The Independent
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Looking For an MP3 Player?

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Compare MP3 Players for the Coolest Features and Sweetest Deals

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