10 Expressions to Avoid in Sales Communication

Keeping up with what words are in and out isn't hard. Yet,with all the other more important things on our to-do list,it doesn't get remembered easily. 1. Any archaic, stilted words, such as: hitherto, whereby,thereby, herein, therein, thereof, heretofore. 2. "Kindly advise." As opposed to not kindly advising. 3. "Whereas."... Read More

The Five Most Common Mistakes Salespeople Make

Over the decades that I've been involved in sales, I've worked with tens of thousands of salespeople. Certain negative tendencies -- mistakes that salespeople make -- keep surfacing. Here are my top five. See to what degree you (or your sales force) may be guilty of them.Mistake Number One: Over... Read More

The Top Five Traits of a Successful Salesperson

If you're looking for a successful salesperson to hire, a salesperson who not only can sell but will sell, look for a salesperson with PRIDE.PRIDE is an acronym for 5 characteristics that will help ensure that the salesperson you hire will get the job done for you and make the... Read More

Your Sales Process Isnt

A lot of energy is expended within selling organizations as they try to identify, adopt, and administer a sales process that works for them. The holy grail of selling is to find a foolproof method for creating a customer, the ultimate finished product of the perfect sales process. Prepare to... Read More

10 High Powered Ways To Magnify Your Sales

1. Give your prospects a f~ree trial of your software product, service, or let them read the first chapter or two of your informational product. Your f~ree trial or sample chapters will show your visitors that you are confident in the quality of your product and lead to more... Read More

Sales Trap - We Love to Talk, But Need to Listen

My research has clearly shown that, when it comes to selling, the part we're most comfortable with is talking about what we do - explaining our services and how we can help the client. So what do you think happens in most sales encounters? That's right? we tell 'em what... Read More

Less is More: Quick Tips to Improve Your Sales

I'll be brief. If not ? I'll negate my own point. Got time to read a 12-page essay on sales improvement? You want to get back to making sales and money. Let's go then.Less time more pressure.You prospects have less time and feel more pressure. Just like you, I'm sure.... Read More

Need A Sales Boost ? Try These!

The telephone is still the best and most effective way to reach people. It can help generate more sales and build your business. Unfortunately most people don't like the telephone and don't use it effectively. In order to become more proficient using the telephone, you need to follow some basic... Read More

How to Sound Just Like a Salesperson

Prospect - "So now that I've told you what we are looking for, do you think that you can help us with this?" You - "Absolutely!" (or) You - "Definitely!" (or) You - "You have come to the right place Mr. Prospect" Answering questions about your capabilities with... Read More

4 Easy Ways to Boost Your Sales

Here are 4 easy ways you can boost your sales for little or no new expense ...and without making major changes in your selling process.1. Focus on What Your Customers Really WantYour customers really don't want your products or services. They don't even want what those products or services do... Read More

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Selecting the Best Sales Training Delivery Method
ATD (blog)
There is an ongoing, evolving debate about the best way to deliver sales training programs. At the center of this debate is the ongoing tension among traditional instructor-led classroom training (ILT), virtual instructor-led training (VILT), and self ...

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Royals' Spring Training ticket sales up, team likely to stay in Arizona until 2030
Coronado also tells 41 Action News spring training ticket sales are up 28 percent in Surprise, adding that's pretty significant considering most of the tickets there are sold at the door. To date, the stadium in Surprise has already sold 5,000 more ...

Alcohol sales training offered
Muskogee Daily Phoenix
The Regional Prevention Coordinators of Neighbors Building Neighborhoods, in partnership with the Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission, will be offering a free Responsible Beverage Service and Sales Training to local retailers in Muskogee ...

Klaussner adds outdoor to sales training program
Furniture Today
LAS VEGAS — Klaussner Furniture has added a new module to its Klaussner University retail sales training program covering its new Klaussner Outdoor collection. (See related video.) The interactive program, just like the other modules offering training ...

Stephan Schiffman to Bring Innovative Sales Training to the COMPTEL PLUS ...
Telecom Reseller (press release)
On April 13, Schiffman will lead an interactive, 90-minute training session entitled “Everyone Sells,” where he'll share how sales teams can gain greater insights into the needs of their customers, innovative approaches that help seal the sale, and how ...

Sales Training, St. Louis Business Consultant Mark Birsinger of MA Birsinger ...
MAB&C are experts in Strategic Growth Solutions, New Business Development, Business Plans, Business Turnarounds, Negotiation Training, Internet Marketing, Operational Evaluation & Improvement, Sales Training, New Market Development, New ...

Sales Training
Steel Market Update
This new workshop was derived from a custom sales training program Steel Market Update produced for a specialty stainless steel distributor in early December 2014 (see testimonial above). The program was well received by both management and our ...

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Human Resources Online

Singapore's best sales training companies
Human Resources Online
Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF), MHI Global and the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) have been chosen by HR professionals as the top places to send sales professionals for training in Singapore. The rankings have been ...

Radio Ink

(SALES) Why You Don't Need More Sales Training
Radio Ink
Part of what we do at ENS Media is sales training. So, you might be puzzled when I say, "You probably don't need more sales training." Training is just one of the tools in every sales manager's toolkit to increase sales, but like many of your tools, if ...

Apple rumored to start Apple Watch sales in March, retail training in February
Apple Insider
While a firm launch date has not been set, select Apple Store employees will supposedly undergo intensive training at Apple's headquarters in Cupertino, Calif. or Austin, Texas in February ahead of in-store sales the month following. Extra schooling ...

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