Average Sucks!

The very first "motivational speaker" I heard as an adult was a gentleman named Mort Utley. I experienced his speech in May of 1989 in Nashville, Tennessee, at the end of a week of Sales School with the Southwestern Company. I was 19 years old and had just finished my... Read More

Five Tips for Perfect Transition Decisions

You're considering a new career, new place to live or new business, retirement, or any other move. You ask, "Will I be happy?" If you remember the old, old song, "What will be" may not be the answer you're looking for.There are no one-size-fits-all guidelines, but there are five questions... Read More

What Am I Going To Do With The Rest Of My Life?

Unexpected life changes. Anticipated transitions. Long, sleepless nights. What do these three things have in common? The ability to provoke one of the most haunting questions in the library of human introspectives: "What on earth am I going to do with the rest of my life?" While I can't pretend... Read More

Make The Second Half The Best Half

Something happens when you come to the intersection called mid-life; you can look back in retrospect and see your life from an entirely different context. For many this mid-life review brings about a sense of urgency that ignites what is formally called "the mid-life crisis". It's where we... Read More

Life Versus Lifestyle

There is a difference but what constitutes a life and what constitutes a lifestyle is pretty ambiguous. One thing that seems pretty clear to me is the lifestyle is observable while a life can have many internal aspects to it. A lifestyle can include people, material things, environments, how... Read More

The One-Two Punch for Success: Authenticity and Alignment

Have you ever felt as if you are beating your head against a wall? You repeatedly try to reach a goal but you never seem to achieve it. Instead you are struggling rather than moving forward and achieving your goals with grace and ease. You are not alone. The struggle... Read More

The Reasons Why We Fear Success

In the book, The SHOCKwealth System?, it is discussed that there are four fears that must be overcome in order to experience true success. One of those fears is the fear of success itself. The Fear Of Success is the self-sabotaging fear. Have you ever come close to actualizing a... Read More

The Gravitational Pull of ANTs, WORMS & FEARS

What is an ANT? An ANT is an acronym for Automatic Negative Thoughts. What is a WORM? A WORM is a metaphor for deep-seated, unconscious beliefs that lye dormant in our consciousness analogous to a computer virus that only activates when a certain button is pushed on our keyboard.... Read More

Control Your Fear Before It Controls You

"Fear Factor" is one of my favorite TV shows. It highlights the courage of the participants to engage inthe most fearsome and disgusting acts. Most of the contestants are willing to sacrifice theirdignity for the sake of the prize money. So what doesthat imply? It implies that with the... Read More

Live Your Life To The Fullest

Do you sometimes feel that you're living a boring life? Youjust can't seem to find anything exciting. You wake up in the morning, then do the same old rituals. You go to the office or to school. You meet the same people,do the same job, travel the same road,... Read More

In The News:

Chicago Tribune

Will US women's World Cup coach mess with lineup success?
Chicago Tribune
Some would feel that is messing with success. Maybe Ellis should keep them both in the lineup and bench Tobin Heath, who hasn't made much of an impression since becoming a starter in the third match. "It's a good situation for Jill to have," said Fox ...

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GRANDDADDY'S SECRETS: Success comes from the inside
The beautiful thing about inside-out success is that we can all do it. Although we all have different starting and finishing points, we can all create success and happiness in our lives. So, regardless of where we are and what we are doing, we can all ...


Okay, so where are Mets on the success cycle?
Back in 2002, Jonah Keri wrote an influential piece about the Pirates and their place on the “success cycle,” which is something that we've come to talk about all the time. I'm hoping to spend some real time with the concept after the World Series (if ...

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Chicago Tribune

Donald Trump, the American success story
Chicago Tribune
I couldn't help thinking that Kim Kardashian has a lot of the same qualifications as Trump (a successful reality TV show and a growing business empire) and was recently named one of the most influential people in America. Together, they would form a ...

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The Seattle Times

M's Mike Montgomery credits big-league success to different approach on, off ...
The Seattle Times
He knows Iwakuma is nearing a return and he could be back in Tacoma despite his success. “It's been such a short time,” he said. “I don't want to look at these five starts and say, 'Hey, I've made it. I've shown I can pitch here.' I look at it more ...

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USAID, Watchdog Clash on Success of $335 Million Afghan Power Plant
But the U.S. Agency for International Development, which has shepherded the project that began in 2007, calls it a success story. In a letter posing skeptical questions released Thursday, John Sopko, special inspector general for Afghanistan ...

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What entrepreneurs get wrong about success
Entrepreneurs must understand that spending wisely is critical to success. Conservative spending will help you stave off opportunistic vendors who want to sell you things you don't need. Stay alert to what really matters and what doesn't. If you can ...

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Student success at core of San Jacinto College mission
At San Jacinto College, student success is at the heart of all they do. You will often hear the college's chancellor, Dr. Brenda Hellyer, say, "If our students don't succeed, we don't succeed." With this in mind, the college has designed several ...

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USDA.gov (press release) (blog)

Team Up for School Nutrition Success
USDA.gov (press release) (blog)
The association is a tireless advocate for supporting nutritious options in all environments, including the workplace, grocery stores, restaurants, and schools. AHA recently participated in USDA's Team Up for School Nutrition Success initiative ...


Former coach and family revel in Steven Matz's success
With a rain delay and the continuation of a suspended game came an extra 31/2 hours of waiting. And with that came reminiscing. Everyone who knows Steven Matz has a story about him that they're eager to tell. The 150 or so friends and family members ...

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