Be Your Own Literary Agent and Get Published

So you're one of 20 million Americans who want to write a book. If you've already written a manuscript, chances are you're looking for agent representation. In the past few years, as an editor and literary consultant for, I've had the opportunity to read more than 1,000 book proposals.... Read More

How to Catch the Writing Bug

----------------------------------------------------------Permission is granted for the below article to forward,reprint, distribute, use for ezine, newsletter, website,offer as free bonus or part of a product for sale as longas no changes are made and the byline, copyright, and theresource box below is included. ---------------------------------------------------------- How to Catch the Writing Bug By Stephen... Read More

Keys to Characterisation

Far too many inexperienced writers create flat, stereotypical characters: the brave fireman, the damsel in distress, the strict schoolmistress. The best characters are those who evoke emotions within the reader ? fear, admiration, affection, laughter, horror? If the writer fails to make us care about the characters, no matter how... Read More

Balance Your Life

Balance your life ----------------------- Writing is a solitary task. Writing needs concentration and quiet.... Read More

Persisting With Bulldog Determination

Persisting With Bulldog Determination [Book excerpt from Successercising} by Rick Gettle 2003-2004Ninety-five percent of all new businesses go out of business within the first five years or less.Why Do They Fail?There are many starters in life - but very few finish what they start. When the going gets tough,... Read More

Want to start a publishing revolution?

Calling all publishers, editors, journalists and freelance writers. It's time to breathe more life into your copy. Turn your articles into living pieces that spark measurable debate, get closer to your readers and engage their mind andsoul - we're talking revolution. As it was in the beginning Publishers have... Read More

Writing About Writing

What am I going to write about?Which topic is the best?Who is going to be interested in my article? You can ask yourself endless questions on 'what' is going to be the subject of your article. Don't despair! This is not a problem . Any topic will do, and a... Read More

Hunting for Markets Over the Holidays

Chances are, you'll be busy over the next several weeks. Between preparing for, celebrating, and unwinding from the holidays it may be difficult to maintain your regular writing routine. And if researching potential homes for your work is part of that routine-as it is for many of us who regularly... Read More

Boost Your Income With Trade Journals

Why would anyone want to write for trade journals? Aren't the topics are dry? Don't they require specialized knowledge? Not necessarily. You may want to consider trade journals to increase the potential market for your articles ? and for the money. Trade publications make up a significant portion of the... Read More

Recipe for a Style Guide

Wired Online has recently announced its plans to drop capitalization in internet, web, and net, but Wired Magazine continues to capitalize these words. Which should you do? For the most part, it's up to you. To ensure consistency on such tricky words, most editors will have a style guide. ... Read More

In The News:


Does cursive writing still have cred?
My mother, now in her 70s, has beautiful handwriting. As a young girl, I admired and emulated her expressive script, ultimately winning a couple of penmanship awards for my efforts. My mom was proud and so was I. But with cursive writing instruction in ...

Las Vegas Review-Journal

Workshops open children's eyes to world of writing
Las Vegas Review-Journal
Diego Cano and Ava Thrasher, 10, review her song lyrics before recording at National Southwestern Recording. Cano is teaching children in a songwriting workshop that is part of a series of writing workshops held by downtown bookstore The Writer's Block.

Bob Poczik: Writing my columns is a rewarding process
Buffalo News
It can also be a bit nerve-racking because you don't know if the idea can be sustained and turned into an actual piece of writing. A few winters ago, after snowblowing our driveway, I came into the house and told my wife, “I love snowblowing.” Then I ...

Fascination with words and their power leads to creation of professional ...
Herald-Mail Media
Products and services: Writing and editing services including press releases, feature-length articles, newsletter and blog content, customer case studies and testimonials, reviews and briefs, reports, research summaries, and social media/email/web copy.

Former Steeler Mendenhall relishes writing for HBO's 'Ballers'
Traveling by Jeep, boat and foot, Tribune-Review investigative reporter Carl Prine and photojournalist Justin Merriman covered nearly 2,000 miles over two months along the border with Mexico to report on coyotes — the human traffickers who bring ...

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Daily Beast

How to Write a Novel in the Dark
Daily Beast
Even if, in order to squeeze in some writing or thinking or independent time, we both really need to be. Even if, after wrestling our wonderful-but-sometimes-developmentally-appropriately-obnoxious preschooler into a bath and then bed, we just want ... (blog)

Improve Your Writing to Improve Your Credibility (blog)
People jump to all kinds of conclusions about you when they read documents you have written. They decide, for instance, how smart, how creative, how well organized, how trustworthy, and how considerate you are. And once they have made up their minds, ...

Champaign/Urbana News-Gazette

Best of Fred: No. 1 — Another kind of writing
Champaign/Urbana News-Gazette
I always thought I'd write a book or two. The feeling was based on the naivety of youthfulness. It finally happened in 2001, nearly 28 years after I graduated from high school. Former Unity basketball player Brian Cardinal was the subject in “Citizen Pain.

The Inquisitr

Extraterrestrial Life: Win $1 Million For Writing Messages
The Inquisitr
Extraterrestrial life is targeted in a multi-million-dollar-funded venture that is offering $1 million in prizes for writing messages to send into space. The ambitious project is called Breakthrough Message, and is the brainchild of Russian billionaire ...

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Words of faith: Writing can enrich your spiritual life
The Desert Sun
A meditation, writing my daily and growing gratitude list, keeps me conscious of life's magnificence beyond its challenges. My writing is a type of morning prayer ritual, as well as thank-you to life, spirit, the unknowable, and the source of all ...

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Linguaphone Language Learning Solutions

Language Training - A key to Global CommunicationLanguage Training is... Read More

Writing Technique: The Restaurant Syndrome

Picture this scene.Your hero is sitting in a bar. He's... Read More

Essay Types and Modes Youll Need to Write for College

~TYPES~You Want Us to Write What? Understanding the Task AssignedWhich... Read More

Should You Write a Book?

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Tell the World About You

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Focusing Your Reading and Finding Ideas

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Water to Swim In

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Seven Important Lessons for Experts Who Want to Get Published

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Write Strategy: Think, Believe, Attack

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Writing Good Dialogue.

There's nothing that kills a scene like hackneyed dialogue. Just... Read More

Amazing Ways Writing Articles Can Improve Your Business

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How To Write for the Web

The Scanning ReaderWriting for the Web is different than writing... Read More

A Checklist For Drafting Business Letters And Emails

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Using Metaphor Effectively

We've all heard a politician on their soapbox, pushing for... Read More

Autobiography: Installment No.3

ESSAY 3Writing an autobiography involves a matching up of a... Read More

Hunting for Markets Over the Holidays

Chances are, you'll be busy over the next several weeks.... Read More


[When I was a nineteen-year-old high school student and budding... Read More

Writing is a Discipline

If a writer considers writing to be a task, he/she... Read More

The Magic of Layout in Your Story

"The Magic of Layout..."???Okay... "magic" might seem a bit over... Read More

From Book Notes to Book Reports

Writing papers and book reports has long been the bane... Read More

Writers Who Consistently Cut The Mustard Do So Because...

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The Spectre Hound

And a dreadful thing from the cliff did spring, and... Read More