Chihuahua Training is Easy!

Chihuahua Training is Easy! You may be wondering if Chihuahua training is easy or hard. Well, from my experience it is very easy! If you've already managed to raise a dog with behavioral problems (this is easy too!) you can correct them in a very natural way by following a... Read More

Picking Up A Horses Hoof

The idea of picking up a horse's hooves can intimidate some owners since a well-placed horse kick would really hurt! Such caution is good, but in reality if you pick up a horse's hoof properly you provide him with no leverage or ability to kick you. This is a situation... Read More

You Cant Fool A Horse

By Jeffrey Rolocopyright 2004 AlphaHorseIn the dating world many men and women put their potential partners to a "dog test," whereby they introduce their date to their dog and see how the dog reacts to the stranger. If the dog reacts badly towards their date then a red flag is... Read More

With Understanding Comes Success

One of the reasons I strongly encourage horse owners to train their own horses rather than ship them away to a professional trainer is familiarity. Quite simply, an unfamiliar party will not understand your horse nearly as well as you, and this understanding of a horse is the backbone of... Read More

Nutrition and Your Dogs Behavior

Nutrition and Your Dog's Behavior Proper nutrition is the fundamental basis for every aspect of your dog's life. It affects their health and longevity by offering an essential balance of proteins, fats, complex carbohydrates and the trace nutrients and minerals their bodies need for growth, repair and the mantainance of... Read More

Probiotics - The Good Bacteria

PROBIOTICS - The Good Bacteria - Does your pet have digestion problems, diarrhea, skin problems, food intolerances, or other chronic health problems? Supplement with a high quality pet probiotic to restore your pet's healthy gut, and chances are you'll improve your pet's health.A probiotic, sometimes referred to as good or... Read More

Natural Approaches to Dealing With Pesky Fleas

Problems with Commercial Flea Killers & TraditionalFlea Bite Treatments***Chemicals that act as poisons are strong enough tokill fleas, but the long term effects on pets areunknown, although they are probably not safe touse. (Employees manufacturing these products mustwear protective clothing and use respirators.Plus, the product labels warn against skin contact.So,if... Read More

Pet Ear Infections

Is your dog or cat tormented by ear infections? Do you spend time and money at the veterinarian's office trying to bring relief to your beloved pet, only to find that another infection appears over time? If so, you may want to try some more natural approaches to preventing and... Read More

Pilling a Cat

Pilling a cat can be a "nightmarish" experience. Cats don't want something pushed down their throats, and they'll fight with all their might to prevent it. In fact, it's amazing how powerful their small bodies can be. Here are some ways to make the pilling process easier and less stressful... Read More

Seizures in Pets

Witnessing your precious dog or cat having a seizure can be a most frightening experience. During seizures pets often lose control, fall over, chomp their teeth, salivate or drool, whine, paddle with their feet, and begin to urinate or deficate on themselves. Their eyes become large (dilated) and unresponsive. A... Read More

In The News:

Duluth News Tribune

Find comfort for pets on and off the road
Duluth News Tribune
It should come as no surprise that a recent national survey of more than 2,500 people shows that 94 percent of respondents consider their dogs a part of the family. Half of American households have at least one dog, the survey, directed by the pet blog ...

KSAT San Antonio

Tips to keep pets safe during holidays
WJXT Jacksonville
"With all of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we can easily forget about our pets' safety," said Dr. Christian Broadhurst, senior staff veterinarian at Clay County Humane Society. "Candles, decorations and even some foods can cause serious ...
Tips for keeping your pets safe and healthy for the holidaysKSAT San Antonio
Keep your pet safe during holidaysDallas Morning News
Holidays can be dangerous for petsSan Jose Mercury News -Southgate News Herald -Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman
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This Ad Featuring Pets Eating With Human Hands Is Terrifying
Isn't it every pet's dream to be able to eat at the dining room table alongside humans? This ad for pet food company Freshpet replaces the heads of 14 humans sitting around the dining room table with the heads of 13 dogs and one cat. The animals use ...

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Unwanted pets being dumped at vacant Oakland store
57°F San Francisco. antioch; concord; fairfield; hayward; livermore; mill valley; mountain view; napa; oakland; palo alto; richmond; san carlos; san francisco; san jose; santa rosa. Sign InRegister. Sections. SFGatevisit|Home|navigation-www|1.

Bayonne mayor says 'Nobody's looking to evict anyone' over pet policy changes
BAYONNE — Mayor Jimmy Davis has advised pet owners who are violating the no-pet provision of their leases at the city's Bridgeview Manor apartments to come forward and “work with” the Bayonne Housing Authority. Owners of multiple pets at the ...

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Pet Care: Animals shelters killing too many pets
The throwaway mentality of our consumer society with its disposable pets is a convenient myth used to justify the cruel, temporary incarceration of cats, dogs and other species kept as pets, and their continued wholesale slaughter. The nationwide ...

ABC News

Polite Shelter Pets At Christmas Dinner May Put Your Table Manners To Shame
Huffington Post
It was "really hard to get the animals to not eat the food right away," says Alyne Tamir Manwaring, a volunteer with the Humane Society of Utah who helped finagle the pets into their excellent performances. "Some of the animals had more than their fair ...
Pets With Hilarious Human Hands Chow Down on Holiday FeastABC News
MUST-SEE: Polite Shelter Pets Show Us The Right Way To Do Christmas
Video: Holiday feast featuring pets with human hands goes viralWPXI Pittsburgh
Daily Press -People Magazine -WGN-TV
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Wellness Program for Pets provides care for pets of terminally ill
Colorado Springs Gazette
Eighteen years ago, a Colorado Springs hospice nurse named Joanne Bonicelli realized there wasn't a safe place her patients could send their pets when they could no longer care for them. She made up her mind to do something about it, and Safe Place for ...

Pets Eat Christmas Dinner Together in Hilarious, Cute Humane Society Ad
ABC News
Pets Eat Christmas Dinner Together in Hilarious, Cute Humane Society Ad. More. Thirteen dogs and a cat, many of them rescues, gather around a table to enjoy a holiday meal. 0:47 | 12/19/14. Share. Title. Description. Share From. Share With. Facebook.
Looking for a furry friend? Check out pets of the weekMontgomery Advertiser
Humane Society: Give thought before giving pets as giftsSavannah Morning News
Furry Friday: Browse photos of adorable pets looking for a home for the
Southwest Times -The Robesonian -WUTR WFXV CNYhomepage
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Dallas Morning News

Gifts and goodies for your pet this holiday season
Dallas Morning News
“We include our pets because they are a part of our families,” says store manager Jaymes Britt at Lucky Dog Barkery, celebrating its 10th holiday season at its Park Cities location. “They love us unconditionally all year long and expect nothing in return.

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